Good Friday Bonds UK Muslims, Christians

For members of both faith communities, the interfaith prayers offered them a good chance to reduce tensions and extend bonds between them.

CAIRO – For Nottingham Muslims and Christians, a 16-year-old annual walk for members of both faiths in their city is still bearing interfaith fruits of unity and cohesion.

“We have been doing this every Good Friday for 16 years,” Dr Musharraf Hussain, chief executive and chief imam at the Karimia Institute, told Nottingham Post on Saturday, April 19.


“We believe it is good to build a relationship with our neighbours and to show people that Muslims are friendly people.”

The walk started on Friday, April 18, when about 30 members of St Stephen’s with St Paul’s Church, in Bobbers Mill Road, took to the streets in a “walk of witness” on Good Friday.

Holding prayers in the neighborhood, the walkers reached their final destination at Karimia Institute in Berridge Road West where Christians were joined by dozens of Muslims for one last prayer.

Outside the institute, Dr Hussain read out a joint prayer with the Rev Clive Burrows of St Stephen’s with St Paul’s.

After the prayer, members of both faiths shook hands and got to know each other.

“We know there are differences but there are also things which we have in common and it is important to celebrate those things,” Sue Anderson, 73, of Forest Fields, said.

“Too often in people’s minds Muslims and Christians are alien to one another, but once we break down barriers, then understanding comes.”

Christians celebrate on April 18, the Good Friday, a religious holiday observed by Christians in commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus and his death, an event central to Christian faith.

The celebration is followed by Easter on April 20 which is the most important religious feast of the Christian liturgical year.



For members of both faith communities, the interfaith prayers offered them a good chance to reduce tensions and extend bonds between them.

“Inter-faith events are good for community cohesion and helps to reduce tensions between the two faiths,” Karimia Institute member Naveed Qazi, 36, of Sherwood Rise, said.

“We are living in the same society and society has to be harmonious. There has to be love and affection for one another regardless of race or religion.

“We will pray for peace, love, harmony and prosperity for the country together.”

Rev Burrows who led the interfaith prayer with Dr Hussain, echoed a similar opinion.

“Inter-faith events are very important because we live side by side but don’t often have much to do with each other,” Burrows said.

“There are many false ideas that Christians have of Muslims and Muslims have of Christians, but working together we realize they are not true.”

Though there are no official figures, America is believed to be home to a Muslim community of between six to eight million.

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  1. But we cannot pray with them they pray to the Son of GOD & we pray to to ALLAH .
    Holy Quran forbids befriending With Jews & Christian But we can only hold interfaith discussion thats all.

  2. Salam to all:
    Why Christian tell lies: Read Isaiah 29:12 (Bible) !” And the Book delivered to Him saying read this,I pray thee, and He saith, I am not learned”. This clearly applies to Holy Prophet Mohammed ( .MSAS)
    Holy Prophet did not go to Scholl at young age. He was Taught by ALLAH HIMSELF.
    Then Read: Psalm 91: – 4-12. Holy Jesus was protected by Angels & was never crucified.

    • Killing is an act of violence. Allah commanded Ibrahim to sacrifice his son, then goat. The ritual in Haj/Bakrid involves sacrifice of goat. The terminology used here is sacrifice instead of violence. Sacrifice is committed to gain advantage for a higher purpose. In this sense, Al-quran says to the Jews (who had boasted themselves of killing Jesus) that their act would not amount to killing / crucification, but (except following the conjecture) it would amount to sacrificial rites and rituals observed so far in Judaism, Islam, etc. Conjecture does not refer to look-alike nor made to appear not likeness, but that it would refer to incomplete understanding of the sacrificial rites so far observed since the time of Ibrahim. Bible says that the son kept in waiting at the time of Ibrahaim’ sacrifice is now fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who is better not killed but sacrificed at the alter of the Cross. Please refer to Qeeqah in Islam wherein sheep is sacrificed, with prayers that the flesh. blood, bone, hair, etc of the sheep is sacrificed in exchange of the new born child to save the child from the hell of fire/evils. The very same prayer is recited by looking to the Jesus Christ on the sacrificial wooden cross, that instead of ourselved being sacrificed, Jesus is sacrificed to take away the sins and give salvation. Sacrifice of Jesus follow the conjectures contained in all the sacrificial rites. Sheep should be of perfect one, while Al-koran says that Jesus was a perfect man, Spirit of God. All humans are sons and daughters of God; Like wise, Jesus being the Spirit of Allah (Ruh-Allah) veiled in flesh and blood.(Bible)


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