San Francisco becomes sixth US city to denounce the CAA-NRC human rights crisis in India

By Sppecial Correspondent

Washington D.C/ New Delhi:  San Francisco has become the sixth US city to pass a resolution against India’s draconian Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR). The resolution unanimously passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors denouncing the CAA-NRC human rights crisis in India.  South Asians welcomed the international community’s growing expressions of solidarity with India’s persecuted minorities and oppressed groups.

The resolution, passed by a unanimous vote at the Board’s meeting today, categorically opposes the CAA, NRC and NPR as “discriminatory to Muslims, caste oppressed, women, indigenous peoples, and the LGBTQ community.”

Given these actions are part of a larger effort by the India’s Hindu nationalist government to persecute and marginalize entire sections of India’s population the resolution also denounces “any other efforts that render vulnerable populations anywhere to become stateless, scapegoated, and targeted for discrimination, violence, and the abrogation of human rights that are universal to one and all.”

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA), an umbrella organization of progressive South Asian groups across the United States, in coordination with the local San Francisco community, today welcomed the resolution.

AJA states that the CAA and NRC seek to render stateless millions of people among minorities and caste oppressed by demanding proof of citizenship from every Indian, in a country where the vast majority of people have lived in India for generations but do not have birth certificates. Their use of religion as a criterion for selectively granting citizenship to immigrants of certain communities is a flagrant violation of all norms of secular democracies besides being inconsistent with India’s Constitution that guarantees equality before the law for people of all faiths.

AJA constituent partners joined hands with local San Francisco organizations such as the American Institute of Islamic History and Culture, San Francisco Interfaith Council, the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and the San Francisco Muslim Community Center to work on this resolution.

“We are proud of the City and County of San Francisco for standing on the right side of history today. San Francisco is leading the moral consensus in the global outcry against the CAA,” said Hala Hijazi, a Commissioner on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and a board member of the San Francisco Muslim Community Center as well as the San Francisco Interfaith Council. “When genocidal campaigns begin, one important intervention is international condemnation, and the Bay Area community feels a deep sense of solidarity with their electeds, as the time to stand against the Indian government’s Islamophobic policies is now,” Ms. Hijazi added.

“These genocidal projects happen in the shadows and this resolution highlights the significance of standing up for South Asian minorities, Muslims, and caste oppressed communities,” said Sharmin Hossain of Equality Labs. “Thousands of organizers across the country have called, e-mailed, and organized to amplify this Resolution, and it sets an example to cities across the United States – that we do not stand on the side of genocide,” added Ms. Hossain.

“India is creating a refugee crisis of biblical proportions. It will impact civil society in many parts of the world including the United States,” said Mr. Nazeer Ahmed of the American Institute of Islamic History and Culture.

The resolution, reaffirming San Francisco as a “welcoming city,” comes in the wake of five other cities (Seattle WA, Albany NY, St. Paul MN, Hamtramck MI, Cambridge MA) having passed similar resolutions denouncing the CAA and NRC and the exclusionary and bigoted worldview they represent.

In addition, international human rights bodies as well as the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) have all condemned these moves. The USCIRF noted that these were poised to put citizenships of millions into question, but “Muslims alone would bear the indignities and consequences of potential statelessness.”

“Genocide Watch, an independent body that is widely considered to have expertise in the prediction of genocide in conflict-ridden areas around the world, has issued two separate genocide alerts for the states of Assam and Kashmir,” said Mr. Ahsan Khan, President of Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC). “In this context, San Francisco’s decision to stand with oppressed minorities in India sends a clear message on where people of conscience around the world stand in regards to the deepening crisis in India. Today’s development will resonate across the US and beyond,” added Mr. Khan.

AJA has pledged to continue striving for international accountability of India’s repressive policies against minorities and caste oppressed.

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  1. SHAME! This clearly shows the council members did not even bother to read and understand the nuances of CAA/NRC! Muslim brotherhood is funding these anti-India moves in the US. CAA does not affect even a single Indian citizen. IT GIVES FAST TRACK INDIAN CITIZENSHIP TO PERSECUTED MINORITIES IN IMMEDIATE NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES! Just like US is conducting Census 2020, NPR and NRC are for census! Ugly reality is muslims who wanted a separate country in 1947 took 41%land and 1% population to become Pakistan. Remaining 7% muslims in India became 14% by 2011 and are worried that the fact they are more than 20% in 2021 will come out and spoil their plans of islamicizing India known way ahead of their 2060 plan! India has 10 plus religions and is the safest place for LGBTQ. SHAME ON THESE CITIES TO PASS THESE RESOLUTIONS WITHOUT EVEN UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPTS BEHIND THEM!!!

    • Oh..I think they should have consulted you before passing these resolutions, right?

