Call for investigation into Bill Gates ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘medical malpractice’

Bill Gates

By Muslim Mirror Web Desk

An online petition is calling on the White House to investigate Bill Gates and Melinda Gates for “crimes against humanity” and “medical malpractice”. The petition received more than 500,000 signatures as of 11th May.

The petition accuses the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of “medical malpractice” for citing an accusation of “intentionally sterilizing Kenyan children through the use of a hidden HCG antigen in tetanus vaccines.” The petition also quoted Bill Gates’ when talking about his interest in “reducing population growth” by means of vaccinations.

Gates, UNICEF & WHO have already been credibly accused of intentionally sterilizing Kenyan children through the use of a hidden HCG antigen in tetanus vaccines.

In Y 2014, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Kenya conducted a study on the 5-injection, 2 yr vaccination project performed on female Kenyans aged 14-49, in a South African laboratory and concluded that “all 6 samples tested positive for the HCG antigen.”

“This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus, but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine,” Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, said. “This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization, but was ignored.”

The vaccine, which was administered to 2.3-M girls and women by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF for free, was said to be funded by Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), an organization started and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.



      • JAIL Bill And Melinda Gates, Jorge BERGOLIO, Soros, Tedros, and the WHOLE United Nations Globalists Cabal. PURE EVIL ALL..

        • While we are at it, can we just jail all Americans? I’m sure the rest of the world wouldn’t mind…🤷‍♂️.


          • Why do you say that, we are not all bad people. I care for everyone in the world including your ignorant self. 🙂

          • Why do you say that, we are not all bad people. I care for everyone in the world including your ignorant self. 🙂

          • The evil peoples need to put on the court as they need to be punished for their crimes against all humanity.

          • What???
            And what are you? A Saint?
            There’s a dictatorship…. hello… Mr. Ms. Mcfly…
            Hello are you living in a rock or are u fallen from grace? Lol….

          • Not only do Americans live under the mist corrupt government in the world, we are hated for it as well. Do you honestly think that Americans think and act like their government or the super wealthy who in fact run their government? What makes you think the American government treats its citizens any better than they treat those in another country? We have been experimented on without consent and or knowledge, our boys are sent off to do their dirty work, they mist likely crashed planes into buildings killing tons of its own citizens only to promote more war. They allow corporations to own our prisons with a promise of keeping them full. These are just a scratch of iceberg. Common people, time to jump off the bandwagon. Citizens across the globe should embrace against the true enemy… those who run our governments. They keep us divided for a purpose. That’s all.
            Ps I don’t believe in this pandemic. Although o do believe one could be unleaded. Don’t trust bill Gates nor any of those like him. I’m just saying. Remember always always always question everything. Then question it some more. Don’t believe the hype

          • I agree get them jail no court just jail what they doing telling lies who is he telling world to shut down with virous other than flue they come out with lack of names of figures but not even figures of deathes of injections

          • I like to apologize for the ignorance of most America’s. Bidden said they have that right to be dumb. Here its la la land were every one talks but says nothing lala lala la la lala la la lala. I tried too back 80s with proof it was like talking to wall. Most dont know they lost the country to a foreign corp long ago . its if there inder a spell. Govt use words one word can mean many things they will make a short statement into a long one to confuse the meaning. Useing words like that is called magic. USAinc is the master manufactured
            Reality seem like the word is under a spell. Back in the 80 the militia who were suppose to keep GOVT in check grew big the govt. Said they were white race vigilante group but they were forced out of country . i stop trying to wake up the sheep. I realize now that it was not the right time. God said every thing in its time. The. Good news its Gods Time Now 2013. Its Gods time he showing the truth its coming out like a flash flood weather modification. The country is a foreign corp
            Nwo spraying the people with covid . they blow up moon . all the presdents have been from the same king that was in control of this plantasion one. Every country Govt is crooked .what amazing is God knew he made a baby boom not only here in the USA but a baby boom all atound4 the world so Good people and Gods will withstand NWO distruction God gave the people the Holy GHost to use the power of the universe you have to have the right mind set look out word not myself its are self care care for others i care for you i care for you .the holy ghost will do the right thing for everyone everyone mind will evolve to know that we all wont the same thing and every ones on agreement so there will be peace on. The people will just think this Govt is a killer of people that animals lakes we dont wont it let it be thtow in a lake of fire and the earth will open up thats the holy Ghost with the power of GOD

          • I dunno how true it is, but I read that Knights of Malta in the military are working with Trump to take back control of the government. Trump himself is a KOM. I figured they are associated with the Vatican, but what I read was that allegedly the Vatican is fighting with KOM for control of the secret society.

          • Lol. Trump is on our side you tool. He will make the world a peaceful place. Check out “cabal” you can use google if you want

          • It’s time for all of humanity to start sharing notes and diffuse all propaganda that is used to turn us all against each other, all around the globe.. the only way a shadow government (and every country has one) can succeed at wiping out humanity is by getting us to turn against each other.. order out of chaos ( new world disorder, agenda 21/2030 is now agenda 2020 depopulation of humanity.. go type in agenda 2020 depopulation of humanity on the website and see what pop’s up if you don’t believe me.. look outside of your own countries and see just how bad msm dilutes the true facts, look through archives of every official website as well, because there are plenty of half truth’s to be found.. look up weather modification association and there is a real time map that shows cloud seeding taking place right before the current fires in california, look up and see that wether modification is considered an act of aggression if used more than one month each telling you the truth is in plane sight, you just have to experiment with your search phrases..

          • So true but these people are cowards Probably diddnt get the attention they wanted in there earlier years,not surprised…They where all damm ugly and still are now .Anything they achived is because money and there old age parents tightness has taught them.Also these sneaky idiots dont have the balls to say what they think and have to be protected whendooing so Now!! That’s a Real Coward for you. Little do they know what comes after one passes away and the consequences one cant forgive himself even if he or she wished they hadn’t done.Its an etternal battle against oneself,and that we know as hell.So just let them go ahead with all this conditioning selfish experiment because as i say it want be a red man with a fork It will be their own restless concious they will Etternally have to deal with and we will all.The bottom line is be fair and good in your human experience Live and let live and most of all dont judge and you want need to judge your etternal concious.So dont friend .

        • Gates and his devil worshipping partners in the who, un, vatican and most governments around the world, need to be held accountable. Unfortunately they control the police and the military. Only God can stop them from taking over the world forever. Their rein of terror over the world will be short and they will join their master in hell.

          • Thomas McGrath I whole heartedly agree. People better start praying all these evil evil lizards get their punishment on earth and in hell!!!

          • I agree with you only God can stop this but He can only do it through US WHO ARE HIS BODY on earth.

          • Thomas? I think you left out those evil little girls always trying to force their so called “cookies” on me (can you say psylocobin?) Andyou left out Rotarians and the Legions. I mean come on Tom they’re obviously Illuminati…don’t even get me started on the Rosicrucians and Knights of Columbus!

          • Please, the Vatican? You should study more, you are reading too many fake News. You must be a sick protestant or evangelist.

          • True. The whole World newd to stand toguether i God, against these ivils agents. They hve been exposed.

          • They will join the master in hell only after they kill billions. Everyone who will take a vaccine – will not longer be a human as it does change the human DNA. The military is controlling the world, I’m afraid. And if Bill Gates still on board with the vaccination plan – means that military wants this to happen. And this is scary. Military never did good to humanity – wars and deaths around the globe. Our world is upside down now. We need to be patient, don’t loose hope and use your brains.

          • The Gates duo and their co- conspirators have been exposed. There is no doubt about their guilt concerning the mass pre- planned non-consensual secret sterilisation of 2.3 million Keyan women. Odd how the race card is not being played by the media here since this is the ultimate in Racism. Gates and co are guilty of conspiracy and a multitude of other crimes in their actions. But as we can see its business as usual and they are allowed to continue inflicting their evil upon humankind.

          • Be patient. Hope is alive and well. Bill Gates’ time is up. His wife divorced him and he is has been accused of being a predator. Karma will come and do its job.

          • I agree all of us need to stand together as one and i mean we need to act fast because these dumb ass low life pieces of shit should be in prison and a lot of them for treason against this country all of them are suppose to up hold the constitution and they are not they are destroying it they all need to stand judgement.

        • Only God can stop this? Quit using Him to justify what you perceive in your mind as evil. This is all heresay. There’s no proof. But let’s go for the throats before you know the truth? Good way to start a war. God is a believer in love, kindness, compassion and non-judgement. Only HE has the right to judge and will do so in his own time. Not yours. So settle down.

          • “Only HE has the right to judge” is the same exact statement that person made! You are the one acting like on a thrown because you’re somehow more humble in your religiosity.

          • God is a just God. In the Bible God says VENGEANCE is mine saith the Lord. He is loving and when he comes back God alone will dish out his judgment on all people of the world. ALL PEOPLE.

          • When will you learn to respect the people’s anger over a legitimate cause.? To tell an angry man or woman to “settle down” over a threat to depopulate our world is an insult that flares up anger against such an insensitive statement.of course, we must be angry and sin not. However, you speak without wisdom. You say that only God can judge. What an ignorant statement. You did not read in the Bible that the righteous human beings will judge angels? If we were to listen to people like you, Bill Gates and all those like him and his wife would get away with crimes against humanity. Now, you man or woman, show some respect for humanity versus a handful of wicked cowards. We are the world. We must defend our right to humanity. And we have the right to judge Bill Gates and all other such enemies of humanity. The Bible tells you that “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness of it, the world, and all those who dwell in it. For He hath founded it upon the seas, and has established it upon the floods. See Psalm 24 in the Holy Bible. Long, long ago before Bill Gates was born God asked him and all others like him and his wife, ” Who shall ascend into the hill of God, or who shall stand in His holy place?

            These are questions that no human being who cannot make water can answer affirmatively. No human being, except Jesus Christ can stand in God’s holy place. I call Bill Gates and his evil band to repent, andvto turn from his and their wicked ways, in the Name of Jesus Christ, before the omnipotent Right Hand of God gets to them.

          • No good God is coming to save us from all this evil. Every time we give our power away to something else that may or may not exist, we hurt ourselves. Every religious person screaming God is coming to kick the shit out of evil for thousands of years and he and Jesus never show up. These monster’s have tortured and murdered trillions of babies and innocent children and where the hell is your good God who supposedly loves us so much?I only see evil in this prison planet. Monster’s like Bill Gates never get punished. If your rich it is legal to commit neverending Genocide on the people of this world. The fact that people like Bill Gates are allowed to depopulate innocent law abiding citizens his whole adult life, is proof that there is no justice in this reality that we are trapped in. No one is coming to save us. It’s us against the monster’s,end of story. We can’t keep thinking like this.

