9th Mafoozur Rehman Lecture ‘Biased media dangerous for unity and integrity of the country’


meorial-lecture2By Abdul Bari Masoud, MM News

New Delhi:   The Indian Media came under sharp attack at a function here for becoming the part of Saffron propaganda against religious minorities in the country.  Delivering the Ninth  Mafoozur Rehman Memorial Lecture on ‘Media’s Role in National Integration’, noted journalist Shish Narain Singh said media is not carrying out its duties objectively  as it has been creating mistrust among the religious communities by its partisan reporting. “Media’s bias role has pushed the Muslim minority on the receiving end that is dangerous for the unity and integrity of the country”.  Mentioning the forced conversion event in Agra organized by an  RSS affiliated offshoot, Narain Singh said it was a big fraud played with the nation.

Continuing his speech, Narain Singh has alleged that media has become biased and dishonest that will have serious repercussions on the social fabric of the country.  He said media tried to defame Muslims by using the ruse of terrorism but slain honest police officer Hemant Karkare had exposed real face behind terrorism in the country. “Karkare showed mirror to the media which run a negative campaign against Muslims on the pretext of terror strikes”. Referring to Hindu holy text Bhagvad Gita, he said even the Hindu holy book urged for speaking truth and fact. Urging the people to raise their voice against media’s bias role, Narain Singh has warned that if they do not stand against the media, it will put the country’s unity and integrity on peril. He said journalist fraternity should imbibe traits of truthfulness and frankness and expose the bias of media in the larger interest of the country.

In his presidential remarks, former head of the Urdu Department, Prof Abdul Haq said even epic Ramayana also talked of communal harmony and urged its followers to maintain cordial relations with other faiths. Lauding Shesh Narain Singh for his courage of journalism, he said the hallmark of true and fearless journalists is that they always raised their voice against oppression and injustices. While conducting the proceedings, senior journalist Suhel Anjum pointed that the media has become totally bias as it hardly provides contrary view on any issue. He also urged the community for self-introspection as why they have been at receiving hand in media.

The lecture organized by the Urdu Development Organization and the United Muslims of India on the occasion of   Ashfaqullah and  Ram Prasad Bismal’s Martyrdom  Day at Ghalib Academy here. In his introductory remarks, convener of the programme Dr Syed Ahmad Khan said both the freedom fighters laid their life for the protection of the country’s unity and integrity. “We should a lesson from their sacrifices and build an atmosphere in the country wherein all religious groups may live in complete harmony”, he added.  He also threw light on the life of late journalist Mafoozur Rehman saying he was a fearless and self-less journalist of the yore and never succumbed to any pressure or allurement. The annual memorial lecture in his name is a humble tribute to Mafoozur Rehman sb who died in penury some nine years back, Dr Syed said.


  1. Dear MM readers, I am really at a loss whom to believe? Did you guys read the following:
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    What is your take on Pankaj, NYTimes, other equally prestigious media (UK)? I would like to hear. Thanks.

    • To check, I read diligently one of the NYT articles written by Pankaj (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/25/opinion/pankaj-mishra-nirandra-modis-idea-of-india.html) and citing very liberally Mr. Naipaul, many Ivy League (Harvard, among them) graduates, mostly PhDs, some of whom after making mega bucks, not necessarily education-based thinking, broad-mindedness, strategic approach, among other universal ethics for success in the world, based on empirical research data, validated by other independent researchers, have returned to India or chose to be hybrid, neither expat nor 100% India-based. To confide in you, among some from that class, fortuitously, I can count my humble self as their former class mates, friends, acquaintances, contemporaries, and the list continues. For example, very, very high-level bureaucrats in the foreign/finance/governorship were my contemporaries from late 1950s and early 1960s. I pursued academic line, obtaining two doctoral degrees from Russia and America, three masters, two from America, and one from Patna, Bihar, India, and I have no regrets for not following them or competing with them. Still, I kept remaining informed about them indirectly through press or other common friends, one of whom bluntly told me, “you did wise by leaving India”. To cut a long story short, let me share with you, that from among this select group, except one whose name sounded closer to mine than theirs, formally joined BJP and rose as high as they could. Presently, most of expats who visit India for personal reasons, are of the opinion, that majority from this elite, moneyed class, with clout and muscles, are BJPers, their sympathizers, financiers, supporters. Finally, they made NM their PM. The missing alphabet, most likely, filled for Om! Shanti Om! (no offense or sarcasm implied at all). In sum, they all agree with Pankaj, Naipaul, NYTimes op-ed writers, not at all with those who are objecting, and would like to punch me. In all my comments, I have maintained my position that for the past 67 years, low-caste poor Hindus, non-Brahmins, Dalits, Muslims, and other minorities have suffered under “hindutva”, albeit not under the umbrella of…..but so-called “sloganeers” of “secular state”, and “secularism”. I don’t think that they ever cared to check how the Indian constitution defines it. Unless we accept the ground reality of India, there won’t be much change for better. There may be some more foolish H-M riots, and to the dismay of some, the Muslim minority will come out better than before. Do you know why?

  2. Dear Ankit in my school for every one muslim minority i e christian sikh parsi etc there were thirty hindu hound breathing over our neck We dare not even play with them b/c if god forbid we won we would get thrashed for winning So Ankit you dont think you ever won the game in school but your opponents were too threatened scared and hated you for illegitimate superamacy


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