‘New Domicile Law’ in Kashmir unconstitutional, will take the matter to ICJ , says Prof.Bhim Singh


In a volte face, Prof. Bhim Singh opposes new domicile law inducted in J&K to alter demography of the state

By Special Correspondent

New Delhi: In a volte face, Prof. Bhim Singh, president Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) National Panthers Party has challenged the latest Domicile Law inducted “forcibly” by the Government of India in Jammu and Kashmir. He also said changing status of J & K is also unconstitutional that violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution of India. He threatened to “drag the matter to International court of Justice.”

Strongly reacting to the Domicile Law, Prof Singh said it by passes the permanent residents rules in J&K thus depriving the permanent residents of state of their jobs and work in the government offices even in Class-IV, Class-III & Class-II jobs in the government in J&K. it is to noted that Prof Singh used to oppose the seperate Constitution of the state and article 370 which had accorded Specail status to J&K.

He questioned as to how Parliament and under what rule could reject or approve the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh denying three subjects, Defence, Foreign Affairs & Communications with Allied Matters to the Govt. of India, after the death of Maharaja Hari Singh.

“The Instrument of Accession could have been amended/improved/changed by the Parliament of India through an appropriate motion in the Parliament under rules of procedure only. The Instrument of Accession could not have been scratched by any authority without the procedure that was mandatory under the Constitution.”

Prof. Bhim Singh is also permanent resident of J&K by birth, the state which was founded by the first Dogra ruler, Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846, he comes from the family of first Dogra General Zorawar Singh.

He declared that the Panthers Party which was founded in 1982 shall save the integrity of J & K and Fundamental Rights of its permanent residents which have been recognized by the Constituent Assembly of India when Constitution of India was framed and finalized in November 1949.

He slammed that BJP government at the Centre has been violating/infringing the spirit and the command of the Constitution of India which was declared on 26th January, 1950.

“That Article 370 (1) which has been retained by the present rulers is very clear that the Parliament of India has not implemented the Accession of the State of Jammu & Kashmir by accepting the Instrument of Accession on 5th August, 2019 neither Parliament has amended the Constitution to accept the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh on 26th October, 1947. “

He further said that the Parliament has not taken over Defence, Foreign Affairs & Communications with Allied Matters which were retained with the Executive power of J&K by the Maharaja.

He alleged that the present BJP government has not acted in accordance to the International Law nor in accordance with the Constitution of India while declaring Jammu & Kashmir as two Union Territories by splitting Jammu & Kashmir.

He urged the President of India to convene an urgent meeting of representatives of recognized political parties of Jammu & Kashmir and those national political parties which are functioning in Jammu & Kashmir.

He warned that,“This matter deserves earliest attention of the President lest Intentional Court of Justice intervention comes into play.”

“ Changing status of Jammu & Kashmir by the Govt. of India is also unconstitutional that violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution of India. State of Jammu & Kashmir cannot be reduced to a Union Territory by Govt. of India till restoration of State Territories under illegal occupation of Pakistan and China,” he

2 thoughts on “‘New Domicile Law’ in Kashmir unconstitutional, will take the matter to ICJ , says Prof.Bhim Singh

  1. Firstly we should settle Kashmiri Pandits having population 30% in Kashmir valley. Then other hindus should start business & settle down there.. so that total Hindu population in Kashmir valley should be more than 50%. This is the best way to fight against Islamic terrorism.

  2. The Indian government, in spite of its anti-Islamic or anti-Muslim ideology, cannot in any way develop the Indian economy, eradicate poverty, or pursue a peaceful life for the people. If the Government of India has a plan to disarm the Muslims of Kashmir in some way and then subjugate the Muslims living in other provinces, it will become a mere plunge into the future. The Entire responsibility must be held by Indian governments , pursuing terrorism in Kashmir and other Indian territories as well. If terrorism is to be eradicated, it can easily be destroyed with the cooperation of international countries with the backing of Pakistan. But India will never like it. This heinousness enables her to make a few loot profits. Continuing poverty in the country can produce workers at very low wages. The number of child workers is growing. Because of this, young people begin to grow old in their early teens. The dropout rate of educators will fall. Only the aristocracy owns education and higher vocations. International activities are currently being monitored for non-human activities in India. Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have now begun raising their flags against India. The Indian government and the Kashmir issue will no longer be able to bring the Indian government into the limelight.

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