Grand Mufti of India, conferred with Malaysia’s highest honour, the Prophet’s Hijra Award

Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, the Grand Mufti of India receiving the award from Malaysian King Al-Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah

By Muslim Mirror Network

Kuala Lumpur: Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, the Grand Mufti of India was honoured with the prestigious International Tokoh Ma’al Hijrah Award 2023,  Malaysia’s highest honour for Influential Muslim Scholars worldwide. The Malaysian King Al-Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah presented the award at a grand ceremony held at the Kuala Lumpur World Trade Centre. The event was attended by dignitaries such as Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, Minister of Religious Affairs Dr Muhammad Nahim bin Mukhtar, members of the royal family, and civic leaders. The audience included prominent scholars, students from various universities, and representatives from civic organizations.

The Malaysian government has been conferring the Hijra Award since 2008 to individuals of global renown who contribute significantly to world peace and harmony at the beginning of every Hijra year. In the past, notable figures such as Syrian scholar Dr Wahhaba Mustafa Al Suhaili, Al Azhar Grand Imam Dr Ahmad Muhammad Al Tayyib, and Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Dr Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al Issa, have received the award.

The decision to present the award to Sheikh Abubakr was based on his invaluable contributions to promoting the message of love in Islam within India and beyond and his efforts in fostering harmony among different communities. His profound knowledge of Islamic teachings and leadership in the fields of education, social development, and research were also recognized. The committee acknowledged the exemplary charity activities carried out by the organization led by Sheikh Abubakr.

Upon receiving the award, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad expressed his delight and stated that the recognition inspires him to expand his work into other fields. He had arrived in Malaysia for a five-day visit at the invitation of the Prime Minister and is set to participate in the Sahihul Bukhari Scholars Conference on the 22nd.


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