          • Oh yeah, I,ll meet you next week.
            I,ll be carrying a copy of the National Enquirer. Keep it on the QT.

          • I believe that hope is alive and real. Stay positive and God will be there for all of us. Evil people will eventually get caught. These people are just too cocky and make mistakes. Words are powerful tools.


        • Check the genology tree of Bill Gate u will notice that particular family authomaticaly rule the world at large… Who sponsor the laboratory in wohan China… Well God is bigger than this evil…

        • I think the world thinks far from it. However It just so happens that America seems to produce human beings who believe they are the judge and jury. Mr and mrs gates being amongst them.

        • Bergoglio is the face of the “New World Order”.

          He is being used – and he wants to be used…

          Father John Matthew Duffy
          Toronto, Canada

          • For those of you who don’t believe that bill and melinda gates play a big part in the depopulation agenda and are nothing short of pure EVIL, you’re delusional and ignorant! Go fully educate yourself on the facts of bill gates his father and who they are linked too.

          • Wow. You want to see a case for forced sterilization, read this story and most of these comments.

        • Bill gates is someone to perceive himself as some messianic figure. This is deregulated healthcare for profit and it should be disturbing to any rational human being. All he cares about is vaccinations, why should his paranoid germ theory be allowed to propagate and fly in the face of actual science because hes a billionaire. The government has allowed him to do it though, so there you go….

          • Yep, he is a billionaire!
            That was gotten by simple theft, “Plagiarism.”
            He stole CMP-86 written by Gary Killdall.

            Killdall turned IBM down so Billy boy butchered and dummed down CPM-86 and
            IBM marketed it as IBM-PCDOS. About a year later Billy boy and his partner marketed
            their version and called it Microsoft DOS.
            It was a total piece of shit and as windows XXX it is still a piece of shit.

        • Which side are you on, truth or error? Why are you afraid to express yourself fully and properly. People like you get me sick.

      • I seen the black covid-19 chemical tankers going down the railroad track 3 months before the virus hit they are deliberately sprain and stuff all over America people believe what they hear on television they are lying to you all the TV stations are controlled by the Disney corporation every time you watch the news you get the same thing on every channel don’t you think that strange they’re reading a teleprompter these people are not going out and finding news and reporting on it. I have the information showing that the University of North Carolina and chapel Hill created the coronavirus and that they have a patent on the coronavirus they have to grants and one patent the government deliberately had these people make this virus Giuliani told you that we created the virus that we paid for dr. Anthony falchi gave Wuhan China 7.3 million dollars the finish creating the rest of this virus you can’t go on the internet and look up that the University of North Carolina chapel Hill has a patent on the coronavirus because they have blocked it on the internet looking it up so you cannot find it unless you are good in computers but I luckily wrote it down cuz I wanted it for my own information like I said if white people don’t get mad and demand that the pharmaceutical companies lobbyists be kicked out and gotten rid of because they are paying these congressman big money or we’ll have your daughter or we’ll have your cousin or your nephew’s or your sons or grandsons need jobs will hire them will give you a job when you retire from being a senator or they vote you out of office will give you a job you can become a lobbyist for us enough is enough when are you white people are going to wake up and stop listening to the lies they telling you they already have something that works against the coronavirus if you strengthen your immune system you don’t have to worry about it it’s getting cold again so they’re going to start spraying this stuff all over America again and people just don’t believe what somebody is trying to tell them they keep on wanting to believe a lie when are you going to wake up and stop listening to them lie to you about when a mass it’s weaken your immune system you don’t need this mask Dr Anthony falchi and Bill Gates and the other people behind this should be executed for treason against the United States government these people have a patent on the coronavirus when are you going to wake up they are working for the pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates is one of the part owners of the pharmaceutical companies stop it stop listening to what you hear on TV it is controlled by the Disney corporation they control the radio stations they control everything that we here and what we see stop it they see if they show it long enough people will believe a lie Donald Trump is for vaccines and when these vaccines start giving your kids a new DNA and your kids are sick and then their kids are sick and so on and so on you’re going to remember these words but it’s going to be too late because they fast-tracking this this vaccine to give it to the people and it’s going to kill a lot of peopleI have the information showing that the University of North Carolina chapel Hill created the Corona virus and that they have a patent on the Corona virus they have to grant send one Patton the government deliberately had the people make this virus Juliana told you that we created the virus that we paid for Dr Anthony foul she gave and China 7.3 million dollars to finish creating the rest of this virus you can’t go on the internet and look up that the University of North Carolina chapel Hill has a patent on the Corona virus because they have blocked it on the internet looking it up so you cannot find it in less you are good and computers but I luckily road it down cuz I wanted to come my own information like I said it white people don’t get mad and the man that the pharmaceutical companies lobby is be kid out and gotten rid of because they are paying these congressman big money or will how your daughter or where how your cousin or your nephews are your sons are your grandsons. If you people don’t wake up and smell the coffee is going to be too late I keep telling you this over and over again the TV stations are controlled by the Disney corporation that’s why I was trying to get the NBA basketball player is not the play one game in Disney world what day did they’re making these people Biggins of dollars playing basketball there and all of us are suffering because they have people who are going to lose their houses they’re going to lose everything people are going to commit suicide people are going to be homeless their jobs are going out of business because it’s too long they’ve done this deliberately but you see that Walmart and all these big companies are still open with the mom and pop stores are going out of business people cannot pay the rent they’re going to be evicted people who had bought them a nice house who can’t go back to work because they can’t stop spraying these diseases out here every time you turn around they create a disease through the nugenix project they give people diseases when are you white people going to wake up because they will save you but they killing all those blacks we are expendable kill the blacks would let the whites live if you all don’t get mad and going to an uproar and get the pharmaceutical companies out of Washington DC lobbying because as long as it’s the politicians can get millions of dollars from the lobbyists they’re going to pass laws to protect the lobbyists the pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued and if you don’t believe me look it up for yourself you cannot sue the pharmaceutical companies if your child ends up with some type of illness and they will all these pharmacist pharmaceutical companies do is Poison the people with all types of diseases you getting lead you’re getting Mercury and all kinds of things that putting in the vaccines to hurt your child but you all don’t care it’s too bad that you people believe what you hear on television you’re running around with these masks on and people try to tell you there’s a cure for it but you won’t listen so they’re going to fast-track this new vaccine that Bill Gates and Dr Anthony falchi want you to take and it’s going to kill a lot of you are going to demand that you take it or you can’t go back to work or your kids can’t go back to school without taking these vaccines enough is enough there are so many bad things in these vaccines that they’ve been giving you a kids 4 years but you won’t listen and that’s sad because you want to keep believing what these reporters on the news tell you and they lying to you their reading a teleprompter they’re not telling you straight up that line the lying there lying in the Disney corporation is the head leader they own all the news channels the TV channels what you see on the radio or what you hear they control that too they control the athletes they’re going to use the Africans to get you to take these shots and is going to kill a lot of you may God have mercy on your people soul and when they make you sign or your daughter come up with autism it’s your faultif you don’t wake up in smell the coffee is going to be too late I keep telling you this over and over again the TV stations are controlled by the Disney corporation that’s why I was trying to get the NBA basketball players not the play one game and this mean and what they need their making these people beans and dollars plan basketball there and I love us all suffering because they have people were going to lose that houses it going to lose everything people are going to commit suicide people are going to be homeless that jobs are going out of business because his to long they done this deliberately but you see that Walmart and all the big company are still open but the mom and pop stores I going out of business people cannot pay the rent they’re going to be evicted people who had bought them a nice house who can’t go back to work because they can’t stop sprint his diseases out here every time you turn aroundlike I said the government is protecting the pharmaceutical companies you can’t sue them enough is enough the pharmaceutical lobbyists must be gotten rid of by any means necessary and Bill Gates and Anthony falchi should be arrested for treason against the United States government and around the world they are getting away with murder but Jesus is going to punish them cuz they’re not going to get away from him what they got coming is for them I’m not judging them with this is a fact they are responsible for all these killings thank you and

        • I was looking up “How Bill Gates was able to get funded by Big Pharma.”
          He doesn’t have an M.D. behind his name, nor did he go to Pharmacy School, & came across your response.
          Yes, in the past I did go to Uni of N.C. @ Chapel Hill aka U.NC., but I hated N.C. health care system so I left.
          Gates, has an ethical, legal & moral responsibility to ALL humanity.
          Like you, Karma will come flying back @ him.
          I don’t listen to T.V. , because it only has shows not worthy of my time.

      • Dr. Anthony falchi and Bill Gates should be prosecuted an executed for treason against United States and for genocide because they deliberately put this virus out here Dr fountain gave Wuhan China 3.7 million dollars to finish inventing the coronavirus which was created at the University of chapel Hill in 2001 the University of North Carolina chapel Hill have the patent to the coronavirus the internet is controlled by the people who want you to believe that doctor falchi is the sexiest man in the world my ass look better than doctor falchi.this man is a disgrace and until white people stand up because pretty soon they’re going to come out with a vaccine is going to kill a lot of people but they’re going to give it to the black people first and then we’re going to die and then they’re going to kill you all off next they don’t need you anymore since they’re going to have artificial intelligence running all jobs cab drivers police officers truck drivers taxi drivers doctors lawyers dentist all of this is going to be a thing of the past you can’t get a job you can’t pay your bills and if you can’t pay your bills you’re in the street or you starve to death a eyes is going to be the danger of this country they charge so much money and it doesn’t have to be the cost of living doesn’t have to call so high because you have a bunch of crooked politicians that pass all types of laws that we know nothing about and we don’t even get any information or they just passed them because the lobbyists pay them thousands and millions of dollars that kids get great jobs and nephews get great job enough is enough these people are sellouts the Democrats and the Republicans are behind this virus it could be stopped right now if we had a president that had the guts to do it but unfortunately our president and Joe Biden are for this disease they are not trying to stop it they could have stopped this a long time ago they know this virus was made in the University of North Carolina chapel Hill and 2001 the government gave them to Grant’s a also have a patent on the coronavirus and people think that University of North Carolina chapel Hill that such a saint they’re not they’re responsible for killing all these millions of people they help do it nobody is going to admit it the newspapers the TV stations are all controlled by the Disney corporation now Disney is making millions of dollars watching you watch basketball and they’re nice bubble they are making millions and they want to kill off everyone they’re going to kill off the blacks first and then they’re going to kill the whites off who don’t have money they don’t need you anymore since the AI robots are going to take over they don’t sleep they don’t eat and you don’t have to pay them they can work 24 hours a day 7 days a week the only thing they need people for is for organ donations organs to harvest your organs and sex slave that’s all they need you for people won’t wake up and it’s too bad because America has turned into Nazi Germany they’re going to take you and put you in old FEMA camps and those 30000 guillotines that they got sitting in them places are going to go to work to chopping people’s heads off unless they decide to put you in the gas chamber

        • When Obama was in office I read that he ordered the thousands of guillotines. Frightening stuff. “Be not Afraid” God said 365 in His Holy Word, The Holy Bible. Once for every day of the year.

