IT-Dept issues notice to PFI for supporting Hadiya case and poor/ needy Muslim studnets


By Muslim Mirror Network,

New Delhi: Prominent social organization, Popular Front of India Saturday alleged that the center is harassing the organization by using its agencies. It said the steps being taken by Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate (ED) are aimed at stifling the ongoing activities of the organization for empowering the backward and marginalized Indian Muslim Community.

In a statement issued  after the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of organization, Popular Front of India has deplored the explicitly vindictive actions by central financial agencies selectively against the organization.

The meeting pointed out that the steps being taken by Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate (ED) as per dictates of the RSS-BJP Government are aimed at stifling the ongoing activities of Popular Front for empowering the backward and marginalized Indian Muslim Community.

It noted that “Under the cover of an ill-motivated ECIR registered against the organisation, the ED has been running behind Popular Front since past several months with all sorts of harassments like notices, summons, recording statements and conducting raids in offices and residences of leaders all over India”.

It further asserted that “The charges levelled against Popular Front in the IT notices are so baseless and flimsy that they only expose the arrogance and prejudices it has co-opted from the agenda of the present BJP government controlled by RSS”.

“They include allegations such that only community members are the beneficiaries of Popular Front scholarships and that Hadiya case was supported by the organisation.  Astonishingly, the onus of some of the listed donors not submitting their IT returns is also put on the shoulders of the organization”.

The  IT Department has asked Popular Front to furnish reasons for not withdrawing the benefits now being enjoyed under Sec 12(A) of Income Tax Act just like any other lawful society.

Now it is noticed that the Income Tax (IT) Department has also started acting as a tool of political vendetta, forgetting the decorum, rules and regulations governing their functioning, it further underlined.

It highlighted that “Popular Front of India is a registered organisation with lawful and transparent financial dealings. It has been abiding by all statutory requirements, and annual IT returns have been regularly filed before the authorities”.

The NEC meeting has called upon the people not to be misled by the vilification and witch-hunt move of the present government by selectively misusing the financial institutions like Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate.

Surprisingly, the contents of the IT show-cause notice that has been recently issued to Popular Front are highly prejudiced and indicative of the well-orchestrated agenda of the central government against the religious minority groups that refuse to dance to the tune of authoritarianism and communal fascism, it said.

Popular Front has furnished due reply to the said notice through proper channel and is in waiting for equal justice from the IT Department, without prejudice, on par with their approach to other social organizations”

The overwhelming support the organization received in response to such erroneous misadventures proved that ED has no credibility left in the eyes of the public other than that of a political tool under the control of a highly communalized government, the statement said.

“They are acting in a biased manner, not only against one organisation but all minority groups as well as all voices of political dissent”.

In another resolution, the meeting has urged the central government to withdraw the controversial, corporate-serving, anti-farmer laws immediately and reminded that the repressive measures adopted at present would only worsen the situation of the society and the government itself.


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