75% out-of-school children from SC, ST, minority groups


New Delhi : Of over 60 lakh children aged 6-13 who were reckoned as ‘out of school’ in 2014, more than 75 per cent belonged SC, ST and other minority groups, the Lok Sabha was told on Monday.

Quoting a 2014 survey done by International Market Research Bureau (IMRB), Minister of State for HRD, Upendra Kushwaha said in Lok Sabha that there were 20.41 crore children in the age group of 6-13 years in the country and, of which 60.64 lakh or 2.97 per cent were out of school.


Another set of data given in Parliament by the Minister revealed of these 60.64 lakh, 19,66,029 came from Scheduled Caste, 10,07,563 from Scheduled Tribe and 16,61,813 from minority groups, across the country, totaling 46,35,405.

The minister said there has been a “consistent reduction” in the number of such children and cited independent surveys commissioned by MHRD over the years in support.

As per the data provided by the minister, compiled by IMRB, the number of out of school children came down from 134.6 lakh in 2005 to 81.5 lakh in 2009 and further to 60.64 lakh in 2014.



  1. No jobs or education for mainly minorities….read Indian Muslims!
    How will they educate children when most are living hand-to-mouth survival ?


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