Meet Deepika Singh Rajawat : The Hindu lawyer of Asifa’s case

Deepika Singh Rajawat

By Hanan Naqeeb,

Sri Nagar: At a time when the  rape and murder of 8 year old Muslim  girl Asifa Bano in Kathua, J&K,  has divided the nation on Hindu- Muslim lines, braving odds  a Hindu lawyer  Deepika Singh Rajawat , is fighting the case of Asifa despite facing threats and calls of social boycott from right wing Hindus.

There have been attempts, direct and indirect, to refrain her from taking the case. Deepika was threatened by the Jammu Bar association president BS Salathia . According to Deepika, Slathia met her at Jammu and Kashmir High court and openly warned  her against  appearing  in the court. “He even said to me Yeha pe gandh mat phelao (Dont spread filth here)” says Deepika.

Deepika , who is also the chairperson Voice For Rights, an NGO working for the protection of Human Rights, is  facing boycott from her counterparts and court staff  “Helpers in ladies bar room at trial courts have been directed not to offer me water by Jammu and Kashmir Bar Association, “Deepika said in a facebook post.

Sensing trouble, Deepika wrote to the chief justice of J&K High Court to ensure her safety and security in the court.

In 2012, Deepika was stripped off bar membership after she fought a case of a 12 year old girl who had died mysteriously at the residence of a former bar President Surinder Singh.

Local lawyers had earlier also stopped police from filing the charge sheet in Asifa case, demanding a CBI probe.

Asifa a nomadic Bakerwal girl was abducted raped drugged and tortured in a temple, before being dumped in nearby forests.  According to Police charge sheet the motive of the rape was to create a fear psychosis in the minds of  Bakerwal community and force them to leave.


  1. May Allah protect her in her every pursuit to get justice for people. Majority hindus are good barring the misguided with RSS mindset.

  2. Every person is good on this earth. But, their greed take them to a level they cannot control themselves. So,to achieve they are ready to do anything and everything. Nonsense buggers


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