Qadiani sect tries to parry questions on claims of Mirza Ghulam’s ‘Promised Messiah’


unnamedBy MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: There are around 1.5 lakh Qadianis in India and they are active in Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh   and other parts of the country. This was stated by Shriaz Ahmad Addl Chief Secretary Ahmadiyya “Muslim” Community while addressing media persons here on Tuesday regarding its 122nd Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) at its headquarter in Qadian, Dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab on 26th to 28th December 2016.

Facing a volley of questions from the journalists present in the Press Conference, Ahmadiyya Spokesman Tariq Ahmad admitted that their sect regards Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian as their ‘Prophet’ and ‘Promised Messiah’.

When pointed out that because of deviation from the Islamic faith and belief, Ahmadiyyas were declared non-Muslims in across the Islamic world  as well as  in South Africa, he claimed that only Pakistan declared Ahmadiyyas as Non-Muslims and adding that “ the Qur’an prophecied  the advent of a Messiah. When asked which Ayah states this? He started misinterpreting the Surah An-Nisaa’s certain Ayahs.

During his advocacy for Mirza Ghulam’s “prophethood”, the spokesperson described Prophet Muhammad as “Founder of Islam’. It was objected by a reporter asking how you can call Prophet Muhammad as “Founder of Islam’ while he was actually the Last Prophet and the Last Messenger of Islam not the founder?

The spokesperson and other members sitting on the dais beseeched the Muslim journalists not to ask such questions as they called the meeting for highlighting Ahmadiyya Annual convention.

However, when one reporter asked do you support Uniform Civil Code? Replying in nod, the spokesperson said the Ahmadiyya community’s headquarter in Britain and they follow the civil code of that country.

“We have no problem if UCC is implemented in India as we always follow and abide the laws of the country.” He also supported government’s move on triple talaq.

It would be worth mentioning that the founder of Qadiani sect Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had called advent of British raj in India as invaluable blessing.

“The night of the Sikh rule has been followed by the day of British dominion which has brought us the invaluable blessing of peace. The truth is that if regard is had to the general peace and security prevailing in the country and to the comforts which we can and do enjoy, it is unjust to compare the days of Sikh rule with even the nights of British Government. The time in which we live is a time of physical as well as spiritual blessings, and what has already appeared is a sign of the richness of the harvest that we may yet reap.” (The Promised Messiah by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and taken from the September 1904 issue of the Review of Religions (Vol.3, No.9).

On the annual Jalsa, the spokesperson said, “Its objective is to present the pure, pristine and peaceful teachings of Islam”.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community spans over 209 countries of the World. Members of the community from most of these countries participate in this Jalsa held at Qadian”, he added.

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  1. I for one, will not call Quadyani as Kafir.
    Because they used Azan as we do & prostrate to none but ALLAH SWT. But They committed sin for calling Mirza Gulam Ahmed as Prophet when Holy Quran witnessed & contain the glorious Statement of ALLAH SWT that holy Prophet Mohammed is the seal of all 124,000 Holy Prophets.
    Further They believe Holy Prophet Jesus died in cross & will not be sent back . But ALLAH SWT stated Holy Jesus will be the sign of Hours.
    And He was never crucified . This also stated in the Psalm 91_4-12 That Holy Jesus was saved by Angels & never was crucified.

    • bro this is all false we dont believe he died on the cross. _You can contact me via id love to discuss with you by Allah ahmad(as) was a truthful prophet this website and blog is extremely weak

  2. It is a proven fact that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a British agent. He himself exposed this fact by saying British advent in India was an invaluable blessing. He used to edit the journal called as Review of Religions wherein the article appeared written by himself.

  3. Qadianis are kafir. They follow the religion of Mirza Qadiani, imposter and British agent. Read books Baraheen e Ahmadi or visit website He interpreted Quran opposed to ours. He said very derogatory words about the prophets . including if in his life time there were any prophet, he would follow and obey him including the last Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. He made several statements of which each one is sufficient to take him out of Islam. On YouTube there are several videos by Abdul Rahman Bawa giving full details of his kafir beliefs.


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