      • Bill Gates shady, sneaky, nah the mothervfuckervsaidbon national fucking TV. He know the earth can’t continue with the amount of people on it! But we Americans are to fucking trying to `find` themselves, figure what they are, and bitch about someone having dreadlocks if they aren’t black. When does what way you wear your fucking hair have to do with who you are. To fucking stupid you were given a vaccine not or a virus, but to stop you tree hugging, wanna get intouch with my inner child, you are being systematically being stopped from breeding. Thank God in most cases, many need to be dragged out of the fucking Gene pool. He got what he aimed for, but who the fuck is this pompous arrogant son of a bitch think he is? Fight for the American dream, you think big crime fine cars, a bitch that can roll a joint with her tongue. NO you stupid motherfuckers the AMERICAN FUCKIN DREAM WE HAVE FOUGHT FOR IS FREEDOM. Not for you to fucking throw it fucking away to some elite mother fucker that thinks your better off not having and kids oh but his kids can. Enjoy your tree hugging shit.

        • Ignorance and greed has caused the once simple people to become serial killers in full suit.
          They do not know the cause and effect of the nature. They do not know that they cannot go against nature. When the time is right retribution will be served by nature. That’s how the world works.
          Then again, what the people are facing is an effect due to a related cause. It’s an eternal cycle. Please analyze what Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Sigmund Freud said. The Buddha said this 2500 years ago.

    • Hell to the damn yes they all should be investigated because to believe because you’re rich to automatically considereal yourself God you’re delusional and need to be destroyed yourself by the same shit you want to give to others,how dare you who the hell do you believe that you are. I’ll answer that “PLAIN EVILNESS”

      • Der Mann hat nix mit Gott zu tun, indem er so handelt.
        Du sollst nicht töten. Gott ist unendliche Liebe, Schopferkraft, wohl kaum destruction

          • Honey your not getting it! There are no authorities, this super rich like Bill Gates and his fuck buddy Elon Musk, are it, they decide who and what you are, They decided to do this pandemic to the world no one thought a thing. KARDASHIANS KEPT YOUR STUPIDB LITTLE MINDS OCCUPIED. Well I hope your `I need to tell you how you feel fine about everything, and everyone needs to fucking get over all this candy ass shit, Bill Gates is a punk and he owns your asses now

      • These people are not Human at all. Have they no fear of death or accountability. One question to Bill gates. How can u leave this world when u know u were responsible for so many people losing their lives bcos of your selfish reasons. Whatever they maybe.

        People have one life in this world. U took it away. Who the hell are u. Well Hell is where u gonna be.

        That goes for everybody thats doing these terrible things. There is A God. And he is all knowing.

        • As far as depopulating the World I give Bill Gates a high five for effort
          EARTH population 7 billion and counting. Somebody had to do something about it because we are breeding ourselves into extinction and that’s the easy part, the quick way to it is Starvation people dying by the millions from lack of food.

          • yes, the world pop. is insane, but Gates and the rest of his technocrat cult are just as mad. you might not believe this, that there is a sister planet of earth’s in a solar system next to ours. this planet has been a breeding and testing ground. the sister earth I believe is were the people of Atlantis were from, and their planet went through an over pop. problem and they had to start making birth and genetic regulation rules in order for their planet to survive. it has people just like here and some people here are from there because it is far more advanced and they have space travel ability. Gates is working with an entity that started screwing around with humans genetics 4000 years ago–that’s why we have some of the problems we do.

          • Why would depopulating the world be a bad thing, has anyone ever been to an African city, who the hell wants to live shoulder to shoulder the smell and stink in the air, feces on the roads. Just keep it in your pants. 1 -2 billion people is all this earth needs.

          • There are neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) killing a billion a year. Look up WHO Website. No need for anyone else to have a hand in it. Apart from that there is the water and food problems. These billionaires could do a lot of good if they really wanted too without these vaccines.

      • That is the problem the rich are playing God I thought about this possibility. If he was so much into reducing the population that’s exactly how you would do it. A work like Hitler only stop the production.

    • Bill gates’s father was big in the eugenics same with his mother she was part of planned Parenthood they’re like Nazis

      • Bill and melinda gates must rot in jail,they got blood of innocent people in their hands and WHO must also go to jail for participating in crime with bill Gates.

    • Not only them. But Dr Birx, Also look into Dr. Victor Dzau..And the Chinese/US. Connection into this virus

    • Conspiracy theories that underpin these accusations against Gates and the others you mention have already been proven to be false. They are political ideas generally coming from the Far Right philosophies. Ways to recognise false theories is they are bizarre, they target known people, and generally driven by the ‘anti’ groups hysteria who push their own agenda. Usually conspiracy theories never come to any conclusion, and they are not useful in helping humanity to achieve equity in health and food production.
      Gates as every human, has his flaws, however, he gives billions of dollars to empower communities to grow their regions and help poorer populations in health, education and food and shelter development. Be careful what you wish for as the evidence does not support the claim. 🍃🌻🍃

      • Sorry to say but you have been heavily indoctrinated. Bill Gates is all about depopulating the planet with vaccines. That is something he openly admits. He have no authority to develop a vaccine and then give it to unsuspecting children and mothers. This is a crime against humanity. If anybody of lesser financial standing did something like this, then that person or group of people would have been in prison for many many years.

        • what was supposed to of been a democratic capitalist country, has obviously turned into a tyranny when you can’t even become a so-called president unless your filthy rich. also, what business did Gates have owning the WHO?these showmen buy whatever they want with the trillions of dollars they have. Billionaire George Sorus is also part of the team by owning BLM. JFK didn’t get taken out because he wasn’t rich enough, it was because he had the spine to try and stop secret societies–the public only has itself to blame for continuously voting this cult of elite with their own agenda in.

      • a certain writer/investigator was banned from his You Tube channel back in March just for having an opinion about covid. just prior to this, he was gaining more notoriety than he ever had with his 30 year study of the US and Monarchy and his over 20 books published. it is plain to me that he wouldn’t of been banned if some entity wasn’t afraid of what he was saying. everyone was calling him a clown 30 years ago; he now has about 30,000 people a year coming out to his talks, which is because through him recognizing certain patters, he predicted 911 would happen as well as other events,including being banned. he predicted this ‘pandemic scare’ was coming as well. there was a structural engineer who knew 911 was an inside job from day one; any of them would have. where were the lock downs, masks, and hysteria during the 2017 bird flu that killed 500,000 world wide? no one much that I see seems to even want to answer that question, which I would think anyone interested in the facts behind all this stuff would be interested in.

      • The Gates Foundation’s tentacles have penetrated into every corner of the field of public health. They have monopolized global health. Billions of dollars in funding and entire public policy agendas are under the control of this gates cunt. There is a lot of evidence to support claims in the deals gates (the son of satan) has made wirh pharmaceutical companies. From your ignorant comment seems like you have been paid off by gates to suck his cock and falsely accuse w your ignorant lies about “no evidence”. Or you’re just a dumb sheep. Either way you will always burn in hell when you worship satan. God never forgets a face, you will be judged by Him and condemned to hell if you continue.

      • What could be more bizarre than what Bill Gates have done and still doing to humanity? You too have no reverence for God and the life He has so kindly given to us humanity.

      • No, you tool. Its from Bill Gates own mouth. Not only did he say it but when I turn up the audio on the video I can hear a sadistic, evil chuckle from the crowd he is speaking to. You are completely full of shit!!!

    • All the search results are redirecting from the facts, calling facts conspericy. Google is complicit. You have to dig past their front to find the truth.
      Oxichloroquin as well as Z packs work. Bill Hates, WHO,CDC, google and other EU globalist tools suppressing the truth. 5G danger is not conspiracy. Truth is getting past their guard.

    • I think you should be investigated but I can’t because you call yourself Anonmymous.

      People are insane.

      If there isn’t a good conspiracy theory the world isn’t happy.

      Your comment shows ignorance and that you too are are a lemming.

    • Why not join in the fight and #ExposeBillGates on 8th August 2020… Follow this link for more info…
      The more people that join the more powerful the case against him becomes.. the world is sick and tired of these monsters doing what they like to who they like…

    • Bill Gates and Dr Anthony falchi should be prosecuted for treason against humanity for all of the deaths of all the people who didn’t have to die they have a cure for it and they want to give you a vaccine that kill people off but until the American people wake up and up rise against this it is a done deal they are going to make us take a vaccine or they going to put us in these finger camps which have gas Chambers right next door to them in the prison they have bought 30000 guillotines capable of killing 10,000 people a hour and white people just don’t get it they are in danger right along with us black people there is no color line if they don’t wake up in revolt and make these politicians do what they want and get rid of these lobbyists because the pharmaceutical companies is one of the biggest lobbyists in the whole United States besides the oil company that’s why they get what they want because they all these politicians pockets with big money offer the family members jobs and all kinds of things trips women children whatever they like they give it to them and if the American people don’t have the guts to stand up and fight they’re going to be wiped out these 5G towers are military weapons they don’t even understand that the weather machine they have in Alaska is being used as a military weapon destroying countries lives who will not do what they want they destroy their country with these tornadoes and earthquakes they’re doing that here people don’t even realize that that fire in California was created by laser vein the trees were burning from the inside not the outside a tree never burns up from the inside they did this on purpose until the American people gets the guts to stand up and said we want these lobbyists out all of them the oil lobbyist and the lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies because they have lobbied so good that if they give you a vaccine and it kills you you cannot sue them

    • Bill gates and his friends from around the world had a meeting called 208 to warn of a future pandemic this was 6 weeks before the vivid 19 came out.. The meeting , a lady got up and said we must get to top people in national governments to tell them to lockdown measures ect so he can bring out his vaccines because he wants to own the licience for the vaccines , just like all of his Microsoft Windows he brought out then Watch the corona scam on rich planet t v on youtube

    • yes, absolutely, but what I don’t get is why Bush Jr is still walking around scot free when there was some much incriminating evidence about 911 as well—lots of resentments but the criminals never seem to get what they deserve.

