Beef exports to other countries increased in Modi govt.


By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi : Beef export to other countries increases despite Anti- Beef campaign in India.


According to Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) data which is under the commerce ministry since the Modi government took over in 2014, beef exports have increased substantially.

This is despite the fact that radical cow protection groups in India have killed at least 44 people over the last three years and often received support from law enforcement and Hindu nationalist politicians.

In fiscal 2014-15, beef exports stood at 14,75,540 metric tonnes — the highest in 10 years — up from 13,65,643 metric tonnes in 2013-14.

The figure, however, slumped the following fiscal, when exports fell to 13,14,161 metric tonnes — a nearly 11 per cent drop.

The sharp decline coincided with the very first of the mob lynchings over beef consumption. It was in September 2015 that Mohammad Akhlaq was killed by a mob on suspicion of cow slaughter at Bisara village in Dadri district of Uttar Pradesh.

The next two financial years, however, witnessed beef exports rise marginally. In 2016-17, beef exports stood at 13,30,013 metric tonnes — a 1.2 per cent rise from 2015-16.

And in 2017-18, the figure again marginally increased to 13,48,225 metric tonnes — a 1.3 per cent rise from 2016-17.


  1. Beef ban is political more than communal and in fact much more anti muslim measure. They want to destroy economy and physical strength of muslims. Elsewhere even in India beef is offered on a platter to non muslims. The concept is rooted in RSS mind. Vedas advocate beef eating and call it matter of pride when offered to guests.


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