Unrest and demolitions follow Yatra violence in Nuh; allegations of arbitrary arrests and property destruction emerge


By Muslim Mirror Staff

In the aftermath of the violence during the Brajmandal Yatra of Vishwa Hindu Parishad on July 31, 2023, Nuh, a town in Haryana, witnessed a series of unsettling events. The local administration’s response to the unrest has been marred by allegations of arbitrary arrests and property destruction. Here is a detailed account of the situation as it unfolded.

Destruction of Homes and Shops:

The administration bulldozed a total of 1208 houses, both pucca (brick) and kutcha (temporary), as well as shops, from August 4th to 7th, 2023. This drastic action was reportedly taken in response to the alleged involvement of some residents in the prior violent incidents. Shockingly, at many locations, property owners claimed they received no prior notice of demolition, leaving them helpless as their homes and livelihoods were destroyed.

One of the affected individuals, Abdul Raseed alias Nawab, claimed a staggering loss of Rs 1 crore due to the demolition of his 20 shops situated in front of Nuh Medical College. He asserted that some notices were received, but a court stay had been granted in 2022, which should have prevented the demolitions.

Losses Mount for Business Owners:

The demolished complex opposite Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati College housed a variety of establishments, including general stores, medical shops, tea stalls, mobile repairing shops, restaurants, X-ray centers, clinics, and lawyers’ offices. For business owners here, the destruction meant not only financial losses but also the abrupt end of their livelihoods.

Rising Concerns Over Arbitrary Arrests:

The arrests in connection with the violence have sparked controversy, with many alleging that arrests were made without sufficient evidence and seemingly targeting Muslim residents. Of the approximately 300 arrests made, 294 individuals are reported to be Muslims, while only six are Hindus. Concerns have been raised regarding the fairness of these arrests, particularly given the imbalance.

Life Disrupted for Families:

The demolition and arrests have severely disrupted the lives of many families in Nuh. Women, in particular, have suffered due to the breakdown of houses, with limited access to bathing and toilet facilities. Shahina, a resident, described the fear she experiences when going to the market alone, highlighting the difficulties faced in accessing essential resources.

Ongoing Legal Battles:

Many of the affected families have turned to the legal system in hopes of finding justice. Tahir Hussain Rupadia, a lawyer representing the accused, noted that 61 FIRs have been registered so far, with 98% of the accused being Muslims.

Official Response:

When contacted, Nuh Deputy Commissioner Dhirendra Khargata cited ongoing legal proceedings and refrained from providing detailed comments. The situation remains under investigation by Special Investigation Teams (SITs), and the legal battles continue.



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