With hard work in the right direction it is not difficult to ace any examination’ says IAS topper Farha Hussain

Farah Hussain

Considering the dismal level of education among Muslims particularly among Muslim girls, selection of a female Muslim candidate in the prestigious Indian Administrative Services is no easy task. Among the very few women who have surpassed this massive barrier is Farah Hussain who got  267th  position  in UPSC 2015. A N Shibli, editor Azadexpress.com talks to Farha Hussain.

Farah Hussain
Farha Hussain, UPSC topper

First of all tell us about your family background

My family belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan. We are currently living in Dausa where my father is Collector. My mother is a housewife and my brother is a lawyer. My schooling was done in Jodhpur after that I went to Mumbai University for further education

What inspired you to  join the Civil Services.
There are many officers in our family. Right from the beginning it was there in the family that I too have to go in the same field. Seeing my father and the family atmosphere I too decided to become an IAS officer and serve India.

 Muslim girls are not much inclined towards education. How did it become possible for you to study so much and also qualify such a difficult examination.

I am really glad that I was born in a well educated family. My father always said that for a person to attain anything big he must attain education. Education is real wealth and with its help a person can attain great heights in life. It is sad that Muslim parents do not give attention to their daughter’s education. We Muslims blame the government for everything but we don’t try hard enough ourselves to attain our right.

Why is the percentage of Muslims always very low in Civil Services. What is the reason that very few Muslims are able to qualify UPSC examination

First of all there is lack of in education in Muslims. A big flaw is that they are not well informed about the examinations they should appear in. If we will not sit in competitions how will we succeed. Muslim fathers prime concern is to get their daughters married. This is wrong. Parents should encourage their daughters for attaining higher and higher education so that they can attain something great for themselves and also make their parents proud.

What would be your advice for girls and boys aspiring to sit in Civil Service examination.

See first of all you should decide what you have to do. Work hard. With honest hard work in the right direction it is not difficut to ace any examination.

Usually people think that only those candidates succeed in Civil Service examination who cut themsleves off from the world totally and immerse themselves in study. Is it correct?

No this concept is absolutely wrong. Studying regularly for 5-6 hours daily is sufficient to qualify in a competitive exam of any level. However the Civil Service aspirants should minimize their usage of social media like Facebook and Whatsapp.

People have high expectations from people becoming IAS officers. But many of them become turnout to be corrupt later on and get involved in huge scandals. What do you have to say about it?

See, officers are also human beings. There are good officers and bad officers both. It is really sad that there is corruption. I will try my best to stand up to people’s expectations prove this notion about officers wrong.

After your success would you like to do something special for the country and community.

I will try to serve the nation will complete honesty. I will try to work particularly for children and women. As far as giving to the community is concerned I am ready to provide every possible help to competitive exam candidates. I will try to create awareness among people and inspire them.

Translated by Aazeen Kirmani



  1. I like ur stedy Farah kahn and God bless you ki aap apni manjili jaaldi hashil kro or ak nye mukam lar jao( lotus of duwa ammeen )

  2. It’s a very happy moments for feeling us proud. May Allah give all of us what we dream of. Proud to be the Islamic brother of our IAS sister.


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