      Their collective decision would not have come out of the blue, without a thorough analyses of these draconian laws. These kinda opposition is happening across the world and not just in San Francisco, which became the 6th city in the US to do so.
      And do not ignore the fact the across India, millions of people from all walks of life came together strongly against these bill, in the largest and most intense historic protests the post independent India has even seen.

      Millions of people cannot be crazy and wrong!

      • Na No Shall you seem to be an ignorant abhorring woman. You have not read CAA and NRC. CAA is for persecuted minorities in three nations. All those millions of people whom you claimed were only Muslims and communists. You never cried when Hindus were butchered in Kashmir and driven out. A person like you shall be out of US where you enjoy freedom but don’t speak up for the persecuted. India was partitioned and Pak drove away all Hindus, Parsis and Jain’s. Where were you or your so called Human Right People. India belongs to Hindus and Muslims of India are instigated by people like you. Shame on you for such blind and one sided opinion.

        • Well said Viishwas.
          Where was the UNHRC when Kashmiri Pandits were massacred by the fanatic radical Islamist terrorists ?
          Girija tickoo was kidnapped, mass raped and cut into 2 pieces by a mechanical saw while she was still alive.Remembe what happened to Daniel Pearl !?

          • Kashmiri pandits were driven out of Kashmir by a conspiracy by governor jagmohan itself check the fact. They were planning massive massacre of Kashmiri Muslim. By protecting the Hindus hence these drive was created actually to protect the pandits.government sponsored militants were created and they killed few pandits to create panic in the rest of the community so that they leav kashmir. But they could not succeed for what ever reason and pandits became victim

      • The Chinese consulate in San Francisco is harboring a biology researcher who falsely denied connections to the Chinese military to obtain a visa and gain access to the country, according to court documents filed by the FBI.

        • Good point, Nancy Peloci will have a lunch gathering with the spy in China town, SF and show the support. Democrats have been the breading ground for bigotry

      • Send those counsel members to me so i can educate those dummy people. if they cannot read law they they are most dumb people same along with our Muslim people without brainwashed people. So explain the situation for Sweden incident and riots?

        If this riot is about religion..isnt Islam all about peace? so why so much violation happens specifically under one community? why abuse other religions..isnt that sensitive to others? Why people can leave peaceful if Islam is that good?

    • Sorry Madam.. You are playing innocent knowingly.. Don’t you know on what context this act is brought ? First they bring NRC(National Register for Citizenship), What is NRC ? It will divide current citizens of India into legal citizens and infiltrators on the basis of documental proof which government has never given to them.. and guess who is supposed to prove ? it’s not government who will prove you are infiltrators, it’s you who made this government will have all the responsibility to prove you are citizens.. what an irony.. And who will be victim of NRC ? The answer lies in the thing why even NRC is considered.. And the answer is deacades politics of religious divide, played by hindu fascist, the hoax of foreign muslim population infiltration and threat of rising muslim population.. everyone knows.. it’s their declared agenda.. obviously the Muslims and the other nonprivileged class suffer who don’t own land property etc..
      Now, what they do to them ? to these sufferers ? they will filter Non muslim to give citizenship and leave Muslims among them to live rest of their life in detention center, already made, reminds me of concentration camp. Isn’t it ?
      How they filter ? here comes the role of CAA.. you know infamous ‘Chronology’ remarks of Minister in Parliament.. And the fact is No one from Afghanistan is coming to live in India under CAA.. it’s the current citizens of india who is bound to be declared pakistani, bangladeshi, whom you give citizenship on the basis of religion.. and deny at the same time nuslims.. Can you deny it ?

      • You Muslims are always try to play victim card. India is a secular country because Hindu majority. Unlike muslims, they never recognized other religions. Just wait for 20 more years, there will be jihad in US between christianity & muslims.

        • This govt is doing the most correct thing in history of india..again MODI with 403…otherwise we know all india will be Kasmir of 1989

      • Why these posters and protests we’re not there when kashmiri Hindus were deprived of their fundamental rights in a Muslim domenated state of Jammu and Kashmir.
        Why these so called human Rights activist were silent when the minorities in pakistan , Afghanistan.banglaldesh were wiped out and they they want give lecture on Indian democracy and Indian laws were the growth of minorities were looked after especially Muslims who grew fro 4%to 15%.
        Every Indian has got every right to defend his country from enimies within as well as from external threats

    • What is the cost involved in it.. Why it is required, Have we became a developed country like us. Moreover we are unable to manage a test for corona for every citizen and asking for CAA and NRC..

    • You don’t understand the real face of the rulers. Before commenting please note down all about your denominations, qualification, age and experience. It is not even sugar coated poison but real open poison something yoi want to justify. We want our nation to all those who are born here and belong to this nation. Also with preferred status for the oppressed and the downtrodden. Majority of the govt. money goes to the minority upper caste. Can you drmanf their presence in the govt?

