SDPI slams BJP for tabling Anti-conversion law in Karnataka Assembly

SDPI officials at he press conference at Press Club of Bangalore

BENGALURU:  The BJP-led Karnataka state government has set an anti-constitutional, dictatorial and irreconcilable stance by tabling the Anti-conversion bill in the state legislature, state President of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Abdul Majeed alleged on Friday.

Calling it against the core idea of the Constitution, he said, “There have been 39 attacks on Christians reported throughout the state so far, including disruptions in Hubli, Kodagu, Hassan, Mandya and many other nooks and corners of the state.”


“Also, though the Hindutva elements indulged in such attacks – the corrupt police system -are registering FIRs against the Christians, the Muslims are also not spared” and are being trapped into the legal loopholes. Fake cases have been registered against 13 Christians under the charge of religious conversions in 2021, according to a study executed by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties,” he explained.

Echoing his sentiments, Afar Kodlipete, State Secretary, SDPI said that if anyone is identified in converting any Dalit, then government shall imprison him or her for 3 to 10 years; but, if one looks at the measures by the said government to empower Dalit community, it is absolutely nothing. Despite the uninterrupted attacks on Dalits – including racist remarks and social boycotts – this government, which does not go unchallenged, is merely carrying out sentimental and anti-constitutional prohibitions.

This act is nothing, but a clear violation of the religious freedom of an individual referred to in Sections 25 to 28 of the Constitution of India. Nevertheless, it is also a sheer insult to entire religious minorities, directly and indirectly as well, in an atmosphere of anxiety and fear, he charged.

If the BJP tries to implement its Hindutva agenda through this act, it is evident that the Congress and the JDS are arguing against it only to hold their minority vote bank without demonstrating collective outrage, stated Bhaskar Prasad, State Secretary for SDPI.

Instead of a positive discussion that addresses many issues such as over-crowding, price crisis, agrarian distress, Covid pandemic, ruling BJP government in Karnataka is focusing on the unbeneficial matters that the common people will reject, he maintained. — IANS


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