President hails 10% quota for economically backward as historic


New Delhi : President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday termed the Modi government’s decision to provide 10 per cent quota to the economically backwards sections among upper castes as “historic” and said it will help provide justice to the poor.

Addressing the joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members at the beginning of the Budget Session of Parliament, Kovind said: “This historic decision will serve as justice to those poor girls and boys, who due to poverty felt deprived of their rights.”

Kovind said that the government has been making efforts to get the Triple Talaq Bill passed which is currently pending in the Rajya Sabha.

“To help Muslim women get over a life of fear and give them the right to live like other women, my government is making efforts to get the Triple Talaq Bill passed.”

He also spoke of efforts to expedite justice in cases of crimes against women and said capital punishment in aggravated rape cases has acted as a deterrent.



  1. High cast is more than sufficiently represented in every field. So if this is really for economically backward people,it should mostly go to the muslims. This will happen if decision makers are just and fair

  2. Brahmans are demanding separate 4% for them. Naturally we muslims must get 14% in that case. In fact all should get as per their population percentage. We are Indians by birth. We are not a party to the sin of partition of India. We believe in once again having Akhand Bharat peacefully


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