Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemns Cairo University bombing, calls for probe

The Nahda square bombing claimed the life of one senior police officer and injured five others. Last year, Muslim Brotherhood supporters staged sit-ins in and around Al-Nahda Square

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the bombing that took place Wednesday at Cairo’s Nahda square, calling for a swift investigation.

The Nahda square bombing claimed the life of one senior police officer and injured five others.


The Brotherhood confirmed in a statement issued Wednesday that it will continue its peaceful protests, and called for an investigation into the incident without levelling unfounded accusations.

Similarly, the Students against the Coup Movement condemned the bombing in a statement and reaffirmed their peacefulness in opposing the coup.

Cairo’s Nahda square has been hit Wednesday with three bombings that targeted police officers situated outside Cairo University. The bombings came one week after Army commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi announced his intention to run for presidential elections scheduled for next May….MEMO


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