A mosque in Hyderabad provides health care services to 1.5 lakh people from all religion


By Muslim Mirror Staff, 

Hyderabad: The Masjid-e-Ishaq mosque is providing healthcare facilities to slum dwellers in the vicinity, irrespective of their religion, with the help of NGO Helping Hand Foundation.


Located at NS Kunta, Masjid-e-Ishaq will facilitate as a community health centre serving about 1.5 lakh people, mostly the poor.

It will provide information and guidance for admission to 30-plus government hospitals. It will also serve as a referral link for health services for people across religious lines.

Speaking to ANI, Mujtaba Askari, the Managing Trustee of Helping Hand Foundation, said that they were very particular while choosing the area in which the health care center is to be set up, as they wanted it to be in the heart of the slum so that the poor can get the maximum benefit.

“The mosque is surrounded by around nine slum areas and the population of the area would be more than 1.5 lakh. The main concept behind this is that we want to treat the patients who are unaware to different government health centers,” Mr Askari said.

He said that the initiative has gained a positive response and around 40 to 50 people avail treatment every day.

Transport facilities are also being provided to the poor if required.

The mosque committee collaborated with a city-based NGO Helping Hand Foundation (HHF) to open a health centre at the mosque premises earlier this month. Besides NS Kunta, residents of Achireddy Nagar, Vatapally, Chasma, Mustafanagar, Pahadi Guntal Shah Baba, Tekri Biryani Shah, Teegal Kunta, Jahanuma, Tadbun and Fatimangar will also benefit from the health centre.

“Working in the health sector for the last 13 years, we are spread across 30 hospitals and have our voluntary support staff working there. We study patients and based on their health needs, send them to hospitals. We arrange their transport and bear expenses,” said Fareed, the manager of the NGO.

(ANI inputs)


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