By tradition, nationalism and ancestry, we are all Hindus: Bhagwat


New Delhi : RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday said that the Sangh has reservations on the use of word “minority” and noted that it would always maintain that the people of the country are Hindus by tradition, nationalism, and ancestry.

Bhagwat, who answered questions in the last part of his lecture series here, said the Sangh has evolved its views with the times.

He said the word ‘minority’ gives an impression of difference whereas all people are the same.

“Before the British came to India, we didn’t use the term minorities. We all belong to the same society, and lived together. The Sangh has reservations on the very word minorities. Sangh doesn’t believe in it. Everybody is our own. If they have gone away, we have to unite them. We speak with these sentiments,” he said.

Urging people to see how RSS functions, he said Muslims living in the vicinity of places where a ‘shakha’ takes place feel secure.

“Wherever there is a proper shakha of Sangh and if there is a Muslim neighbourhood in the vicinity, I can assure you that they feel more secure there. We believe in nationalism, which is the tradition of both Muslims and Christians. It is about the pride of that feeling.”

He said devotion towards motherland is Hindutva. “Don’t have any doubts. Come, talk to us, attend the programmes of the Sangh. Come and see what happens, what is spoken. Those who come to us, their views about us change. You can ask questions.”

“Time changes, accordingly the organisation changes itself and thought and articulation also changes according to the situation and time,” he said.

Answering a query on NOTA (none of the above) during voting, he said it is not advisable to choose the option because “if we don’t select the best possible option, the worst possible one will benefit.”



  1. Your people confused over your current speech and they could not able to understand it.
    Its confusing me too.hope my English skill is poor.

  2. We muslims are not Hindu in any sense of the word. We don’t believe in motherland concept which is idolatrous, the concept we rejected and come out of darkness to Light of Islam. Even Vedas call idolatry as darkness. We are proud to be indians and have a duty towards our nation. By culture and faith we are distinctly different from non muslims. Hence a minority being oppressed by RSS who is hell bent upon making us to be of their stock.

    • he is not saying that u r hindus .. he is saying that ur forefathers were hindus and u got converted during mughal rule … and ofcourse we know u dont believe in motherland thats y in case of war with other countries if it happens with pakistan u will show ur true colors

  3. RSS by its very nature is anti constitution,anti national and anti secular and anti democratic. But they talk opposite to keep people in good tune and work for their evil ideals.

  4. My advice to RSS.
    Stick to single policy,stop your bloody thoughts and bloody activities,stop ur vigilantism which does not have any definition and limit,stop defining about this country and people bcos u never can do that.there r many to say.


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