Muslims are adiyal, jiddi and fasaadis: Madhu Kishwar

Madhu Kishwar

By Abdul Hafiz Lakhani,

Famous writer, academician and founder of Manushi, a women’s rights magazine and so called ardent , staunch supporter of PM  Narendra Modi , Madhu Purnima Kishwar clearly stated that  ongoing conversion controversy is really unfortunate but at the same time,  If conversions are bad, they should be banned for all religious groups. If they represent freedom of religion, then all faith groups should be free to carry out conversion drives.” She adds, there should not  be double talk, double standard. “secularism” has proved extremely harmful.”under such opportunism and will bring more  trouble for minorities in the country. All  should show wisdom and wit approach toward this sensitive issue.
In a telephonic talk with this journalist yesterday, she  clearly told that Muslims are Adiyal, jiddi and fasaadis. Secularism word has lost its essence and Muslims have to be more compromising and co operative in such issues. Madhu kishwar who wrote a book– MODINAMA, during election once again shows her confidence on Modi and said that Modi has changed man. he tries his best to solve even Babri Masjid controversy. He is in touch with both parties and he may be able to settle for an amicable solution in such a way that face of both communities can be saved.
A urdu fortnightly based at Ahmedabad, quoted Madhu Kishwar that Zafar Sareshwala has arrogance about his realtionship with PM Modi, when this writer asked Madhuji, she denied such statement. she further added, More Muslims are in line to Join in BJP and About 400 odd Ulemas have shown their eagerness to go closer to Modi.
To support Modi during election she and Ahmedabad based businessman Zafar Sareshwala toured almost whole nation and addressed many press conferences including Gujarat , now she keeps distance with Modi and Sareshwala is Modi’s Advicer on  Muslims issue, why ? when she was asked, Madhu Kishwar told that she was not dependent on PM Modi. Though she has still good rapport with him but she enjoyed independent space from long time.
How does she think about Owasi brothers, she replied that this party is not good for secularism.their hatred speech will not help Muslims at all. Assasuddin owasi is like Jinnah. his attitude is unwarrented, unpleasant and unethical. Muslims Must join in mainstream of the country, she adviced.In a significant move, a few days before BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi files his nomination from Vadodara seat, reading of a book titled ‘Modi, Muslim and Media’ was organised in Ahmedabad. . This book has been written by one of the newly found supporters of Gujarat chief minister, Madhu Kishwar who is professor at the Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) in New Delhi. Kishwar, one time critic of Modi, is now stauch support of the Gujarat CM.
it is mentionable that Madhu Kishwar and zafar sareshwala had a terible during press conference in Ahmedabad during election.some of the journalists raised  their anger against Madhu kishwar when  she refused to answer questions of  journalists.  Kishwar showered praises of Modi for long time during press meet.   The time of the book reading event was  significant as it come a day after the election notification was issued for the 16th Lok Sabha in Gujarat. Moreover, the event organiser Zafar Sareshwala is considered to be close to Modi. Sareshwala has earlier this year organised a Muslim Business Conclave in Ahmedabad which was inaugurated by Modi.During the event Kishwar, justifying Modi’s efforts during 2002 riots, said, “Narendra Modi does not have communalism in his DNA. If he was communal Congress would have embraced him. But now he is being targeted by the Congress because he does not play communal politics.”



    • One of the main characteristics of the Muslims is that they possess the power of discernment. This quality is different from intelligence, in that only sincere believers have the ability to conclude appropriate decisions based on the Qur’an. But, the passive have no such ability of discernment, no matter how hard they may try to pretend to such a quality, for their understanding of morality is far removed from the teachings of the Qur’an.

      From their behavior one can see that most of them are in confusion, and that clearly they cannot understand the significance of outcomes as one sound in reason. When confronted by something that has happened, they draw very different conclusions than would a Muslim, whose understanding is shaped by his knowledge of the Qur’an. Unlike the sincere believers, they do not have clear consciousness and, therefore, do not possess the power of discernment to determine the meaning of that which happens with reference to the Qur’an.

      One of the clearest indications of those who are passive is the empty, dull and vague expressions they often have on their faces. No one with good consciousness would want to wear such an expression, but these people are often found with this deadened look because their minds are inactive.

