All India Muslim Women’s NGO’s meet demands withdrawal of TT bill

A view of All India meet of Muslim women NGOs.

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: In the wake of the government’s ‘brazen’ attempt to make instant talaq as a consignable offence with a punishment of 3-year jail, Muslim woman NGOs across India organized a meet at the Constitution Club of India here on Monday to oppose it. The meet passed a resolution rejecting the bill.


Speaking at the All India Muslim Women’s NGO’s meet, noted lawyer and activist Flavia Agnis (Mumbai) said the real issues of women are domestic violence, rape, desertion, dowry, harassment, maintenance etc. and these issues need immediate attention but the present government is diverting the attention of the masses from these issues by raking up the Triple Talaq issue. Talaq issue has been in media with so much of hype since last four years that suggests Indian has no other issue than the Muslim women’s so-called plight. Advocate Flavia also said that the women from the Muslim community must rise and object and counter such attacks as it is nothing but “Islamophobia” and attack on a particular community.

Another activist Mrs. Ovia Periyarist said the government is unnecessarily intervening in the personal laws. The Triple Talaq bill is totally defective. The name of the bill is misleading and has hidden agenda. After the Supreme Court judgment dated 22.08.2017, there was no need for any such bill. The bill goes against the judgment of Supreme Court. The bill has an agenda of danger in the future to the very institution of the marriage.

“Neither the affected women nor any aggrieved party appealed to the Supreme Court for any Criminal punishment. This has to be objected to that a civil matter is converted into a Criminal offence”.

Advocate Flavia addresses the meet.

Mrs. Shalini Jadhav, National Vice President Citizen First Human Rights Association Hyderabad, raised the issues of domestic violence, bride burning, dowry harassment, dowry deaths which are burning issues of all women of India. Even though laws of domestic violence, dowry, and harassment are there, why these incidents continue to occur, she asked the “champions” of Muslim women and urged the government to focus on poverty, illiteracy, and social reforms.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Asma Zehra, Convener, All India Women’s NGO’s meet, said the bill is unconstitutional, anti-women, anti-children, anti-social, totally ambiguous and draconian. She presented the research work done by the Kendra through PowerPoint presentation.

Mrs. Fatima Muzaffar, Joint Convener of the NGO’s meet spoke on the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Indian Constitution to all minorities and groups. She pointed out that India had witnessed the communal harmony before the advent of the present government.

This Government is working on a Saffron Agenda to polarize the masses which is dangerous for all peace loving citizens of this country, she alleged.

The delegates explained the social issues facing women at the grass root level and agreed to work for education, economic empowerment and protection and safety of women.

A delegation of Muslim Women NGOs met the chairperson of National Commission for women, Mrs. Rekha Sharma and presented a memorandum on Triple Talaq bill. The delegation asked her to take into consideration the viewpoints of Muslim women NGO’s on the Triple Talaq bill which is pending before the Rajya Sabha. The bill is a violation of article 14 and 15 of the constitution and it does not benefit women and turning a civil matter into a criminal offence will create more problems for the Muslim women, they told the women Commission.

Women delegates meet the NCW chairperson.

The Chairperson assured the delegates that in the future discussion they will be invited to have a dialogue with the other women’s groups. The delegation included Dr. Asma Zehra, Hyderabad, Mrs. Fatima Muzaffar, Chennai, Mrs. Yasmin Farooqi, Jaipur, Mrs. Mamduha Majid, New Delhi and Mrs. Uzma Alam, Kolkata.

All India Muslim Women’s NGO’s meet was attended by more than 30 Women NGO’s from Rajasthan, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, and Uttar Pradesh. A resolution was passed by the delegates rejecting the bill and demanded that it should be withdrawn by the government.


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