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South Asia

Whoever fires the first shot will be wiped out, warns China

By Muslim Mirror Desk China's state-backed media outlet Global Times has said that "India's feverish nationalists" should not lead New Delhi down the wrong path...

Activists to revive candlelight vigil at Wagha border on eve Independence

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent, New Delhi: At an Eid Milan program hare, civil society groups have pledged of reviving the two-decade-old candlelight vigil at...

US NSA’s incoherence seen in South Asia outlook

By Arul Louis, New York : Behind the bravado that verges on intemperance and the ultra-hawkish ideology of John Bolton, who will take over as...

A mission to ensure a nuclear-free South Asia — and why it failed (Book Review)

By Vikas Datta, Title: Neighbours in Arms: An American Senator's Quest for Disarmament in a Nuclear Subcontinent; Author: Larry Pressler; Publisher: Penguin Random House India;...

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