      The unclear consciousness of the passive, who live among Muslims, can be noticed by those they speak with. For example, their responses to questions are often ambiguous; their comments seem either irrelevant or even incomprehensible. Moreover, it becomes immediately apparent that they cannot concentrate on the question in hand. In the Qur’an, Allah refers to this state of undiscerning individuals:

      Do you suppose that most of them hear or understand? They are just like cattle. Indeed they are even more astray! (Surat al-Furqan, 44)

      In the Qur’an, Allah speaks of the confusion of those who are insolent:

      … We will abandon them to wander blindly in their excessive insolence. (Surat al-An‘am, 110)

  1. We welcome Prime Ministers effort to solve Ayodhya issue. As far as conversions are concerned definitely they are bad if they are forced on individuals or are done on incentive of providing ration card/BPL cards etc It should entirely be on free will of individuals.

    Madhu kishwar should think of some other way to let her availability known for any appointment instead of passing such derogatory comments about Muslims. Everone knows Muslims of India are Indians by choice and not by chance. It depends on the majority of any society to be as accomodative as possible so that all minorities feel secure and have a feeling of belongingness towards them. It will ultimately help them to be in much talked about mainstream.

  2. Did MM readers and PMNM worshippers see the following scathing editorial by the New York Times of yesterday? Why it is important to watch what NYT, WSJ, WP say, especially in editorials, carries a lot of weight globally. If you disagree, ignore my sharing, and pump your ego

    Narrowing India’s Horizons

    When Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and the Bharatiya Janata Party swept to power in May, many hoped the new government would set aside the more troubling aspects of Hindu nationalism and unite the country around the work to be done to unleash India’s hobbled potential. Unfortunately, there are signs that the ideologues on the Hindu right believe the election victory was theirs as well and are pursuing their agenda on multiple fronts.

    Mr. Modi, who has appointed to his cabinet several individuals who, like himself, have a long association with the Hindu militant organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, appears to condone these efforts — and even to believe some of the more fantastical assertions. On Oct. 25, he cited examples from Hindu mythology as proof that plastic surgery and genetic science existed in ancient India.

    On Dec. 7, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj announced that the Bhagavad Gita, a passage from the great epic the Mahabharata, should be declared the national sacred book of India. While a majority of Indians are Hindu, the nation is religiously diverse. Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists, Christians and Jews also have sacred texts, and there are many other important Hindu texts — the Upanishads and the Vedas, for example. Ms. Swaraj’s proposal caused such an uproar in the lower house of Parliament that proceedings had to be briefly suspended. The first sentence of the national Constitution declares India to be a secular republic.

    Designating a single Hindu text as the official national sacred book is a divisive affront to the country’s secular democracy. Ancient India’s achievements in mathematics and science are impressive enough without recourse to fictional interpretations of Hindu mythology.

    • And did you read this one in DailyPioneer:
      By no stretch of imagination, does the Bhagvad Gita make any attempt to change the faith or affiliation of the devout. It is part of the great epicMahabharat, which itself is not a ‘religious’ book; it is one of the many revered scriptures. None of this considered a must for everyone who claims to be a Hindu. It would be too naïve to say that the Gita or theMahabharat is a prescriptive religious book of the Hindus. Equally absurd is the logic that because Hindus are made to take oath in courts, it is a religious book meant only for the Hindus. Bhagvad Gita offers a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom to every discerning reader.

      Brilliant minds of contemporary times have experienced and articulated it accordingly. “When I read the Bhagvad Gita and reflect about how god created this universe, everything else seems so superfluous” — these are the words of Albert Einstein. Nearer home, it would benefit those who consider Jawaharlal Nehru as the sole builder of modern India: “The Bhagvad Gita deals essentially with the spiritual foundation of spiritual existence. It is a call of action to meet the obligations and duties of life, yet keeping in view the spiritual nature and grander purpose of the universe.” In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Those who meditate on the Bhagvad Gita will derive fresh joy and new meanings from it every day.” Ethically and morally, it is the bounden duty of the Government of India to let the world know about Indian heritage that prominently includes Bhagvad Gita. The fate of civilisations that cut themselves off from their history, heritage and scriptures, is well known. READ FULL…

    • That fundamentalism is spreading in Pakistan does not surprise me. A state having such blasphemous laws as can kill a liberal Punjab Governor with no action against the murderers is lengthening the shadows. It is unfortunate but when even the liberal voices are mute because of such consequences, the fanatics are bound to grow in number and in impudence.
      The real point of worry is what is happening to India. The country represents a democratic, secular polity and it is respected for this all over the world. [Kuldip Nayar]

