Gujarat’s Muslim fishermen approach HC seeking permission to die, allege harassment on the basis of religion

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By Muslim Mirror Staff

A leader from the Muslim fishing community in Gujarat’s Porbandar has filed a petition in the high court seeking permission to undergo euthanasia for himself and 600 other members of the community, The New Indian Express said reported.

Allarakha Ismailbhai Thimmar from the Gosabara wetlands said in his petition that the local Muslim fishermen are being targetted on the basis of religion while all facilities are regularly given to Hindu fishermen.

The petition alleged that his community has always been “loyal to the nation” and never engaged in “anti-national activities” like smuggling. Instead, they have often “given information to security agencies” on such activities “sponsored by Pakistan and others.” 

The petition was filed on Tuesday on behalf of the Gosabara Muslim Fishermen’s Society.



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