    • YES THEY SHOULD. BUT they never will be because money is more important than any human life. But when these evil doers get their way – WHAT NEXT!!??

      Just like everyone else – they WILL DIE one day – everything dies – so why are they trying to control, manipulate and basically KILL innocent humans.

      I hope this get’s picked up and seen by the spies that monitor everything we do! GOOD!! Then let’s call fact, conspiracy – that’s the only thing they can throw at us. When the reality is gradually unfolding before our very eyes.

    • Interesting he pushes to depopulate after he became rich selling his development. He would be nothing if the masses hadnt bought his microsoft. He would still be living at home eith his mom and dad.

    • Bill gates owns the frign white house who’s goin to investigate him, maybe the smurfs from smurf land i hear theyre pretty tough,or columbo bring back columbo he’s bound to get him. Go walk in the countryside and stop looking at the T.V. and reading google cause the sooner you dont give a f$#k the better for yourself and all around you. The bastards are too sophisticated now for us to try and hide in forests and shoot them

    • Just because Bill and Melinda Gates are millionaires does not give them the godlike power to decide who should be born and who the hell shouldn’t. I don’t want Bill Gates anywhere near anyone I know including myself I don’t want their medicines I don’t want their poisonous little vaccines I don’t need their crap and as a matter of fact neither does the entire world.I hope they do arrest him for crimes against humanity. Genocide from what I hear is MASS MURDER!

    • The guy is really old, probably pre-Alzheimers, which his wife will have to deal with. Ain’t no amount of money that can cure that one. And because Gates is so powerful, will be hard for the world to CURE any deception he fostered.

    • By who? There cohorts in the United Nations? Our Politicians / Lawmakers where ever you live? These are very sick, evil people. The global machine is so intertwined unfortunately. It’s going to take radical changes in our societies and communities by the people who care, have respect for human life and there self sovereignty to affect the world. My hope is in God and play my part by doing what I’m supposed to do and knowing that the day of reckoning is coming.

    • talk about horse before the cart when there is still not even any charged for 9/11. if you are denying that it has gotten worse and worse since Kennedy was taken out in 64, then there is a big problem. worse, no one much is even looking at how all this latest madness began in spring 2020. Gates first appeared around 1976, which conveniently was when us who were around then were jabbed up with the absurd ‘Swine Flu protection.’ kind of obvious he was introduced then to lead to now, and how he basically owns the world with shares in Big Pharma, which began over 30 years ago, and obviously as well since then, The WHO. it is just how stupid this technocrat cult has made people now, and chronic i-phone use in the last 20 years has clearly done more damage then anything. JFK had only got in because his old man was big in the Mob. who has been up until now in the US, the main thread? Bush. they have had a Nazi mentality, and one musician around 75 tried to tell people Nixon did too. I’ve no question they escorted Gates to get where he is now, and worse yet, what is with some of the absurd attitudes that think we are supposed to feel sorry for poor old abused geek Bill? it’s beyond childish, and anyone who has had common sense in the last 200 years, at least, has been oppressed. it has obviously become a billionaire club with an agenda, and countless people are still naiive to the point they trust Musk with his latest deception games. a society doesn’t need a president to run it, and they have just been mostly paid actors including the walking tabloid Trump who clearly seems to have many under his spell of ‘personality as opposed to principles’, which is in fact what the Constitution that has been completely ignored were. how can we expect reasonable investigations with an absurd god worshiping system?

    • They are the terrorism they need to be executed they are the problem this world is seeing today somebody needs to do something about it these people think they are god they are nobody but humans that think they are very powerful and need to be stopped somebody with that much money does not need to be. In power at all somebody hast to do something the terrorists are them

  1. We must all unite against the Gates Foundation and their tentacles of treacherous intent

    Please let’s take our cause to the international court of human rights

      • Excellent article ! Many thanks ! The “Covid narrative” pumped through the coordinated efforts of big government, big pharma – and state-sponsored mass media – is the great deception of this time in history. I do not know of a single footnote in recorded history that didn’t pursue from a “conspiracy”. And the most diabolical conspiracies are the ones that are “hiding in plain sight”. What is astonishing is that there are still intelligent people who believe the lie they have been told. Yet, “there are none so blind as those who will not see…”.

    • Unfortunately, They are all blinded by his billions. The President needs to block all Lobbying to legislators. It is the first step and the rest is history. Legislators are paid an annual salary to provide public services gor the good of their constituents which in fact implies the whole nation when voting.
      Why people with money want a salary of $175-200k if they make more than that when owning a business? Why do they become millionaires by the end of their terms? It is all because somebody is paying them to pass laws that are convenient to the lobbying payer.

      • Luli They are all involved, They all meet at the Bilderberg Hotel to Discuss How to Control us Like we are Farm Animals because Their Money Has put Them In
        A Order who take an initiation called The Cremation Of Care That Leaves Them Heartless, and us as collateral Damage for Their Cause They are Evil !
        We have to come together as a people white , Black, Red, African ,American, Chinese ,Russian Who ever you are we have to stop Their Divide and Conquer with Differences and come together as one They Care Less of Who Dies , man woman or Child we who have care Left in Us Must wake up and be Come Together

        • I didn’t know there were so many schizophrenic sufferers believing this 100% garbage article with absolutely no truth to it?

          Do they meet in person too!

          • It’s not “fake news”. Bill Gates has been talking about over population for years. He was photographed at the Wuhan Lab , along with Fauchi and Obama before the ” accidental leak “. He headed an exercise on how to deal with a pandemic months before it happened! And he’s been the top cheerleader for vaccines and the seemingly endless boosters.Lets see :
            Planting a seed about population control to “save our Planet” and tossing in a suggestion to sterilize reluctant females via a vaccine.
            Harvesting a virus that spreads easily and is comparable to the flu that averages 60,000 deaths a year in America , but scaring the public into thinking they are in danger of mass extincion causing hysteria and shutting down the World.
            Creating the vaccine! The miracle that will end the destruction. When awful side effects start causing strokes, paralysis , breathing problems , extreme swelling and hives , ringing in the ears lasting for months , and DEATH, Order Doctors NOT to document complaints , and do not acknowledge their sufferring.
            Have laws passed Forcing certain workers to get the vaccine under threat of
            losing their jobs.
            The vaccines are finally proven to not work but they keep forcing them on people , even BABIES.
            Soooooooo, what is a person of average intelligence supposed to think ????

      • sure, their totally naïve. they need to grow out of the fantasyland that the US ‘Gov’ are angels, and admit it has become a technocrat cult that has an agenda for us all. they only have trillions of dollars to screw with people’s minds and genetics.

    • Are you aware that africacheck is founded by their foundation? What do you expect them to write about it.
      People gotta use common sense.

    • Thank your preferred or lack of deity someone has some sense, and the ability to research what they read. 🙏

    • TO ALL THE IDIOTS WHO STILL BELIEVE FACT CHECK SITES … Its been proven they are run by disinfo agents to defend the super rich against claims like this. Your debunk doesnt mean crap against a lawsuit against gates from multiple countries because he has killed hundreds of thousands of kids in each one. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DONT BE IGNORANT SHEEP.

    • And you BELIEVE( WHO). Your just as guilty as them. So called debunked stories don’t mean they are true and accurate. What about all the other accusations about (WHO) Paid of well to continue there bullshit. I bet you believe the news and all they say too. Fuck out of here.

    • And who funded the so called again? Yep..Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So there you have it guys, the link is already debunked.

    • Pfizer was made to pay for a dangerous vaccine it administered in Northern Nigeria some couple of years ago, it was also denied until evidence proved others. Why is Bill Gates obsessed with virus and vaccine? He has no medical background.

    • Pfizer was made to pay for a dangerous vaccine it administered in Northern Nigeria some couple of years ago, it was also denied until evidence proved others. Why is Bill Gates obsessed with virus and vaccine? He has no medical background.

    • So what you’re saying is that Bill Gates has not confirmed to be interested in depopulation? You’re saying that Bill Gates is not confirmed to be ridiculously invested in vaccines? Are you saying that Bill Gates agenda comes from the heart? Are you saying that millions of children’s health have not been negatively impacted by vaccines?
      Take a look in the mirror….. there you’ll find debunked.

    • With, as you say “no proof or substance” when I have seen a nurse saying they would choose a vaccine that “did not harm them”. The grim truth about gates/fauci/birx has always been – people just wanted not to think about it.
      They aren’t “doctors” anyway. Drs don’t do poisons, abortions or suicides – witches do that. Historically, priests do the bio warfare.
      So whatever they are billing their selves as, they are far from the doctors.
      None of them ever fix anything either. They just fob and string people along while they establish a selling product package to bill US for.
      Real doctors and practitioners fixed aids while birx talked the same dumb “empty” she does now. More like a distraction and diversion actress. Aids is still a principal, stable growing market, though patients have been cleared for over 20 years.
      Same with covid. Fauci and Co fob along with a show while relying on the uglier side of money to make their bug look good for them. They didn’t slow down after marring any pile of people, they just hopped to another spot and got exponentially more. They are actually failures? Most of their targets are still around and madder by the day. Gates paid it, fauci made it and both are career phonies with trails behind them.

    • Not a hoax,please turn off CNN,CBS etc. THEY have been debunked.
      Please open your mind and research a bit. Judicial Watch XX2 Report to start.

      • Yes Cherie, reminds me of my dogs when I show them doggy biscuits.These folks are more fun to play with though. My dogs are getting too smart. Hint: name’s not Ann, not even a girl! 🙂

    • Matt H….Lol I guess u check ur facts with sniped and Facebook’s own appointed “fact checkers”… Propaganda is an age old trick used to sway the minds of the public that’s been used way before television even in the newspapers… And the word “conspiracy theorist” was invented by the CIA to discredit anyone that goes against their narratives.. “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary Act”.. Find an alternative source of info… I recommend bitchute, as even YouTube is heavily censored these days…

  2. I heard he is into pedophilia and was on epstein island. His family not vaccinated? Why does he want to chip and monitor us like cattle. He vaccinated somewhere in Africa where small girls are now sterile. Need i go on. So why is he not arrested and Fauci and the other one birks

    • Good call
      Why don’t we openly and honestly speak or communicate with transparency of the gates foundation and our lawyer have reason to believe
      The truth …
      It will be an interesting Trial for
      Bill Gates Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway ( Warren’s investments,
      LOOK IT UP

        • We will be avenged!! He is a sick man.. So wrong for what he is doing and what he did to so many girls woman and children. He planned covid too.. Look at event 201.

