Danish Siddiqui, Pulitzer-winning Reuters photojournalist from India killed in Afghanistan

Danish Siqdiqui

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Well-known photojournalist Danish Siddiqui was killed while covering a clash between Afghan forces and Taliban fighters in Spin Boldak district in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Reuters reported quoting an anonymous Afghan commander.


Siddiqui, who studied journalism at Jamia Millia Islamia’s AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, was associated with Reuters. He was a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize.

He has covered situations around the world over the span of many years. Some of his finest photographs are related to Delhi pogrom, workers’ migration in India and Rohingya refugees.

His demise has sent shockwaves among journalists and media workers. Senior journalists have expressed their grief over the same.

Rana Ayyub wrote on Twitter that Danish was one of the most dedicated journalists. ”Pursued his most passionate obsession, his love for the camera, capturing the truth however dangerous. You left too soon bhai,” she added.


  1. RIP.
    MM is not covering Afghanistan related news. Islamic extremist ideology is an open secret now. Talibani muslims are killing muslims… very bad to see downfall of muslim community all over the world.. especially women.

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  2. He was not killed in clashes. He was murdered by the Taliban as killing of mediapersons is a war crime. But, due to MM’s idealogical views, such a crime will be whitewashed quite easily. Poor Danish has become expendable in muslims eyes, if the reason he died were somone related to the BJP, MM would have a sore throat crying wolf from the site for 2 to 3 weeks claiming Muslims are in danger.
    May his soul RIP, as even his own people won’t ask for justice due to their self censorship of speaking against the Taliban.😢😢😢😢
    🕉️ shanti to his soul once again.

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