Eid-ul-Adha : Stop giving importance to the ritualistic aspect, adopt the spirit embedded in it


By Shahnawaz Ahmed, 

Patna: As the preparations for Eid-ul-Adha (Bakra Eid) are in full swing and the auspicious festival is slated to be celebrated on 22nd of August, there is concern among Muslims like every time in the recent times, about the kind of animals to be sacrificed. The issue triggered by increasing mob lynching of Muslims and Dalits by Cow Vigilantes (Gau Rakshak) has created fear in the minds of Muslims who intend to sacrifice animals on Eid.


Every now and then there is news of mob lynching in many nooks and corners of the country since the present dispensation came to the power at the centre.

In fact, in many homes, Muslims have put off plans to sacrifice cows at several places due to the fear factor and have instead moved to purchase goats. In goat market, as usual, there is varying prices for goat as per the breed, look and weight of the animal and Muslims are happily paying also.

In the din of concern of purchasing sacrificial animals, Muslims seem to have lost the real concern which is the spirit of this festival. We all know that the festival of Bakra Eid is celebrated in the remembrance of Ibrahim (AS) who putting aside everything behind obeyed Allah ‘command to sacrifice his son Ismail (AS).

The occasion tells about the sacrifice and trials prophet Ibrahim (AS) was put on and how he fulfilled His commands. And we know Ibrahim (AS) obeyed all the commands of his Lord as Allah says in the Quraan “O Ibrahim! You have indeed fulfilled the vision (Command), surely thus do we reward those who do good.”

But Alas! We Muslims have placed more importance to the ritualistic aspect of this festival than the spirit embedded in this.

Have we pondered over how a servant of Islam like Ibrahim AS in whose remembrance the festival is celebrated, was dearer to his creator? He was dearer to his creator purely on the basis of his actions which he took while fulfilling His command. That’s why Allah says in the Quraan “surely he was one of our believing Servant.” Here believing is not merely declaration but action which Ibrahim (AS) took to obey his creator’s command.

Even in purchasing animals, we hardly give a thought whether the money spent on purchase of animals is acquired through legal means.

Let’s introspect and return to the spirit of the festival which is nothing but being the servants of Allah both in words and actions.

Let me close my write up by mentioning the famous lines of Quran in which Allah says “Their flesh and blood do not reach God. It is your piety that reaches him”.


  1. There is an online facility for Muslims to sacrifice in Makkah through Idahi.org or IDB or Al Rajhi. The meat will be distributed in the needy in Makkah and around the world in Muslim communities…

      • Try to gain beneficial knowledge — within the realm of Shariah, no matter which school of thought it comes from — and you will be wiser rather than constricted !

        A Muslim if he is capable has to sacrifice Udhiya–major portion of which has to go the poor and needy ! There are millions in Somalia, Africa, syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan who are dying of hunger and malnutrition !

  2. In Islam rituals prescribed rituals are compulsory. So they must be practised as much as the lessons they give. Wahiduddin is a one man school of thought. Majority is Sunni and they consider rituals compulsory.


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