Madras HC denounces corruption in judiciary


A single-judge bench of Madras High Court headed by Justice SM Subramaniam said that corrupt practices are prevailing in the judiciary and that the system needs to strengthen its vigilance to crush such practices.

“Corruption is not only in government departments but also in the judiciary… It is worse than that of the corruption in public departments”, he added.

The judge made the observations while dismissing a petition filed by N Ulagaraj against the punishment of compulsory retirement imposed on him for accepting bribes during his service as an office assistant in Melapalayam Sub-Registrar office in 2004.

Noting that the current vigilance mechanism in the judiciary is insufficient, Justice SM Subramaniam said, “Unfortunately, efficient measures are yet to be taken to deal with many kinds of corrupt practices in the judicial system.”

“Building confidence in the minds of the citizens on the judiciary system is the constitutional mandate. Doubts in the minds of citizens will lead to destruction of the constitutional principles”


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