There is no official data suggesting Tablighi Jamat – Coronavirus connection


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi, April 2 | There is no specific data related to coronavirus cases  available on Ministry of Health and Family Welfare proving  any connection between  Tablighi Jamaat and coronavirus cases.

The site of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the official source of information which provides data on coronavirus related cases.

The sites doesn’t provides  personal details, religion or name of  the persons suffering from the COVID-19 or those died due to coronavirus infection.

Some Tablighi Jamaat followers  might have been exposed to the virus or tested positive , possibly some could have died. But the way a section of media is trying to prove Nizamuddin Markaz as epicenter of coronavirus is highly deplorable.

Media didn’t blamed  Sikh religious leader Baldev Singh, 70, who  returned from a trip to virus-plagued Italy and Germany and  went preaching in more than a dozen villages in Punjab state reportedly infecting at least 15,000 from coronavirus.

“The first of these 15 villages was sealed on March 18, and we think there are 15,000 to 20,000 people in the sealed villages,” Gaurav Jain, a senior magistrate for the district of Banga, where Singh lived, told Al Jazeera.

Baldev Singh died on 28th March.

As per Ministry of Health and Family Welfare report total tally of novel coronavirus cases in India reached to 1966 on Thursday.

Of this, 1764 people are presently suffering from the COVID-19 disease, 150 people have recovered and discharged from the hospitals, one person migrated while 50 deaths have been reported so far.

There are at least 51 foreign nationals and 1915 Indian nationals among the total number of cases reported in the country.

According to the Health Ministry,  Maharashtra has 335 –  COVID-19 positive persons , the  highest number of positive cases so far  – followed by Kerala which  has reported 265 cases while in Rajasthan there are 108 cases of COVID-19.

With 13  Maharashtra is leading in COVID-19 related deaths followed by Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Each  has reported  6 till Thursday noon.

Linking Muslims with coronavirus is part of the systematic ostracisation of the country’s 201 million Muslims that has been taking place since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government took power in 2014, with the latest example being the Delhi violence that killed at least 40 Muslims in February , said Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan , chairman  Delhi Minorities Commission chairman.

However Khan stressed that Tablighi Jamaat members were “wrong and insensitive” to organise an event at such a sensitive time but to blame all Muslims for spreading the infection is “vindictive”.



  1. Few Journalists have been sold their souls . Nothing can happen with them .It is more dangerous than Corona Virus.

  2. At a crucial time when whole country is United n shut in order to fight against covid19 pandemic, a section of medias are diverting whole heartedly, the attention of the fighters by a false narrative. This is an anti social n anti national act for which the false narrative medias should be totally banned. We are a country with “Satya mev jayete” slogan and these medias spoiling it. 2700+ cases have been registered till now and there will b some lapses on every patient part that they caught the infection.


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