    • Dweepa, it seems that u r a communal minded personal…..anyways
      U say that CAA/NRC is good and it gives relief and asylum to persecuted refugees..ok, ok i believe u, and what about Rohingya Muslim in Myanmar, and Uyghur Muslim in China, who r still facing persecution in their own homeland, r those Muslim not a human being…..OK forget about Muslim, y is BJP govt not giving CAA to Hindu-Tamil from SriLanka,explain me

      And u also said that NPR & NRC will be used for Cencus, … Let me explain u that cencus is far different from NPR & NRC……
      In India, Cencus was started by British rule in 1881, and the aim of this exercise was to count the total citizen of the country so that govt can plan budget, and job schemes accordingly…..
      But NPR & NRC is enforced to check the citizenship …..

      • Yes, you Muslims are never recognize other religions. Don’t try to play victim card. We know everything. Did you ever help any person of other religions?

      • Glad you’re accepting that CAA is not against muslims. Rohinya muslims belong to Bangladesh and let the international community rise to China for persecuting Uyghur muslims. Srilankan Tamils have a regular process to get India citizenship.

        CAA was created for religious persecution in 1955 due to Pakistan’s rapes, massacre. Where is the international voice against Pakistan for persecuting religious minorities? why silent? How you send the illegal immigrants back to their hometown without validating the person to stay in the country? Don’t play the victim card.

        No one have raised any concerns for other religious minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh towards Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist and Hindus. Have some spine to support CAA

    • True. They don’t know real situations in a India . City like Mumbai suffered bomb blasts because of Muslim terrorists.

    • Muslims wanting Sharia in every country they enter are trying to play victim card if a country tries to protect it’s solidarity. Shameless Muslim mirror should dare to ask China about pathetic lives of Chinese Muslims first and then talk about Muslims.

  2. It’s so sad to see that SFO fell for the false, hatred propaganda of anti-India evil elements! Shame on the council members.!!! I bet you have not read a single line of CAA/NRC which was started by the then Congress Government and implemented by the current BJP Government. The bill was to ‘protect’ the persecuted minorities of the terrorism infested neighbors who have been systematically doing ethnic cleansing for the past 70+ years. What was the % of Hindu population in Pakistan during partition and what is the status now? What was the population of Muslim population in India at the time of independence and what is it now? Name one Indian minority citizen who lost citizenship because of this measure? You can’t because there is none. On the other hand, the persecuted minorities from neighboring countries are given priority with accelerated process to get Indian citizenship with this measure. SHAME ON EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO FELL FOR THIS. Even a middle schooler would know better and comprehend CAA/NRC better. Shame on voters who elected these members who, instead of correctly representing the community they are elected for, are wasting resources and time in passing resolutions that is nothing to do with USA or Americans and something that questions the sovereignty of a foreign country – India.

  3. Has SFO elected idiots to tinker on another nation’s law? India’s CAA basically supports religious minorities suffering in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Did the city officials ever read the law? When did San Francisco stopped blind sided to review humanitarian crisis in those countries – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh? Passing to appease Muslims for vote?

    Instead of wasting the valuable time in debating India’s CAA (by the way NRC is not passed yet in India and you are passing a resolution against it, what a joke) why don’t you put focus in social uplift to homeless people, drug addicts in the city. It is getting worse every day.

    • It is first duty of Indian government to see the people inside India weather they are fed to not … inside India public is dying with out water ,food, no shelter to live first govt should provide to Indian citizens a proper life civil services of India are dying
      CAA are such amendments bill I’d not important
      Firstly government take care for inside public then look for an extra out side who are not our first responsibility
      Fist responsibility is our people

  4. These jokers are passing the resolution without having any clue the situation of minorities in India’s neighbouring countries and What actually CAA/ NRCis all about besides interfering in some other country’s internal matter. India become USA NATO ally so INdia-USa relationship is going strong notwithstanding these headless chickens out of ignorance passing resolution that will not impact the relationship.

  5. Oh..I think they should have consulted you guys before passing these resolutions, right?

    Their collective decision would not have come out of the blue, without a thorough analyses of these draconian laws. These kinda opposition is happening across the world and not just in San Francisco, which became the 6th city in the US to do so.
    And do not ignore the fact that, across India, millions of people from all walks of life came together strongly against these racist bills, in the largest and most intense historic protests the post independent India has even seen.
    These are nothing but few more ill designed black laws in disguise, intending to marginalise and persecute the minorities, which actually goes against the principles on which the democratic India has been established and thriving.

    Millions of people cannot be crazy and wrong!

  6. Another US state fallen under the trap of HINDUPHOBIC groups. Sad to see they are wasting the taxpayers money by taking up such resolutions which do not have any influence on another country.

    The power of such Nexus is getting exposed day by day.

