An open letter to Imran Khan by a Kashmiri


Dear Imran Khan,

I have been your vocal critic. I perhaps still am. I always had fears you have the support of Pakistan’s notorious deep state and far right. You perhaps do have. Right after your election (or selection many within and outside Pakistan may call) when you succumbed to the pressure of right wing bigots for removing Atif Mian from Economic Advisory Council, for being an Ahmedi, I became more sure about my stance against you. You seemed like all those vision-less opportunist leaders who can do anything to hang on to power. You perhaps still can. What if you were a sports champion, you seemed like a sleazy politician.


I also remember vividly, on being interviewed by a reputed international media organisation, you said you are not even aware of atrocities committed by China to Uighur Muslims. How can a leader who calls for justice to Kashmiri Muslims be so insensitive to plight of hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims?

I don’t relieve you of all your mistakes but I do today thank you for giving us a hope. Hope that one day we all would celebrate peace. Hope that one day we all would celebrate love.

(The letter has been written by Hanan Zaffar)


  1. What an amazing letter, wow?
    Only if it had some real substance and not mere attention seeking few lines….
    Islam always emphasizes to try for Peace between two communities, nations or neighbours!


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