Muslims make up around 30% of inmates in Indian prisons, double of their share in population 

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By Muslim Mirror Staff

Muslims made up almost 30% of all detainees in Indian prisons in 2021, despite the community having a demographic percentage of only 14.2%. (as of 2011).

Four different types of prisoners are housed in Indian prisons: convicts (those who have been found guilty of a crime and received a sentence from a court), undertrials (those who are currently in legal proceedings), detenues (those who are being held legally), and those who do not fall into any of these three categories but make up a small portion of the total prison population.

It is noteworthy that despite the minority only made up 34% of the State’s population, 61% of Assam’s inmates on death row and 49% of those awaiting trial were Muslims. In States with a disproportionately high detainee population, Gujarat, U.P., Haryana, and J&K U.T. had the highest proportion of Muslim detainees relative to their population.

In J&K U.T., U.P., Gujarat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, and Nagaland, there were a disproportionately large number of detainees overall. In Gujarat, U.P., Haryana, and J&K U.T., the Muslim share of these was noticeably disproportionate to the population share.

For those who were being held and awaiting trial, Maharashtra did not divide them by religion. Because a population divide wasn’t available, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were not taken into account.

Source: Prison Statistics of India


  1. This is the result of Poverty. Muslim leaders failed to open institutes of excellence for their community. For eg: NA Harris powerful MLA of Bangalore chose to open Nalapad Academy an International school for the rich, but no institute to educate poor Muslims.

    • What Hitler did against Jews, the RSS dreams to do against Muslims. It is not the reason of poverty it is fascism and racism and hatred against Muslims.

      • I suppose RSS beheaded french professor, and bombed church in africa, and killed tailor in rajasthan, and runs love jihad monetary benefits for muslim youth, and smuggles hindu minor girls to sheikhs, and become dons with sapa in UP, ….. problem is muslims never look at their own fault , always blame others !

  2. according to katwas osama bin laden innocent muslim just fighting against kafirs as ordered by aasmani kitab was innocent & world is islamophobic

  3. Go to any country of the world, muslim country or non muslim country the Muslim population in jail’s will always be higher than their population ratio this is because of Muslims are more prone to criminal activities than others. This is just a reflection of radicalism in Islam.

    • If you are not blind and prejudiced then do read the daily newspapers of India. You will find hindu rapists, hindu murderers, hindu deshdrohi who are arrested for supplying security files to Pakistan.
      You will never accept that RSS and HINDU mahasabha and their allies have anti-Muslim feelings. When they can kill they can kill to all. A fascist, and racist group.

  4. Muslim Mirror is trying to play victim card as usual.

    I have worked in many muslim and non muslim nations the reality is that muslims fill up prisons of all countries around the world over and beyond their population ratio, this is true in Europe, middle east and uk. Reason for this is muslim radicalism and habit of engaging in criminal activities. If you give birth to 12 children obviously you cannot afford educate all of them so muslims get attracted to Crimea as a result.

  5. Everything sprouts from the identity-building exercise that they undergo till they turn major. They go to Madrassas and learn Arabic, Persian and Urdu besides getting religious instructions. This makes them alienated from progressive societies. They live as a separate entity secluded from the mainstream and forced to live in Ghettos. Most of them are illiterate and uneducated, they are constantly engaged in marginal jobs leading to abysmal poverty leading to social outcastes and criminalise. They are social unfits and burden on the other societies that arrange subsidies for them as they can’t manage their lives. There are no chances that they will ever reform.

    • Strange that the Jews are similarly as zealously attached to their Abrahamic faith of millennia past, but as soon as a modicum of egalitarian merit was shown, they have utilized the MIDRASH fine-tuning to proficiency in a whole variety of academe. Islam as taught by the SEMITIC Arabian peoples is treated by the followers of the Nazi admiring HINDUTVADI “Doctor” in a similar vein.


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