No space for hate politics: Siddaramaiah on Muslim traders being banned

Karnataka Opposition leader Siddaramaiah

MYSURU : Leader of Opposition, Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Siddaramaiah on Friday said there was no space for hate politics while referring to the ban on Muslim traders in Hindu temple fairs in the state.

“There is only space for the politics of friendship,” he said.


Answering a question in this connection, Siddaramaiah attacked the ruling BJP that it is indulging in polarisation for votes. The Hijab row and attacks on churches were orchestrated for the same purpose, he said.

“There is free trade and it is also a fundamental right to conduct business. BJP is carrying out hate politics,” he said.

“We have to respect human beings. When it is raining, you can’t send out a Muslim or a Christian from the shelter of a tree to other place. When you fall sick and an operation is conducted, one takes the blood crossing caste and religious barrier. They have no qualms about others’ blood integrating into their bodies,” he explained.

“Ruling BJP thinks that they are cornering Congress with these issues. But, they don’t know that they themselves are getting cornered. People know who is who,” he said.

BJP is behind hijab crisis and ban on Muslim traders, they are provoking people to create crisis, he said.

“Let the government give compensation of Rs 25 lakh to Bajrang Dal activist Harsha. But, what about Dinesh and Shamsheer Khan Pathan, both killed by Sangh Parivar activists? The ruling BJP is not providing any compensation as one belong to Scheduled Tribe and another is a Muslim,” he said.

“The people have voted for a change,” he said. He reiterated his demand for allowing Muslim students to wear dupatta and attend classes. “Jain women, Hindu women and even swamiji’s (religious leaders) cover their heads. Why should they not be allowed?” Siddaramaiah said. — IANS


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