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The Mughals were an integral part of India – so why are they being labelled foreigners?

By Parvati Sharma There was a recurring sketch on the old BBC comedy, Goodness Gracious Me, which featured a father who would counter his children’s enthusiasm –...

Venkaiah Naidu accepts India had 27% of world’s GDP during Muslim rule

By Muslim Mirror Desk, New Delhi: Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu said on Monday that the country’s GDP was 27 per cent of the world’s before...

Delhi must hold on to its cosmopolitan culture: Writer Rana Safvi

By Saket Suman, New Delhi : India's capital city has always had a cosmopolitan culture and it is imperative to hold on to it, says...

Hindustan was never ‘a place of plunder’ for Mughals: Writer Ira Mukhoty

By Saket Suman, New Delhi : At a time when demonising the Mughal empire has become fashionable in India and a negative perception of their...

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