Modi govt exports beef worth Rs.113 crores to Pakistan


By Shahnawaz Ahmad,,

New Delhi. : The double standard of the Modi government on issues on nationalism and religion is no secret.The emboldened Gau rakshaks under the present hindutva government are on killing spree of its own people in the homeland in the name of beef while the government has not shied away from exporting the beef(Buffalo meet) to a country called Pakistan which is almost in the category of an enemy country.

As per the government data by Ministry of Commerce (Government of India), India has exported huge quantity of buffalo meat to neighbouring countries in South Asia. The Government of India data further shows that India has exported Rs.113.10 crores of Beef (Buffalo) to Pakistan.

According to United States Department of Agriculture data, India became number 1 in Beef export replacing Brazil. The latest data from 2016 show India and Brazil tied on top — with both countries accounting for just under 20% each of the world’s total beef exports. They, along with Australia and New Zealand, are the world’s largest beef exporting countries, as per the US data.

It needs to be mentioned here that India does not export officially export the meat of cows and the beef export here means buffalo meat.

The large chunk of India’s buffalo meat exports are to Asian countries — 11 of the top 15 destinations for buffalo meat by value in 2015-16 were in Asia and 3 in Africa (Algeria, Egypt, and Angola). Russia was the 15th destination — at No. 15 in the list of the top 15.

Vietnam is the largest market for India’s buffalo meat worth 13,125 crore in 2015-2016 followed by Malaysia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Iraq stands fourth for India’s buffalo meet worth 767 crore.

It may be noted that Vietnam does not consume all the buffalo meat and bulk of its import from India make way to China.A grey market has developed in recent times, with Chinese traders reportedly using Vietnam’s Haiphong port to bring in Indian buffalo meat loaded on small vessels.

As per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry report, India exported 11, 92,327 tonnes worth 23,646 crores of buffalo meat from April-February 2016-17.

India’s beef export is attractive in the world due to its lower prices, along with the proximity to key consuming markets in Southeast Asia and West Asia,

It is really paradoxical that on the one hand the BJP government is pushing hard for a complete ban on beef including buffalo pan India and on the other hand, the government does not hesitate to export beef even to an ‘enemy’ country like Pakistan.


  1. Hinduism is completely based on hypocrisies.

    In Goa,mizoram,Kerala, meghalaya etc eating of cow meat and slaughtering cow is totally legal …In all these states cow is not their mother. But in UP ,Bihar, Maharashtra etc cow becomes mother of Hindu community and that too only for name sake.

  2. It is just a show of politics by hate-ideology brand RSS !
    They welcome crores of income from enemy Pakistan from selling beef and also kill innocent Indian Muslims blaming them falsely for cow-slaughter–which RSS themselves are doing on huge industry scale for massive profits.

  3. આપ માં ભી કહો. કતલભી કરો!!!!!!?????
    પર હમારા ખોરાક કયું !!!!!!!!??????
    વોટકી રાજનીતિ!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
    શરમ ભકતો !!!!!!!!!????????????????????


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