Tensions rise as threatening posters target Muslim community in Nuh Haryana


By Muslim Mirror Staff

In the aftermath of the violent clashes during the July 31 procession of the Hindu organization Berjmondal in Nuh, Haryana, the Muslim community finds itself in the crosshairs of rising tensions. The situation escalated further on Sunday night, as alarming posters appeared in the slums of Sector 69A, ‘Omega City,’ targeting the predominantly Muslim residents.

These disturbing posters issued a 2-day ultimatum for the residents to vacate their homes, raising concerns about the safety and security of the affected individuals.

The posters, specifically aimed at Muslim women, have sparked outrage and fear among the community. The messages were explicit, warning the inhabitants of the slums to evacuate their houses or face dire consequences.

“The inhabitants of the slums; you have to empty your house and leave; be prepared to suffer results for not doing so. If you want to save your honor and life, save it; you have 2 days,” the posters read.

Police removed the posters and have initiated legal proceedings in response to this incident.

Although the legality of the slums in Sector 69A remains contentious, it is important to note that many families have called this place their home for years. The majority of women residing in these slums work as domestic helpers in nearby apartment complexes. The appearance of the threatening posters has left these families shaken and vulnerable.

One woman, who spoke to NDTV on the condition of anonymity, shared her apprehensions: “We are more afraid for our children. When my husband and I go to work, the children are alone here. After the riots, we went to the village, but now these posters have come out.” Another woman expressed similar concerns, stating, “We’re scared; we’ve been living here for many years. We don’t know what will happen.”

The violence that erupted in July resulted in the tragic loss of six lives in Noah and had a ripple effect on the neighboring districts. The tensions that arose during that time continue to persist in some parts of the region, with reports of attacks on Muslim vendors circulating. This environment of fear has already prompted several families to leave the area. Now, those who have chosen to remain face an uncertain and potentially dangerous situation.


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