      Let me point to a small news, 200 temples have been razed down in Kashmir in last 2 decades–kashmir-govt/article1-939793.aspx
      40 pilgrims to Anantnag were injured and 1000s of tents burnt down by local muslims. I ask, how many mosques have been razed down in the Hindu majority regions?
      Now compare that with the saharanpr riot in UP happened because a land alloted by High court to the sikh community for construction a a gurdwara was forcefully being captured by the local muslim community who wanted to build a mosque there. I know a lot of you must be saying “But Hindus won’t have to be the same way”

      Let me just clarify that I wrote the article for two reasons:.
      1. Movie pretty much directly says that people who are idol worshipers are fools claiming they should directly talk to God.
      But does islam teach that God is inside us or that we can directly communicate with God? The answer is no. Islam says God is unfathomable and beyond comprehension. Then how can one communicate with God then?
      2. Hindus have been shown as Muslim haters and that is apparently fanning communal tension in our country, according to the movie . Now is that really the truth?

      Amir says all Gods are same. Who knows this better than Hindus.
      A muslim can never say all God’s are one. If any muslim dares say that it would be Blasphamy! They shout ” Allah hu Akbar” that means Allah is greater. Greater than who? He is greater than your God, greater than all the gods worshiped by any other community! And that has been the biggest bone of contention that is breeding religious extremism. Similarly with Christians who believe that Christ is the only true messenger of God. If every community agrees with the above view of Hinduism then the whole religious feud would end.
      Honestly I didn’t find too much violence and radicalism in other communities like Sikhs, jains, buddhists etc. Also, the movie shows how Hindus have so much hatred towards muslims. Only the Hindu family of Anushka had all the problems with her dating a muslim pakistani boy, while everybody from pakistan showered love and affection towards anushka. Guruji claims “muslim hamesha Dhokha deta hai”, says Pk is could be short for Parvez Khan, compares Amir with Ghazni who wants to destroy temples. The message is clear, Hindus hate muslims and that’s the root of all the communal tensions in India. But is that the case really? Look at the cases above and decide, is that the truth?!-10180

  3. What she is telling abt Owaisi brothers if it is right then what abt RSS people who said that upto 2021 all muslims and chritians will be converted in Hinduism otherwise wll be removed from India.India is only for Hindus. I want to know Does she give the reply? Now a adays every Kattar Hindu is speaking against Muslim,Is it right. What Mr. PM is giving Instruction to them who want to divide Our India.

  4. The hope for united and strong India is getting weaken by two organization one is RSS and the second one is media, we know that any organization which can controls media their motives and vision can be achieved, for example we can have Israil and USA control over CNN and BBC. these media had portrait them as peace lover or maker so they can enter any country kill as much as innocent people they want and comes out clean from mass murder, its their roll by which the entire middle east is burning, the invading of Iraq leads to the crises in the middle east and the creation of mujahedin with weapon was supported by these western countries. yesterday some of the USA politician accepted that the CIA was behind the creation of Taliban and wahabi fighters in the Iraq seria border.
    India belongs to Indians who’s forefather fought together against British to free the mother land for their generation to have a life of their choice and now these fringe elements demanding a nation of their choice. The sad part is our poor Indian brothers majoritarian started believing that RSS claiming of HINDU RASHTRA is realistic and as to be achieved but they forget that by supporting such things will lead in dividing the hearts of million people who are too Indian born with same rights and dignity and freedom of choice, by neglecting their voice unheard is the biggest crime against section of society, i am worried seeing the bonds among people are broken on the issue of various propaganda. In the world there are only 2 type of people good people and bad people. A hindu by name or a muslim by name when commit crime will they get same punishment or different punishment based on the religious line? and if the punishment is same then why we need different India.

    • Just remember what owaisi said in parliament after modi became PM “‘I really appreciate Modi for breaking the myth of the Muslim votebank’”. The game of vote bank is playing by BJP and accusing others, because BJP believes in lies don’t worry the days are not far people will understand the difference between lies and truth.

      • screw Owaisi .. he is not seen anywhere now .. atleast not for the next 5 years .. so tell him to keep shut bcz we dont need any support

          • let him do nobody cares … he seems like a desperate man shouting in the parliament bcz nobody bothers who the FCUK he is … we whatever modi says will be done , u know YYY … 334 seats my peasant

          • That’s wat we feel about modi and its 40+, numbers does not matters, its skills, patriotism and nationalism matters, that cannot produce by Modi and its 40+.


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