Raza Academy was not involved in Amravati violence: Maha home minister Dilip Patil

Dilip Patil

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Maharashtra home minister Dilip Walse Patil on Monday said that Raza Academy, a Mumbai-based organisation, was not directly involved in the violence that had taken place in Amravati during the bandh called in response to the anti-Muslim violence in Tripura.


In the last session, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis had alleged the role of Raza Academy in Amravati violence. On Monday, when a question was raised about the violence in the state’s assembly Mr Patil responded saying that the aforementioned organisation was not involved in the violence.

He maintained that Jamiat and Bhim Army were involved in the bandh. He said that a total of 686 people have been arrested but refrained from disclosing their religious identities. “It is necessary to maintain social harmony in the state,” he said.


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