ABHYM leader promises 2.5 lakhs to any Hindu marrying Muslim woman


By Rafia Reshi,

Stoking yet another controversy, leader of Akhil Bharat Hindu Yuva Morcha, Shiv Om Mishra, made an official announcement stating that whoever identifies himself as a Hindu, be it Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Sudra (verna hierarchy) and marries a Muslim women, that person can collect a cheque of 2.5 lakhs from any district office of the said organization.


“Fooding, security and lodging of such people will be taken care of for first 6 months,” Mishra said, while talking to media persons.

He also said that this organization which is currently active in 13 states will distribute and provide one BHAGWA JHANDA (Saffron Flag) and a sword to protect the Hindu Nation, their association and the Hindu religion.

Mishra has earlier been booked for posting derogatory comments against the minority community on a social networking site by UP Police.


  1. More than welcome to marry all the triple talaq petitioner women !

    These illiterate hate-mongers are drowning in excess black money from Mallya, Adani, Ambani and Nirav Modi!


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