Muslim cleric dares government to dig Taj Mahal and Red Fort

Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Renowned Muslim cleric Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan has dared the Narendra Modi-led government to dig the Taj Mahal and Red Fort. He said the same while expressing his concern over the ongoing controversy on the Gyanvapi mosque.


“They will not go towards the Taj Mahal and Red Fort. They will go to the place where your sentiments can are hurt,” he said while addressing a conference organised by AIMMM (All India Muslim Majlis Mushawrat) at  India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi.

“What we are gaining from the Taj Mahal? Eventually, it is under your control. You should rename it as Tejo Mahayalya. What difference will it make for us? It is you who is taking income generated from the premises.” he added.

“We know you will never dig Taj Mahal and Red Fort because you are getting huge money from them. You deliberately try to pamper with mosques to hurt sentiments of Muslim community ” he added.

He further called on the Muslim community to launch ‘jail bharo andolan’ against their persecution in the country.

“Two lakh Muslims should gather at every district headquarters in India and call on the government to either correct its way or send them to jail as we don’t want to live in this dishonest India,” he said.


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