          • Bingo right u are…Ur the First one in this section to bring up event 201. Thank u for mentioning it cuz so many still don’t know about it…Especially in a comment thread like this.. this has been in the works for years… The Playbook they’re currently using was put together when Bush was in office

    • Exactly
      Let’s speak the truth Gates and his foundation plus he owns lots of shares In CN, CNN, Walmart, to BNSF railway CN rail, plus many big pharma companies vaccines and so on search the truth and we shall read betWEEN THEE LINE’S

    • I agree in these findings as worked in vaccine research for 25 years he did follow the normal approvals and used these girls instead of animals for example as his test study sample. He is interested very much in saving animals on this planet and getting of the old and the useless and unborn for the sake of preventing warming of the earth. Please investigate him and do not take pribes during audits.

    • You watch to much conspiratorially bs. What is it about the island that gives credence to Bill Gates being a pedophilia. Trump himself at a party with Epstein said something to the affect of both liking Young girls. Pedophilia can and could happen anywhere. Difference here is im not making assumptions about Trump and going look the island. Replace Gates with Soros and vs versus its all the same lies with remarks like “i heard” and it must be true. Ask yourself this I’ve watched some of these supposed Gates is Satan / microchips in vaccines nonsense on videos that are YEARS old with very few comments from those years BUT this week all of a sudden there’s tons of comments from the last week. Bill Gates is your shiny distraction from whats really going on in the world and actual news. Im not trying to be disrespectful just think of what im saying these new found revelations are actually really old and their is a reason this is not being broadcast as real news because its not it’s just recycled fear mongering. Take Care

      • TO ALL THE IDIOTS WHO STILL BELIEVE FACT CHECK SITES … Its been proven they are run by disinfo agents to defend the super rich against claims like this. Your debunk doesnt mean crap against a lawsuit against gates from multiple countries because he has killed hundreds of thousands of kids in each one. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DONT BE IGNORANT SHEEP.

        • I agree with you painnewsnetwork. Time will tell what happens. Thats where the disbelievers will feel like fools if surely mass depopulation happens. We the people petitions is government site.

      • Not a hoax,please turn off CNN,CBS etc. THEY have been debunked.
        Please open your mind and research a bit. Judicial Watch XX2 Report to start.

      • Where do you live? Mars or Planet Earth. Wake up do your own research read widely on the subject check the links and then comment. Wake up

      • Thank you so much Ryan. You are, I must say, much nicer to these folks than I have been. You stated the truth admirably. Now I am going to find someone to be sarcastic with again.

      • You can never pass with a feigned apology to an offended person. Don’t try to talk anyone out of being angry with Bibll Gates . It is an insult to that person (and to the rest of humanity) to thwart his or her true anger . You are seen as doing this. This is our common humanity that is beeing attacked by a sick man and his sick wife. The only good thing that is required of you as a fellow human being is a sense of true justice. In order to have true justice you must have as your foundation, true love. A proper appreciation and value of perfect love would enable you to hate evil with a perfect hatred, meaning as perfectly as you can hate it. You do not have to be perfect to be perfectly honest. This is what you will need even if you do not have a complete collection of facts and knowledge about Bill Gate’s works against humanity, in order to bring him to accountability. You just need to be perfectly HONEST. It is also a first sign of respect for God and for yourself, secondly; but if you do not believe there is a God, you cannot be capable of perfect honesty, for everyone who does not believe in God, believes a lie, because according to Romans 1, God has shown the truth of His existence to every human being. If a person says he or she does not believe in God, does that unbelief stop God from being real? You may answer, “No”; but I just don’t believe in God. What that may mean is that you do not like or want there to be a God since admittedly, no one’s belief or doubt of God’s existence can oust, or stop God from existing, if He already really exists. Even if you don’t know God or believe that there is a God, that does not change the fundamental fact and reality of His existence and supreme relevance in the affairs of our lives. If one’s belief could change the reality of God, then that person would be God, and/or all persons who believe that, would be God simultaneously. So, honesty is more than one may think. Honesty is absolute resignation to truth. Do you have that? For only with absolute honesty can you believe or know that Bill Gates is guilty of high treason against humanity. You CANNOT reach to this conclusion without being HONEST. So, check yourself. You are either honest or dishonest. There is no muddle ground.

    • You’re an idiot Leila! Do you believe in everything you read? Did you know that Leila in Greek means lamb?

    • Leila you’re an idiot. Do you believe everything you read? I read somewhere that Leila means donkey. Yeah it’s true.

      • Where do you live? Mars or Planet Earth. Wake up do your own research read widely on the subject check the links and then comment. Wake up

    • Leila you’re an idiot. Do you believe everything you read? I read somewhere that Leila means donkey. Yeah it’s true.

    • Not a hoax,please turn off CNN,CBS etc. THEY have been debunked.
      Please open your mind and research a bit. Judicial Watch XX2 Report to start.


  4. Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundation and Dr. “Death” Fauci should be arrested for Treason, Murder and Construtive de-population, Constructive Coup against United States Government and the World’s individual Nation’s and forcing DNA microchip vaccines and financially supporting biowarfare laboratories all over the world with ownership of patents for Biowarfare deadly bacteria and deadly viruses to cause torture, suffering, sicknesses, debilitating diseases and destruction of Worlds economies and governments so they and the United Nations, World Health Organization, Vatican, Globalist Society , Queen of England and Nazi CIA.

      • It only stops when we stop supporting the companies that these people own Beond that it’s all arguing Ever heard the sayings united we rule and a house divided cannot stand THINK about that Until humanity unites against this and it’s too far gone with people double masking alone on a HWY on a deserted road going to their job to vaccinate a 12 year old Seriously how many products do you use and inadvertently support that these 1%make money off and buy governments and police etc

  5. “A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring.”
    – ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭25:26‬😠

    ___𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 𝓜𝙖𝙛𝙞𝙖 𝗻𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿☝️

  6. My gut feeling was that Epstein kept Gates and Clinton in check by blackmail. As soon as they got rid of Epstein, Gates and Clinton went full on ransacking the planet. The threat of Epstein revealing info on them was gone.

  7. Gates scumbags got lessons from the greatest “foundation” fraud n treason in history…Clinton Foundation!

  8. With his money and the media in his back pocket he’s able to debunk anything how naive some people are if

    • And yet with all that power, all these commentators on here managed to slip past him and reveal the truth? Is that your position, Knox? Keep calling those who disagree with you naive. I love irony almost as much as I enjoy the rampant illiteracy and lack of grammar among conspiracy theorists.

  9. He is a pediphile, and needs to be in prison for killing children in India, with his vaccines…I’m not getting any cov-19 related vaccine, fuck you bill and Melinda you twisted fuckers…

    • Countless children in India die from starvation and lack of medical care
      every year. There are numerous young boys and girls in India today who took polio vaccine in childhood and today are in perfect health. People with same health problem go to the hospital for treatment. Some of them come back recovered and some die undergoing treatment. There is always two sides of a coin.

    • Ok Gina, but maybe just check out what drowning in your own lungs fluids feels like before you make that call. Just a suggestion. It will take you about 4 minutes to choke to death on your own phlegm if you were wondering. See, it works like this …whavky conspiracies about people you already resent for their wealth but have no bearing in reality but scare the shit out of you and send you running to sites like this to whine…nice virtual life..drowning in your own shot corona virus real life

  10. I agree 2 a military trial & death by guillotine as noted in the Patriot Act! The same rule applies 2 the cabal🙄. If u’ve notice the Rockefellers (behind the scenes) want 2 help (like his drug laws putting blk & Hispanics in jail 4 life) all of a sudden a supporter 4 humanity, bullshit💣

  11. Fauci The Gate’s George Soros and you know who you are the devil! You want NWO you think your going to have world domination. Your not GOD will stop you I love GOD and I bow down to him on bended knees and worship him he’s king of all King’s and GOD’S OF ALL GOD’S IN JESUS NAME AMEN. IN THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS.

    • Killer Gates and Fraudci you will be caught and locked away like Epstein. I just hope u dont hang yourself but instead be torture like the kids in Africa

  12. Fake news! This is an outrageous lie. This story has been debunked by multiple sources, it is a malicious rumour spread to intentionally hurt the Gates Foundation.

  13. Listen, big money never gets prosecuted so i hope someone will take one for the team and execute this fuck. Not a threat, just wishfull thinking

  14. Please stop repeating such harmful, ill-informed and false information. People read it and believe it. Bill and Melinda Gates are spending their money to make the world a safer and healthier place for all – especially those living in poorer countries.

  15. @Matt H Thank your preferred or lack of deity someone has some sense, and the ability to research what they read. 🙏

  16. This article is NOT debunked as far as im concerned. You cant say its false just because the WHO said it is.
    Who funds the WHO anyway? Bill Gates foundation does, partially at least. Look it up.

  17. He is a horrible person. Not only did he destroy those people, he’s hoping to vastly depopulate the ENTIRE earth. Do not get vaccinated for ANYTHING!!!!!

  18. A digital mob of fanatics, comprised entirely of shitheads who don’t know squat about how science actually works, are out for blood, ready to lynch a man who tried to help them. Shit like this makes me doubt whether humanity’s really worth saving.

  19. So you realy need Mystery Evil enemy from outside, ‏especially when you have more than one million deaths in civil war in syria. ‏when you have seventy millions ‏starving in egypt. ‏when you have a deadly dictatorship in iran. ‏when you have total collapse in iraq and lebanon. This is a time to find Doctor Evil.

  20. Who gives a ybody the right to decide a our people and do anything without convent of the person or the parents. This must be investigated

  21. Like the Neo-natal Tetanus Vaccination in Kenya, Bill Gates Foundation has also been playing it’s POISONOUS GAMES in Pakistan n India since years. The POLIO VACCINATION inducted here in the newly born generation since around 10 Years must be an INFERTILITY DRIVE for the two nations

  22. Crimes against the Humans of our World shall not be permitted. I STAND FOR THE HUMANS AND I SAY NO TO WAR AND NO TO KILLING OF THE HUMANS.

