‘Declare Tipu’s birth anniversary as Freedom Fighters Day’



By Abdul Bari Masoud,

New Delhi: The All India Tibbi Congress has asked the central government to celebrate Tipu Sultan birth anniversary as Freedom Fighters Day from the next year as it will be a befitting tribute and homage to freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the liberation of the country.

Tibbi Congress secretary general Dr Syed Ahmad Khan has congratulated the Karnataka government led-by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for celebrating the Tipu Sultan anniversary on November 10 of this month despite fierce opposition from the communal forces. He said CM Siddaramaiah has shown exemplary courage and determination in holding celebration of the great freedom fighter who died fighting the colonial British forces in 1799.

The Siddaramaiah government remained unfazed by last year’s clashes during the birth anniversary celebrations of Tipu Sultan, the 18th century Muslim ruler of Mysuru and it decided to hold the event again this year on November 10. In this year’s Republic Day Parade in the Capital, the Karnataka government presented a tableau depicting Tipu Sultan’s legacy.

Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary as Freedom Fighters Day will not only be an appropriate homage to freedom fighters but also it will promote national integration in the country,said Dr Syed while talking to Muslim Mirror.  He underlined that Tipu was the most secular ruler as he donated lands to a numbers of temples and appointed several Hindu on key posts in his court and army that can be vouched from the old manuscripts and documents. Flaying the communal forces propaganda against Tipu and portraying him as an ‘oppressive tyrant’, he said Hindutva groups are indulged in a divisive rhetoric of communal politics.

Hindutva groups call Tipu Sultan as the “butcher of Hindus” and mobilized some sections of the society to oppose the Tipu Jayanti in Karnataka.

However, there are divergent views on Tipu’s legacy.  Secular-minded people and Muslims, view him as a freedom fighter who fought bravely against the British.

Meanwhile, All India Tibbi Congress also reiterated its long-pending demand that Tibbia College, Karol Bagh established by the freedom movement’s stalwart Hakim Ajmal Khan should be elevated to University level and named after him. Tibbi Congress said it would be an appropriate homage to Hakim Ajmal Khan who made invaluable contributions for the promotion of Indian systems of medicine namely Ayurvedic and Unani and in the freedom movement. In this regards, a resolution was also passed in the World Urdu Day programme held on November 9 here in Delhi which is being observed on the birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal.   While paying rich tributes to Hakim Ajmal Khan, the resolution urged “the AYUSH ministry and the Delhi government to declare Tibbia College as University after Hakim Ajmal Khan.”

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  1. I think this writer is most communal
    He not know about karnataka high court verdict: The Karnataka High Court Wednesday questioned the state government’s logic behind celebrating the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan, observing he wasn’t a freedom fighter but a monarch who fought to safeguard his interests.
    What is the logic behind celebrating Tipu Jayanti? Tipu was not a freedom fighter, but a monarch who fought the opponents to safeguard his interests,” Chief Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee, presiding over the division bench, observed.
    How much muslim appeasement will go on with congress ruling.

  2. It is a jaundiced view. Then ask why the Maharashtra government celebrates Shivaji Jaynati and the Rajasthan government Maharana Partap jayanti? There are a couple of such historical figures whose birth anniversary are being celebrated in the various parts of the country.

    • Friend kannads dont link themselves to tipu sultan
      While people of maharastra and rajasthan linked themselves to shivaji and maharana pratap and government as not depict them as secular and freedom fighter
      They all including tipu are face of uprising against foreign ruler not freedom fighters

  3. Objection to Tipu Jayanti has come from a man who belongs perhaps to the cult that celebrates assassination of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. So dismiss it please. Nuts are nuts


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