Welfare party to launch nation-wide agitation on April 1 billed as “India for all Indians”

Dr. S. Q. R. Ilyas, National President WPI addressing PC.

By M M Special Correspondent

New Delhi:  In the wake of growing attacks on Dalits, Muslims and weaker sections and politics of hate and polarization, the Welfare Party of India on Friday announced a nationwide agitation under the slogan “India for all Indians” from April 1 to 18. It said in the last four years, the government did nothing to fulfill the promises it made with the people for coming to power and to rein in anti-social elements and groups affiliated to   the ruling party.


Briefing the media about the forthcoming campaign,   Dr. S. Q. R. Ilyas, National President WPI, said the Modi government failed on all account as common man’s sufferings have increased manifold. Since this government came to power, country witnessed unprecedented atmosphere of intolerance, attacks on Muslims and Dalits and incidents of communal violence increased manifold, he said.

Organized communal riots allegedly with the support of the ruling class are on the rise ever since the BJP came to power at centre and in states and are clearly intended to fill fear in the minds of minorities, he added.

In such a alarming situation, the Welfare Party cannot remain silent and idle, it has decided of launching a country-wide agitation against these injustices, Dr Ilyas said.

In response to a question, Dr Ilyas said the party has invited all like-minded secular parties including Congress, NCP, CPM, RJD, SP, BSP, and others  and social activists for the campaign.

Speaking on the occasion, Welfare party‘s National secretary   Ambujakshan said the Modi government has been trying to deflect public attention from its failures by raking trivial and emotional issues.

 On the controversy over the name of Dr B R Ambedkar,  Ambujakshan said the historical fact cannot be changed by  adding Ramji to Dr Ambedkar’s name. He said Dr Ambedkar had not only left Hindu fold but he had advised his followers not to remain in the Hindu fold as they cannot get any justice who penned down the book “Riddles in Hinduism”.

 Those who are now championing the cause of Dr Ambedkar had burnt his book “Riddles in Hinduism’ in 1988, Ambujakshan said.

Outlining the multi-dimensional programs for highlighting the dismal picture of the present government, Dr Ilyas said during the agitation, we would also demand of repealing all Draconian Laws, due representation for Muslims in parliament and legislative assemblies, reverting back to ballot papers system  and declaring Racist abuse against Muslims as a Crime and Ensure Social dignity of Dalits and Adivasis.

 The 18-day agitation will conclude at Parliament Street on April18 in New Delhi with an impressive rally which is the Foundation Day of the Welfare Party, he said. Various Political leaders, eminent socio-cultural activists will address the gathering.


  1. Initially, I submit (rather, borrow from other MM replies/comments from me as my contribution for a healthy/constructive mutually doable, incentive-generative to germinate fresher ideas, forthright in nature. Why are D&M issues being debated in India? I wrote two brief comments. Please see my comment below for “Why” it is so. It is not only Muslims fault of laziness, ineptness, begging, etc. It is structural. No systemic planning, no sincerity to get them on par with the rest. It was there during the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. It is worsening in the post-2002 (Gujarat) India where people are scared of Modi and Shah dictatorial me, me, or my approach by sending their “yes-person” to head all institutions in academia, industry, judiciary, governance. Will it succeed? Did it during the past 4 years under Modi/NDA? More broadening did it achieve the desired goal under 60 yrs of UPA/Congress? India should brag less, be honest with themselves. Postpone for the time being the dream of being “perceived” as “myth-based” conducting “micro hi-tech” planting of “elephant head” to a human and stunning the entire audience to pin-drop silence. See YouTube video for details.
    The article, its evaluation, critique, and the samples in support are too academic for a person (me) trained as an analytical chemist who does not refute experimental/field results. Also, he as intellectual considers his audience, readers, decision makers at least as intelligent (or more) as others. During my 1/3 life (1937-1962) that I spent in India, I never felt that I got what I deserved only because of my name. I was hated because I never stood less than second in the class. So, it is not new. It was there in the Nehru era, observed (and abetted, not abated). When I found that the majority will not be followers of my constitutional rights, albeit a few exceptions were always there, are, and shall be. Muslims problem is “casa”-type attitude, dependence on others, not trying hard. Casa, in Hindustani (Hindi that considers Urdu as “religion-blind”), stands for a begging bowl for others to donate. It is pathetic that the results for D&M (Dalits and Muslims) were unchanged in Zakaria (done for Shastri) and Sachar (done for MM Singh) reports, except that the situation for Dalits slightly improved than the downtrodden Muslims. It may be that finally, they were considered Hindus intellectual.


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