  23. I hope Bill may prove his innocence unless he had tried to play god. I don’t think he’s a evil guy but our mind can betray us. If he’s guilty I hope that don’t end up in death penalty or jail, but reparations.

    • Dis is worse than eny comunist Dictatura NWO ONU and Bill Gates and George Soros and his friends Liberal sambady mast stop the pshiopat Gang arest and put in prison for the rest of the life for crime and destruction of the economy they made-up in porpuse Corona 19.

    • I hate no one. I love all humanity, all nations, all races and kinds of people, because I love the God Who made all mankind out of one Blood, which is the same color, Red. I only hate the evil that men and women, boys and girls do. And I hate it with as perfect a hatred as I am capable of hating evil. My hatred of man’s evil ways is a testimony of my love for goodness, humanity. Get an insight of my love for humanity from a grasp of my hatred for the evil done by human beings. But if you refuse to separate yourself from your evilness you will pay for your crimes that is found attached to your life and body, if, on my watch.

    • No but he can destroy allah with his MONEY. Then he can use his MONEY POWER to go back in time and fuck Mohammad in the ass.

      • This website is called the muslimmirror. Don’t be racist little ann onabus succubus. Respect other peoples religions even if you do not even have one of your own. Also stop being fake sheep. you are so sad and pathetic. Grow up.

  24. Thank you bill & Malinda gates for all the lifes you have saved and continue to save, i know what you guys are doing is for the good of humanity. Just ignore all these people its not there fault there just scared and gotta blame someone keep doing what your doing gates and thank you again

    • Your standing up for someone that has no medical back ground at all and has videos online now saying he wants to the depopulated the world by 15 percent ANDthey found a killer drug in his vaccines. AND YOUNG TEENAGERS IN 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES THAT TOOK HIS VACCINES ARE HEMORRHAGING AT SHCOOL. YOUR IGNORANCE WILL LEAD YOU TO HELL AND YOU WILL PROBABLY TAKE THE MARK DONT PACK A COAT FOR YOUR ETERNITY VISIT ITS ALREADY GONA BE WARM

    • Not a hoax,please turn off CNN,CBS etc. THEY have been debunked.
      Please open your mind and research a bit. Judicial Watch XX2 Report to start.

    • If you meant this I am sure God will hold you equally responsible for this high treason. You may be in the very gall of bitterness for supporting Bill Gates. I warn you. Don’t try God.

  25. Dear friends,
    if you are so stupid and ignorant to believe this story, please make sure your children are not vaccinated.
    So that they die of preventable diseases and your genes and your cultural memes go extinct.
    This is natural selection in action 🙂

    • You must be very unwise to suggest to intelligent people that they should be as careless with their bodies, created by God, to allow somebody to poke their body with a needle to inject a substance in it that they do not know about nor believe is right. You are also very disrespectful to suggest that people do not think for themselves. You are dangerous to humanity just like Bill Gates and his wife.

  26. Bill Hates and his evil ways will have a disastrous ending, not even his money will change it.
    This man was born from evil and extremely poor minded parents that never taught him love at all..
    we’re actually dealing with a psychopath who needs to be locked up for good.
    how does he even sleep at night!
    Ends up marrying a woman who sat on her brains since birth.
    These innocent children did nothing to him, but in his mad mind he has a lot of jealousy and envy because he sees besides the poor living standards of Africa our children are full of laughter and happiness, born warriors and can withstand any situation.
    He found our warriors in the USA at the time of his evil birth ,taken away from their roots hundreds of years ago but today they still stand firm,so he decides to come to the roots and try and cut us down.
    you go lie to yourself Bill Hates because you don’t overstand what runs within us.
    We are wide awake and not wait for your stupid vaccines.

    • That is my friend and brother or sister. Tell it to this criminal again. What a looser is this want-to- be god man, named Bill Gates. What a sorry looser. All I can say to the man, seek God and beg Jesus Christ to give him a heart of flesh where he can feel love and be transformed into somebody useful to God and humanity. Do this Gates before it is too late.

  27. Yes investigate that devil he’s the closest thing to the Antichrist he was behind the funding of the perv Wright Institute in England that created the Coronavirus that scumbag needs to go under the prison Bill Gates has been made the chief executive officer for the extermination of over two-thirds of the population of the world he’s got the vaccine that will kill Millions and they also has the mark of the beast all ready to go for more information go to


  29. All other African countries should analyze the components of those free vaccines the received from WHO it might also be applicable to them. They should also take
    prompt action and call for the investigation of Bill and Melinda Gates. Importantly all management staff of WHO should be sacked while the investigation is on.

  30. Him and his family should be hanged for causing mass death and economic breakdown in the whole world. They should pay dearly.

  31. Definitely Bill Gates is Evil he is obsessed with depopulation and now he is super excited to vaccinate the whole world. . Its fact that Bill and melinda gates foundation is responsible for death of innocent people around the world.

  32. The level of ignorance, lunacy and all around plain idiocy here is staggering, not to mention half of comments are generated by bots. This article is blatant disinformation.

  33. Will you nutjobs crawl back under your rocks and let the well-adjusted people alone? The Nazis called the non-believers sheep, too. Their cry was “Wake up,, Germany!” Do you really want to start a cult of moronic murderous mobs here? Go back to bed and take your meds. These conspiracies are bullshit crazy. Go watch wrestling.

  34. Countless children in India die from starvation and lack of medical care
    every year. There are numerous young boys and girls in India today who took polio vaccine in childhood and today are in perfect health. People with same health problem go to the hospital for treatment. Some of them come back recovered and some die undergoing treatment. There is always two sides of a coin.

  35. Y’all are just jealous of smart rich people (who have actually worked for they’re fucking money). Bill Gates is one of the most down to earth billionaires out there. If he kept all his money y’all would call him stingy🤷‍♂️. If your scared of needles just say it

    • Who here you see are jealous of stinking money that cannot save neither you nor the Gates family from hell damnation? People here are concerned about a world of governors and government gone mad just like you and the Gates by taking bribes from a rich man to betray the citizens they have sworn under almighty God to protect and defend our human rights. What the hell is stinking money compared to life that only God can create? You too will be running to the rocks to hide your face in the great day of God, almighty. You and Bill Gates, if you do not repent of your wicked hearts, will drop all your filthy lucre to the flames running to the caves to hide from the Face of Him from Whom the heavens and the earth will flee away. So great will be the anger of my God against this adulterous and ungodly political leadership of this planet earth that has lead the earth to ruin. In that great day of God almighty you will loath you filthy money that will become ashes. But I pray for your salvation from that burning fire, bith you and Bill Gates. I would not wish the wrath of an angry God on my worse human enemy. I am just warning you to not end up there.

  36. Y’all are just jealous of smart rich people (who have actually worked for they’re fucking money). Bill Gates is one of the most down to earth billionaires out there. If he kept all his money y’all would call him stingy🤷‍♂️. If your scared of needles just say it

  37. Y’all are just jealous of smart rich people (who have actually worked for they’re fucking money). Bill Gates is one of the most down to earth billionaires out there. If he kept all his money y’all would call him stingy🤷‍♂️. If your scared of needles just say it

  38. Bill and Melinda Gates (MUST BE INVESTIGATED AND IF FOUND GUILTY FOR CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY), should be injected with the same CORONA VIRUS VACCINES and every other Vaccines they injected children and adults around the world; and be imprisoned for life; without clemency.

  39. Bill Gates actually said in an interview that a vaccine will be “The final solution”, you don’t say that by mistake,. It has long been recognised that true evil has to openly declare its intentions. This self acknowledged eugenicist has monopolised the health industry, his tentacles are everywhere from the BBC to whom he gave 10 million pounds last year, to the Conservative party through GAVI entanglement. His parents were both eugenicists, his mother working for IBM collaborating with Nazi Germany. Thank goodness more and more people are questioning him, his methods and his motives.

  40. Y didn’t the Gates vaccinate its own family, he has long been talking about viruses and such so as to be able to perform his evil intentions on humanity without being suspected or cross-checked, please investigate the entire Gates foundation and all that follows it.

  41. Bill gates is not only responsible. With him world leaders also working together to kill by biological killing people. Very sad. How this kind of killing. By our own brother killing his own brother. We all seen history of many others world big leaders. Like Roman empire. Hitler. Many others. All was been killed by in end. This is going to be same one day.history witnessed before.

  42. Please take this people and investigate them . They need to be accountable for what they have done to people. They can not decide for others. They can only advise or counsel but not stop them from having a child without their knowledge. Please stop so much unjustice!! I can’t believe how awful our world has turn to. What was wrong now is called right. No I stand against All That

  43. Gates funded company patented coronavirus back around 2005, then patented a vaccine in 2019. You can find view them in the national archives!

    • Do you have a mind of your own? If you do not know how true is all this, who else you are depending on to know if it for you, or convince you of it? No one will. You have to use your own head and heart. Keep waiting until you come to that place where you could prove all this is true, while Bill Gates vaccination protocol continues to kill our planet earth of its people—and by the time you would be convinced that all this is true, it would be too late for you to save your planet earth. Don’t be unwise, I’d say. . This is a war against humanity waged by people with money, and who, consequently think that they have finally arrived at the position of the Godship to determine how many people get to live on our planet earth. Do you not see the big picture?

  44. The conclusion from all these studies was that the tetanus toxoid vaccines did not contain hCG. It was not found in the vaccines because it was not present. The low levels of hCG-like activity seen in some samples were the result of false positive reactions.

  45. And also remember leaders in Africa are corrupt. It’s why xenophobic idiots are slaughtering their own people. I got a friend in UNICEF who confirmed African kids are being sterilized and seven died for side effects So shut the hell up you idiots. Just wait you’ll see when shit hits fan here you’ll feel bad for misjudgments.

  46. Hi! Is it possible for me, living in Europe and not being a Muslima to sign your petition somewhere? Because I really support your case. And I believe that people from all religions can now join together and keep filthy people and their inventions away from our God given bodies.
    Love and hope for all of us!

  47. It’s so humorous to see people complain that they should have the right to procreate!!! The problem is, in their next breath they complain that the do called rich countries need to contribute more to support them and their children !! It’s a case of wanting their cake and eat it to !!!

  48. You blame Bill Gates, but indirectly pay him by way of using his Windows or Office or other Microsoft products. Stop using them before commenting about them.

