Nowhere in ancient literature and history the word, ‘Hindu’ was mentioned’ : Prof Bhim Singh

Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Prof. Bhim Singh during a press conference in Srinagar. (Photo: IANS)

Prof Bhim Singh dares to challange RSS chief on  “Hindu” term

By Special  Correspondent


New Delhi: Contesting RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s assertion that ‘Hindus and Bharat are inseparable’, former Jammu & Kashmir lawmaker and Supreme Court lawyer Prof. Bhim Singh said, “Nowhere in the ancient literature and history the word, is ‘Hindu’ mentioned He said not a single ancient scripture used word ‘Hindu’ to describe people living hereHe also highlighted that even in the Constitution of India ‘Hindu’ word is not used anywhere. He further said India was Dravidian landcaptured by the Aryans coming from central Asia.  

“Thousands of years ago when India’s first dharma was introduced in the beginning, the people were called ‘Aryans’ and not Hindus. RSS Chief, Shri Mohan Bhagwat is calling Aryans as Hindus without quoting from the ancient books,” said Prof Bhim Singh who is also President of J&K National Panthers Party.

 Addressing a function in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on November 27, RSS chief said “Hindustan is a Hindu Rashtra and its origin was Hindutava. Hindus are inseparable from Bharat and Bharat is inseparable from Hindus”.

Prof Bhim Singh said    RSS chief should have quoted from ancient books to prove his point underling that “Lord Krishna called Arjuna as ‘Arya’ while trying to make Arjuna fight against his own family and Gurus through Bhagwad Gita during the battle of Mahabharata”.

“The Ramayana has also mentioned the word ‘Arya’. Not a single doha (verse) in Ramayana, Gita, Mahabharata, Vedas & Upnishads uses the word Hindu”.

Prof Singh asserted that India is a very diverse religious country.

“In fact, India is a land of plenty and for the plenty. Even in the Constitution of India ‘Hindu’ word is not used anywhere.”

He  called on Aryan leaders  who style themselves now as Hindus to study ancient literature with open eyes that Aryavarta was never called a Hindu State. It was Dravidian land, captured by the Aryans coming from central Asia.

Nowhere in the ancient literature and history the word, ‘Hindu’ is mentioned. From where the word ‘Hindu’ emerged and who did it has to be studied in consultation with ancient literature and history.

Shedding light on Indian history, Prof Singh said there were hundreds of independent kingdoms in South-East Asia now called India.

It is very important that the writers/poets/journalists in the field of literature have to dig out the history. Many invaders came to India, Portuguese came first, he added.

 It was British rule which shaped India as a nation said Prof Singh.

“In ancient history books the land foothill of Himalayas was called Aryavart when Britishers came they won many independent kingdoms and called the whole land as India”.

Prof. Singh made a strong appeal to RSS Chief to go through history of Aryan land right from beginning. He said that research is needed to study the history of Bharata, which is now called India by the world.



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