23 people die in Norway after receiving Pfizer Covid vaccine


Twenty-three people died in Norway, days after getting vaccinated with Pfizer Covid-19 first dose. 13 of them were nursing home patients and they reportedly died due to the side effects of the vaccine.

Weak and delicate patients are prone to common reactions like fever and nausea, according to a chief physician at the Norwegian Medicines Agency. The 13 patients from the nursing home were at least 80 years old and this raises a question on who should be given the vaccine.


The  Pfizer and Moderna are supposed to be the makers the  safest Covid vaccine in the world. (With agencies inputs).


  1. That means there are side effects of Pfizer vaccine.I am now 68 years with 3 stent including sugar& Bp .also arthritis & PROSTATE. Do I take the vaccine??????

  2. If given choice, No!

    Just take precautions and trust only in Allah.
    Walk 30 to 60 minutes daily.

    But if made compulsory, try to take only safe Pfizer vaccine (if ever made available in India for non-politicians), even if you have to pay for it.

    And the moderator is going to one place for sometime atleast. 😏

  3. “Nagaraju, 43 yrs of Ballari district who is a permanent employee of the Health department passed away due to a massive heart attack today. He was vaccinated Covishield (Bharat Biotech phase 3 incomplete )January 16 at around 1:00 PM and was normal till today morning (no uneventful events in 24 hours after vaccination). Today morning when he came to duty, he complained of chest pain at around 09:30 am and collapsed.



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