  7. In the wake of Modi’s Gujarat riots, the world should have known that Modi is a scourge for all religions, especially Muslims.But the world is late. So far, thousands and even millions of people inside India have fallen victim to this cruelty.In particular, the August 5 Kashmir decision claimed the lives of 8 million Kashmiris.According to Modi’s obedience to Hindus, there should be only Hindus in the world and cow dung and urine.Now if it is a little difficult but not impossible to stop it and it must be stopped with utmost severity and strength so that no loss of human life.

  8. The comments above supporting the dracorian CAA/NRC are only and only the GOBAR ANDH BHAKTS ….who are littered around dirt and evil from 2014

    • You can’t respond to even one comment with ‘facts’. Just continue to play the victim card, nobody cares. There is a reason you’re called ‘peacefuls’ in a sarcastic way. Just answer this question: What was the population of Hindus in Pakistan in 1947 and what is it now? And why? How many mosques are in India and how many Hindu temples are there in Pakistan? Also please quote specifics of CAA/NRC and tell me how they are against any “Indian” Muslim? Answer these questions without any rhetoric nonsense. Then let’s talk. Otherwise, you’re another ostrich with its head buried deep in sand.

  9. Well said Viishwas.
    Where was the UNHRC when Kashmiri Pandits were massacred by the fanatic radical Islamist terrorists ?
    Girija tickoo was kidnapped, mass raped and cut into 2 pieces by a mechanical saw while she was still alive.Remembe what happened to Daniel Pearl !?

  10. How uneducated and pro-Islamic terror these Americans are.They donot understand that the Muslims of India are mostly converts and descendants of the invaders who came to India about a thousand years ago and hence cannot be considered citizens of India, the largest democracy on this planet.The CAA and NRC have been acted only to right this wrong and establish a truly Hindu State of India.

  11. The comment from ‘NaMoSha’ shouldn’t be avoided . Someone please track the source . This user and thousands of such are salaried people funded by the neighborhood Pakistan . They use names that try to imply they are Indians and against the policies which are articulated for the good of the nation .

    They make such comments everywhere (social media) to denounce and confuse the teenagers / school kids who ain’t sure of what is right or wrong in the world .

  12. Muslim mirror. Com name, what you expect this website other than Muslim even many national /international organisations agreed that CAA, NRC, NPR is able to provide common citizenship of India neighbouring countries not exclude of Muslim. Muslims are able to apply special citizenship in India according to formal procedure. But many news site /publishers /organisations spreading fallacious information due to their own political/hate propaganda. India is safest place for Muslim than others countries, in India maximum mosque, maximum Muslims population. India is safest place of Muslims.

  13. Honestly, the whole of US will be soon converted into Islamic state if these things happen..meddling in internal policies of another country. CAA and NRC are the best things that could have happened to India….no more freeloaders to India…we have enough of our own people….ISIS funded propaganda….US please wake up…..before it’s too late…

  14. This was obviously sponsored by a vested interest group. It is time to identify the rats and hit at their financial interests in India. All PIO, OCI, Visas should be cancelled for these rats. As far as SFO city council is concerned we have many options to deal with them and set an example that they never go along with these rats.

  15. The Muslim leaders of Bay Area coming from East Bay, running software companies in India & Banglore will not discuss HALALA – the mass public rape of Muslim women prevalent in India. These leaders will preach the Board of Supervisors in SFO about CAA so that illegal Burmese and Bangladeshis can illegally become citizens of India the state they despise so much. It is time their PIO, OCI, or Visas be banned. Let ED look into how the funds have been used. These companies need to be shut down.

  16. The Narrative of Indian Nation is an hidden fact. From 14 th Century CE for about 3 Centuries, the Islam and Mughal Rulers Could not digest the Advanced Civilized and Harmonious living of our People in this Sacred land. They killed millions of our Sacred land People, forced Conversion to Islam, Levied Jizya Tax system on our People and to unimaginable perversion destroyed thousands of Marvelous Architectural Temples of our Nation. What Moral, legal and Social rights these Organization, have to Protest against the CAA, NRC Bills that will preserve the Originality of our Sacred Nation which adopts Sanatana dharma ? They are Mentally radicalizing the innocent Muslim brothers of our Sacred Nation who loved to stay with us since partition of our Sacred land in 1947. After knowing in depth the Narrative of our Sacred Nation, let them mind there livehood in a foreign country abiding to the law of the nation they preferred, leaving their mother Islamic Countries. What agenda is hidden behind such acts and they are not supposed to act against law of the country ? This Sacred land is the fore runner for Humanity, Unity and High Order Civilized behaviour.

  17. I used to be recommended this website by means of my cousin. I’m
    now not certain whether or not this post is written by way of him as no one else recognise
    such unique approximately my trouble. You’re amazing! Thanks!


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