  49. The whole world should wake up and open there eyes and start protesting the investigation of the who and the bill and melinda gates foundation and the CDC and also Frankenstein Fauci their mission will crumble and fail without a doubt because there is no room on our planet for their diabolical and evil agenda

  50. So apparently they vaccinated 2.3 million females, and based on six samples that showed positive let’s just assume Bill Gates is the culprit and burn him at stake. Paranoid much?

  51. The means justifies the ends.
    If it’s about reducing 3rd world breeding/population? By all means…they would definitely not reduce their sexual appetites or breeding voluntarily …..10+children and unable to feed them? It should be a criminal offence

  52. Check out Georgia Guidestones
    “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
    Unite humanity with a living new language.
    Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
    Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    Balance personal rights with social duties.
    Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
    Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.”
    Ted Turner is Robert C Christian
    Check out the Good Club
    This is to cull the global population
    Bill Gates at helm.
    Check out eugenics and Bill Gates sr
    Decade of vaccines
    All roads lead to Bill Gates

  53. They are all satan. Please let all of us rise together and redeem our land. God help us. AFRICA. AFRICA. AFRICA

  54. My dear Muslim brothers please don’t propagate fake news and hoax. Bill gates and Melinda are really placing great effort for the planet, all these are blasphemous effort to corrode their name. If you can’t help the world at least allow others.

  55. Bill Gates has openly talked about his plan to depopulate the world using his vaccines. If they are so safe, why are his own Children not vaccinated?? Hmmmmm….maybe because they (as do we) have this thing called an IMMUNE SYSTEM.

  56. Bill Gates has openly talked about his plan to depopulate the world using his vaccines. If they are so safe, why are his own Children not vaccinated?? Hmmmmm….maybe because they (as do we) have this thing called an IMMUNE SYSTEM.

  57. Im so glad that my estimations tell me about 80%of us here or maybe more actually understand the truth about this eugenicist monster. Him and all the rest should have to go through what they promise to do to all heritics when being inducted into the brotherhood of the jesuits. Hang boil flay, rip stomachs out and wombs of mothers and vrush infants heads against walls…etc America’s favorite dr Antony f. Had to promise those things to get where he is today. They are neo nazis. Btw the phrase ” conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA after the assassination of Kennedy in order to discourage anyone from seeking truth. It is still used by ignorant people to discourage those awake from rousing them from their own slumber to this day. Smh

  58. 1.Anti vaccine community and flat earth community are trying their best to take humans back to stone age..all the best guys
    2.Bill Gates is a selfless philanthropist ,donating billions of dollars on charity.He must be punished

  59. You all better wake up real quick its here icalled population control where else would it start besides Africa come on those people are very poor anything free with a sandwhich is golden.theres around 7 billion he wants by 2022 I beleive to get it down to about half so 3.5 billion that’s scary the first practice run is now were living it .stay home social distance so theres not alot of dead people on the streets day in your home they send someone to burn your body . 800billion dollars hes worth 125 dollars a second he makes yes he is trying to play good

  60. Satan has been conspiring against the Lord to be like God. Bill Gates is just a puppet. We will not stop bible prophecy n America is mystery Babylon the nation all other nations get drunk off her wine. The youngest of nations. Look at her characteristics. Must understand nimrod n the other Babylonian empire to see what’s going on here spiritually. A good YouTube channel is ( truth unedited) so Vatican poop Francis plays role as false prophet gathering all the false religions together under a counterfeit Christianity.This nations churches are not of God so come out of her my ppl God warns. This is all a goal toward one world. For their one world leader the antichrist. The church you see today is not the true church. It’s another jesus the world’s jesus. Know the difference all who are being called to the truth you must understand the truth about this world. Who donated their money to start the education system we have today n the news media n who’s world view are they pushing, what narrative and is it true reality? There’s been a conspiracy. It’s real.That’s why Satan was thrown down to earth. He conspired against the living God the true Lord the creator and if we understood what’s really going on we would also see why Jesus had to come to begin with. Say you make bill the fall guy he gets cozy in jail and then what my Christian friend? Will their plot to kill us n experiment w us and Wi-Fry us with 5G radiation (I believe sars h1n1 covid are cover up names for radiation sickness. All these upgrades around same year these viruses poked their ugly beek. 5G roll out 2019 n covid19 2019 coincidence?? New York ppl in home are ones infected. Hmm idk just saying. ) so will this all cease and life can go back to way it was? This is all to implement RFID mark of beast digital cashless system. They been conditioning you! They want civil war to usher in police state so city by city Marshall law.They staging news events using typical crisis actors to get you riled up bc they need to create chaos to bring in order. NEW WORLD ORDER. With RFID n 5G technology we will all be downloaded at touch of a button they can just empty your bank account if they feel your outa line.Total control. But not for the ones who hold their testimony til the end. Endure until Christ calls his bride where bible says the voice of the bridegroom won’t be heard at all no more in . Talking about mystery Babylon the USA! For NOW We must flee her spiritually. Flee man’s organized religion. Church was not meant to have structure with hierarchy. Look up the Greek word for assembly. We are HIS body not a building not a system of compromises (501c3 non profit regulations you bet they are suppressing truth) the pastors are hirlings NOT called to tend to the flock. Read about it in God’s word. This is talking about America’s Christian denominations n televangelism with their secret society freemasonic leaders. so flee these churches! Start reading your KJV God’s preserved word. Ask Holy spirit to guide you. Won’t surprise me if they say covids on the money! Ppl will fear handling n exchanging paper money n this will easily be turned over to a digital money system using 5G. Which from all the scanning of your hand(implant) gruesome sores will appear on the body like prophesied. Ntag 216 is name of implant FOR humans by biohack. It’s DNA tampering like in Noah’s day n this why God can’t save you if you get this mark bc you won’t be just human. You’ll be hybrid. 6times6times6=216. They are showing you!!! Ntag216 number tag mark of beast. True Christian set apart one… Our place is not in politics. Trust God. Man likes us to think what we say can change anything when it can’t. They are moving right along as foretold long ago n Satan knows his time is short. Once you realise it don’t matter if Bill goes down bc he really won’t be n they will have you believe the bad guy is locked n put away when a swarm of them are running the entire country the United Nations. Time to wake up.

  61. So sad. What evidence do u people have? What does Bill Gates gain?
    Best way foward is to subject the vaccines to analysis rather than believe in conspiracy theories. If confirmed then the law should take effect
    But if I were Bill Gates I will withdraw my support from all worldwide vaccine effort and allow these poor Africans die of disease.. I think this is the height of ingratitude for a good work

    • But for his merciful heart, this is the way to go. However, it is better to ignore the conspiracy theorists because they are being used by the devil to inflict suffering on humanity. They have done it before in many countries. A good example is in Nigeria when these theorists said that vaccination against poliomyelitis was to sterilize the Moslem population. The consequence of this was Nigeria became one of the last two countries in the world with polio.

      • So what does that mean because Nigerians did not get polio? Don’t be a spurious analyst. Be wise. You can get wisdom from God if you ask Him.

  62. It’s the calm before the storm right isn’t that what trump said well all the world’s churches religion has closed their doors n turned their back on God. They are preparing for one world religion!!

    • Gates is repetiang the history Spanish Flue as Dr. Frederick Gates-

      What people dont know is that Bill is jewish and a part of the Rhootschild/Rockafella. He owns Media and more or less he owns the World thats why hes able to do this. He has already convinced whole Europe for 5G even tho how dangerous is is. The goverment doesnt care of telling us. And whith that said Denmark And Uk is 2 countries whitch already has a law of forced vaccin ,,Id2020… W.H.O is trying to convince all without vaccin no Travelling, Shopping/ Jail. This is against human rights. Hungary has taken of Democracy this is starting to happend everywhere. They already learned to Control us havent you noticed? . And the Goverment all work for Bill Gates. Listen to Sara Cunial speach in Italy. We are about to let Technology taking over us and letting vaccin kill us to thinking this is the only way to survive. They are paying people who has a family member that just passed away such as Pakistan / Romania etc. To get them saying its from Corona so the statics of dead looks worse then what it is to scare us. So what his doing is a world War against Humans without people knowing his intention to Depopulate. And this is all thanks to the Media who dont want to show anything bad

  63. 5 years ago Bill Gates said about virus covid 19 , he said we not ready for it … and what happened today , we have covid 19 and no ppe , lol… they do experiments on humans from years , and animals… etc … there are many places on this planet we not aloud to go , secret places. Covid 19 is just exius to put new world order in place… to control all of us , lockdown and give us new restrictions how we should survive, lol enjoying time with family by online, to keep all of us separately… there is a reason for that …

    • He is the one that funded and helped create it, then lied about it and what would result from it. He is a pos and deserves to be charged with a multitude of crimes, including treason, and put to death.

    • God says that the saints of God are capable of judgment. Read your Bible. While you refuse to judge, calling a spade a spade as you are convinced it is, you strengthen the odds against yourself and the rest of us. You can’t tell a fellow citizen of the earth that, because he/she is acting as an husband man in his own house, but being attacked by criminals, though they may be criminals in high places.

  64. I just want to point out all you insane, crazy fucks in this thread are actually what’s terrifying

    I’m less worried about a retired billionaire than I am all you freaking nutjobs out walking the streets

  65. Einstein wasn’t sure about the Infinity of space, but he was sure about the Infinity of stupidity. This article proofs him right. Actually most of this Website does.

  66. This man is the devil incarnate for doing this. I believe him and Soros deeply involved in the fascist Zionist plot to overthrow democracy along with Fauci and “friends”. It’s time to drain the swamp and prevent this from happening I believe also he may be having involved with Pizzagate if you notice name Bill GATE GATE.. not sure this is a coincidence people take a second to think about the NEW normal, first Kenyan children what next? I suspect Bezos involvement as well. Horrible horrible must be stopped

    • I finna right fore that this comment deserves to be higher. Bezos Soros Gates. BSG must be stopped.

  67. I always wondered why they chase people in the UK when it comes to vaccines its sick I mean people who haven’t had the flu in 50 years are still taking the flu jab like its actually crazy .and gates can keep his corona vaccine. I see the 7 5g towers on top of a council block they need to people realize all the media is apart of the big fraud .they can keep their formaldehyde and mercury thank u very much and god only knows what else the world has never been so sick and when the last few are standing they will still think there vote counts

  68. You peole are people are crazy Bill gats is not evil. He is trying to save lives. People try to do something good and people think they are evil.

