Canadian PM’s Eid greetings to Muslims : An example to be followed by world leaders


hqdefaultBy Aazeen Kirmani

In an open hearted gesture Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau conveyed Eid-ul_Adha greetings through a video to Canadians celebrating the festival.

In the video  he said that Eid is a time for faith, family and generosity and a time for giving back to the community.   Sending a strong message of inclusivity and diversity Trudeau said that Canada is the only country in the world that is strong not in spite of our differences but because of them.

Stressing on minority rights he promised to stand up to the politics of division and fear that makes some Canadians feel less Canadian.

Apart from the video message Justin Trudeau visited a mosque in Ottawa on the occasion of Eid where he addressed women and men of the Muslim community. In his address at the mosque too he emphasised on Canadian diversity as a source of strength rather than weakness.  He said that at a time when the world is torn by strife Canada can and must show that there is a better way.

After his mosque visit Trudeau faced criticism from some sections that discredited his feminist stand for addressing a gender-segregated gathering.  Replying to question, regarding his attendance at a gender-segregated event, at a press conference later Trudeau said that the ‘values that define Canada include openness and respect towards our full diversity…politicians need to focused on bringing people together  rather than fomenting divisions’.

Hope that the politicians and parties thriving on Islamophopbia and divisive politics of every other kind, all over the world take a lesson in respecting diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance to others’ cultures from this young and dynamic leader.


  1. PM of Canada is a clever person & keeping happy of all religious men: Hindu, Sikhs & Muslims & Christians.
    But He did wrong not asking Bangladesh PM Hasina to call for a fair Election. Both Modi & Hasina of same group ruling one headed Bangladesh & Kashmir. Many Innocent are killed in both countries every day.


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