MP : Government demolishes homes of poor Muslims , Hindu family gives them shelter


By Musilm Mirror

New Delhi: A 19-member Muslim family, whose two-story house was bulldozed by authorities in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain district, was sheltered by their Hindu neighbor. The demolition was carried out a day after stones were allegedly pelted from on men belonging to Hindu extremist outfits who were a part of the Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha rally. In the action, another house was partially demolished.


The Hindu woman who has sheltered Abdul Rafique’s family is identified as Meera Bai. She stated that Rafique was not involved in stone-pelting.

According to a report by Jansatta, Rafique said that local authorities were looking for two women, Hina and Yasmeen, who had allegedly pelted stones on the rally from the roof of Meera Bai. The police team first went to Bai’s house. But they turned to Rafique’s house when came to know that she was a Hindu.

The report added that the two women were on the run following the incident.

Former Supreme Court judge Deepak Gupta questioned the power and role of the police in the demolition of a house in Ujjain. While speaking to Indian Express, Gupta called it illegal and an act of police state.

The authorities said that the demolition took place to remove illegal structures and prior notice was served to the house owners.

Speaking on this, Justice Gupta said that despite the valid reasons, the timing of the act makes it illegal and so does the demolition of the house. He also questioned that if the police and the politicians take matters into their hands then what are courts for and what should the common man do?


  1. COurts should take responsibility and immediate action against culprits. But it is unfortunate In most cases Indian judiciary is playing under the of influence of some people.

  2. Police in BJP ruled states are being used as a private miltia to trouble Muslims while at the same time pamper to their core Hindutva voter base. Hindu youths are being radicalized against anyone who stands between the BJP+RSS combine and their ideologies. This is very dangerous for the unity of the nation and its economical and social progress.


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