Dhananjay Desai the founder of Hindu Rashtra Sena: A law unto himself

Dhananjay Desai the founder of Hindu Rashtra Sena

By Muslim Mirror News,

Pune:  Far right militant group Hindu Rashtra Sena founder Dhananjay Jayram Desai, accused in Muslim techie murder, is a history-sheeter with 23 cases of extortion, rioting, and other crimes. Why wasn’t he in jail? Ask the local leaders and concerned citizens here. It is also reported that his organization is involved in terror attacks. Independent sources pointed its involvement in German Bakery bomb blast.

An English daily DNA reported that Hindu Rashtra Sena has several branches in the state and majority of the branches are in the fringe villages of the city where the youth is easily attracted to their ideologies. Desai is known for making inflammatory speeches.  Police found his name on the invitation card as a chief guest, immediately shot a notice to him and warned him not to make hateful speeches which can disturb the communal harmony in the society. Desai who hails from Vile Parle in Mumbai, making the mockery of the notice, posted the cops notice on his Facebook profile and wrote a comment that such notices have piled up in his house and every month he gets some thousand rupees after selling them in junk.

On Tuesday, he was arrested in an old case in which he and his followers of HRS had circulated pamphlets in March 2014 which could hurt the religious sentiments. As per the Cantonment police, in March his some of the supporters were arrested, however, Desai went absconding. He got bail immediately; however, police arrested him another case. HRS also blamed for the assassination of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar .Various individuals and organisations have come out in condemnation of Dhananjay Desai and Hindu Rashtra Sena

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  1. mere muslim bhaivo apne jajbato par kabu rakho ye kam RSS ke brammano ka hai ,jo ki hum sc,st or obc ke logo mai zagda lagagneka or aapasmai zagde lagakar apna political hetu sadya kar rahe hai., bramanism is responsible behind this matter….

    • But problems of SC,ST,OBC is ki thoda paisa aur shohrat hasil ho jata hai to bada sa tilak laga ke ghumne lagte hain aur apne aap Brahmin ya Rajput samajhne lagte hain. Ye bhayanak problem hai aur pandit inka maje lete hain.

  2. HRS another name for cowardliness, They are disgrace for Hindus , these cowards are hiding behind the religion. What is there to be proud about killing an unarmed single man, by the group of ‘chakkas’ pre-planned with arms and sticks. Had they any manliness should have called him to fight one on one. Shame one you cowards , India is spitting on you.


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