    • The people’s wrath might fall on you if you are deemed to support evil. What are the results of Bill Gates’ efforts to save lives with some of his vaccination protocols, as you put it? Your naivete could really anger the masses of people more intuitive than you appear to be. Puts me in mind of a stampede: a herd of moving elephants or cattle trample a single , feeble, and weak dog trying to cross over on one clear end of the way to get out of harm’s way. Don’t be silly. Someone is angry with you for that, especially that such silliness could be interpreted as undermining the cause of unity to get back our humanity. I warn you, do not incur
      the wrath of the majority. For this is not even a common tyle of war. It is unprecedented in that your own government world wide, is against its citizenship, at the service of one sick, but rich man.

    • He is the one that funded and helped create it, then lied about it and what would result from it. He is a pos and deserves to be charged with a multitude of crimes, including treason, and put to death.

  69. Wow….sad bunch of humans. People work hard, donate billions and still you gotta moan. Dare You to go use your intelligence, get yourselves extremely rich and then donate millions …..make yourselves equally as useful to humanity or shut the f u!

    • “WARNING” Bill Gates is SATAN. He and the rest of the ELITE have power over the white house. He helped make the COVI-19 in a U.S.A. lab so we can be microchiped and the PHARMA MAFIA is in it also. The vaccine he is making is not a cure, it will prevent women from giving birth, it will prevent men from impregnate woman it will make your hair fall off. The 6ft apart to prevent the spread of the virus is bullshit, it really has to do with the phones. The phones have to be 6ft apart so they can spy on us. If they are with in 6ft it will cause frequency on the phones. New World Order is trying to inslave the world. Bill Gates wants the world to be his slave and the ELITE are helping him. THIS IS REAL SHIT. DON’T FALL FOR THE TRAP.

  70. All the good people who are writing the truth about this PIZZABILLGATES are correct and awake. Through secrecy they have been consolidating enormous power. Vuk Jovanovich exposes the CIA mind control done to children such as Cathy O’Brien and the sexual torture done to thousands of children.

    In you will read that Gates purchased a patent on COVID-19. Why is this legal? Nature organisms must not be owned by anyone. The Laws protect the criminals. This system is totally rigged in their favor.

    We are being governed by Luciferian snakes. Have you ever heard about the history of the Khazars? Read Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe” or Historian D.M. Dunlop’s “The History of the Jewish Khazars” or listen to the speeches given by Benjamin Freedman, who served under Roosevelt in the Second World War, and knew about plans for a WWIII. You see the Jewish people too are being used as cogs in a machine, and many are finding out that they have been betrayed. Many of their children too are being sexually abused for it is written in “The Babylonian Talmud” that having sex with children, animals and corpses is permitted by the Rabbinical teachings. Historian Michael Hoffman translated the Talmud as you can find out in ; or the translation done by I.B. Pranaitis “The Talmud Unmasked” the filth inside concerning gentiles, and more.

    . They own ninety percent of the media and so it is quite easy to fabricate a false reality. There are courageous individuals like Arizona Wilder, and Donald Marshall ,who disclose about the atrocities being done to children inside underground facilities called “Cloning Centers”, where many celebrities are taken as well. Hollywood is a gigantic tool of psychological conditioning to corrupt society. To understand as to why we are in this great danger, is critical that we inform ourselves about the history of Sumer by Prof. Noah Samuel Kramer or by Michael Tellinger who found evidence in South Africa.

    To those who are still clueless about our puzzling reality, read “Patriots and Profiteers” by Prof. of Economics R.T. Naylor, and “Rulers of Evil” by Tupper Saussy to understand how they infiltrated our governments to bring total control over humanity.

    Ignorance is slavery and true information is freedom. We must refuse this enslavement. We are spiritual beings having an experience here on Earth, and we must drop our race, gender and religion differences so that we are UNITED against these evil forces. If you go to you will learn that race is an illusion and that it will be used do divide and conquer the masses. Go and listen to his warnings that if we do not STAND UP and refuse to take this COVID-19 vaccine we will be turned into cyborgs. Dr. Rashid Buttar also warns about this vaccine and the masks that restrict oxygen, which in itself fights bacteria and viruses. Max Igan a Radio show host also is opening the eyes of many; and this Doctor warns about this nano-tek-vaccine and 5G:

    Remember the courage of the little girl called Malala Yousafzai who confronted the tyranny of the Taliban in Pakistan. This is what we must emulate, if we are to free ourselves of this horrible future Matrix.

  71. If only my fellow Americans would take off the blinders and see where they are being lead. America ones stood for freedom, this is not it. The level of propaganda and deceit that we are being feed daily blows my mind. I would tell you what I think of bill gates, however it is language I won’t use in public.

  72. This comment section is by far the most persuasive argument for immediate widespread forced sterilization the world has ever produced

  73. The proof is there! Lets have a proper court case to present all the facts and lets see what a jury decides! These people are evil and destroyed millions of lives.

  74. Bill Gates is pure evil ,corrupt a liar and he and his 1% want total control over the world he and his dirt bag buddies will be the first to go when the revolution starts no amount of money can protect these disgusting animals

  75. Go figure Bill Gates has billions at his disposal, why couldn’t this man do good with his money, I have lost all faith in mankind at this point, I have no respect for anyone on the hill. We have lost all dignity in this country,, what’s next? Civil war perhaps, would not surprise me. As for me I trust my Savior Jesus Christ, and no I am not here to have you change your minds, but I know what He has done for me, He has given me inner peace, we need to bring Him back into our schools and back into the court rooms and back into our everyday life, trsut me you accept Him and your life will change.

    • Morons read and believe propaganda written by the WHO. You’re going to believe something that’s been written by the criminals them selves, WHO. Get the fact, do some real research, not some URL from a WHO website,you copy & paste this crap, with some kind of authoritarian beliefs, you’re a sheeple, most pathetic, probably should get your vaccine today!

  76. You’re on short shift. Bye bye baby bye bye
    If you were a mother or father, would you like a pin head bloodline and obvious shit cunt , natures nondescript hero of fuck all but population control listener marry your child?
    Go hard.


  78. I wish I could cut Dr. Fauci’s big ears off with my pocket knife and shove them down his fucking throat

  79. Sad BILL , maybe Belinda wanted divorce due to Bills loss of love for his fellow humans, and want to rule the world. Money the foot to all EVIL, always PROMOTE all EVIL, take away the WANT. GO BACK , AND HUNT Aussie 86

  80. There needs to be an attack on Gates and soon andalso to other Demons. Every Muslims, Christians and the whole world needs to stop the WEF agenda and his vaccination genocide.. People falling dead from vaccines he poisened. There should be neough sniper rifles to keep an eye on him or hacking devices to bring him to court.. Enough is enough, he must pay the price. If the muslim declare a holy war on him, i think it is right because he kills people on puprose. politic correct is not for murderes

  81. There are more medical crimes hidden than what we are reading here. Before colonization in Africa, when the continent of Africa hasn’t developed, the only disease on that continent is malaria. Then after colonization, comes HIV, Aids, Burkitt’s lymphoma, tuberculosis, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Ebola, and other infectious diseases. We are being ruled by political criminals calling themselves politicians today.


  83. Please get this stupid Bill Gates no time for anything, he’s stupid gust like our president. Put them two, together with everyone running the white house, they all belong with one another. We can pick all new leaders. Put them somewhere so they can hurt anyone else and freeze their money. Because they stole it anyways frim the people. Go right ahead and separate the vaccine and the non vaccine people because that’s where we are going to see what’s going on with this brain wash bullshit. And then we can go after bill hates with a big lawsuit because he has 500% stock in this vaccines. All his karma is going to be big, and the world is going yo watch.

    • (Aside of a couple type o’s) I concur, Bill, Melinda, Biden,Boris, and that moron running the WHO behind bars before they take control, along with this UN group should all be hunted down, assets seized, for crimes against humanity, violations of the Nuremberg code! Publicly executed with a good old fashioned rope! And their assets divided up among the people they have stolen most of it from.

  84. When I think of Bill Gates, I think of an invasive disease carried by bats, manipulated in a lab for eugenics!
    I think of a sneaky, filthy, clever, Rat that gives you the hardest time trying to catch or trap!

  85. With a medical bone saw, biologically disassemble Bill Gates. If still he speaks of such, cement his mouth shut. Let him breathe through his nose. Put a feeding tube into him to enable wiser people to talk sense to him. If such talk fails cement his face shut to his limbless body.

  86. When did it become common practice to insult anyone you talk to on the net. What happen to showing respect and incouraging them or complimenting someone. It won’t cost you anything and may even make you feel better. Stopping the hate begins from with.

  87. He needs to be charged and convicted of not just malpractice, but medical fraud, crimes against humanity, treason, bribery and manipulation, withholding evidence of a clinical trial, corruption and more, and the sentence should be nothing less than death.

  88. We need a good guy army to hunt down these no good mother fuckers and give them what they deserve. Then and only then will this NWO Global reset be stopped! There is no other way.

  89. Bill Gates backed The Blackrock Foundation, who built the Wuhan lab in China. He backed the CCP in releasing Covid into the world to destroy most of the economies. The CCP got to be the country that was up and running during the pandemic acquiring billions of dollars for inventory goods sold while Gates and Pfizer reaps billions from the forced vaccines pushed onto people. The protein spikes from the vaccines are not staying at the point of administration but rather disbursing throughout the body causing the system to fight it everywhere. This in turn has been the leading factor causing heart attacks, organ failures, paralysis, kidney failures, uncontrollable shakes and fevers etc but the worst part is it’s being proven by Israel as we speak to have an effect on sterility. This is Gates and Company’s main goal. They want to control the population by means or energy, food sourcing and economic chaos. The horrific trials on the Yemen females with his “birth control” process is only one of many attacks on the people. This evil SOB should be buried under a prison cell!

  90. Bill Gates has said with his own mouth that it would be a very easy thing to do to eliminate 16 per cent of the world population and that he could easily do that, and he did. The real goal is not 16 per cent from his part, but 96 per cent from his part. and he is doing it also by starving the population of the world including us now. Sterilisation of women in Africa, South America. India and many other countries. See Dr Vandhana Shiva concerning him in India and how he caused the suicide of many farmers with his GMO seeds imposed in India. He couldn’t impose them on the world with Monsanto, he is doing it by his fake Foods in the Supermarkets calling them plant based foods, like meat made with plants and other plant based foods that nobody knows what they are. He is not at all the charismatic savior he pretends to be, but quite the opposite. He also euthanasies senior citizens or have them euthanasied for him, or put to sleep like dogs to help them die quickly. He is in the Business of death and getting extremely rich out of it. And this not a conspiracy theory but real facts.


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