It miscarriage of justice, says Julio Ribeiro on Delhi Police investigation into Delhi violence

By Special Correspondent

Mumbai:Former top cop Julio Ribeiro on Saturday urged the Delhi police to do fair investigation into the Delhi anti-Muslim violence of February. Expressing the grave the manner in which the probe was carried out , Ribeiro said it is miscarriage of justice. He wrote a letter to Delhi police commissioner Shrivastava saying you let the real perpetrators of crimes and framed patriots like Harsh Mander and Aprooananad. He asked the police to revisit its action.

Read full text of the letter:

From: Julio Ribeiro
Subject: Miscarriage Of Justice

Dear Shri. Shrivastava,

I write to you with a heavy heart.  As a true patriot and a former proud member of the Indian Police Service I appeal to you to ensure a fair probe into the 753 F.I.Rs registered against peaceful protestors who rightly apprehend injustices born from bias and hate against a minority community.

The Delhi Police has taken action against peaceful protestors but deliberately failed to register cognizable offences against those who made hate speeches which triggered the riots in N.E. Delhi.  It troubles sane and apolitical persons, like me,why Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur and Parvesh Verma have not been arraigned before the Courts of law while deeply-hurt Muslim women, peacefully protesting against discriminations based on religion, were lodged for months together in jail!

The not-so-subtle attempt by the Delhi Police to entangle true patriots, like Harsh Mander and Prof. Apoorvanand, in criminal cases is another matter for concern.  We, the police forces in the land, and its leadership drawn from the Indian Police Service, have a duty and obligation to respect the Constitution and the enacted laws, impartially without regard to caste, creed and political affiliations.

Kindly revisit the actions of the police under your command in Delhi to determine if they have been true to their oaths taken at the time of their induction into service.

Yours sincerely,

Julio Ribeiro

I.P.S. (Retd.) 53 MAH

38 thoughts on “It miscarriage of justice, says Julio Ribeiro on Delhi Police investigation into Delhi violence

    1. What the ex.cop said is his heavily biased view against Hindus who remained in Pakistan, Afganistan & Bangladesh. He has an Agenda.The Original Constitution did not mentioned the Word Secular….added can be Substracted.

    1. Are gawar jo ye kar rahe hain ya kar chuke hai un posts ki duties ke baare main tujhe idea nahi hoga. It takes several births to have a life like this gentleman

    2. People like rebario khalid umar give the impression to a general citizen of India that their life is in the hands of people who are funded and psidfrom outside to criticise India. Hindus and Indian institution and they are puppet in the hand of out side forces bend upon to harm India its people and its prosperity.

  1. Those were not anti muslim riots. In fact no riot in the world is anti muslim riot. It’s the Muslims who causes the riots. We live in Delhi and we know what we survived.

    1. Yes ..Now they are playing victim card ..they just did to defame india in world image when whole world was covering trump welcome..

  2. He should be more worried about the Sena Government in Maharashtra and the MURDER of SSR , The way police connived with the culprits to cover the MURDER and show it as a suicide . He should worry about the law and order under this regime.

  3. To call Harsh Mander and Apoorv nand as Nationalist is absurd.
    If these two Harsh Mandir and Apoorv anand are nationalist then there is no person on the earth who can be called as anti national or anti social.
    What Mr Roberto has done throughout his life is illegal all his action were against law.

  4. Just for a small fame people make rackless anti national claims without even understanding what they are saying. He should approch court if he is so confident and so strongly feel for it.

    Not sure to whom he want to prove his loyalty even after retirement.

  5. When one identifies himself from a religion or perceives everything based on faith, the whole thing becomes biased and even so called intellectual minds also become slave of faith than logic and fact. Hope Ribero gets well soon.

  6. Does Rebirio thinks that whatever work he did In Mumbai was only correct work and What ever Delhi Police is doing is not correct?Mumbai policy is not god who does commit any mistake.He should See how Mumbai Police Has messed up Sushan and Disha Salian case.Drug business is not new to Mumbai.It was there during your tennure as Police Commissioner of Mumbai.Did you every tried to eliminate it form the root?.Gold smuggling was every day norm at that time.How many tones of gold was confessticated at that time.One should remember ,while pointing a fingure towards sone one, three fingures points towards you.

  7. People​ like Ribero wanted to be a hero in old age or maybe he want cheap public​ity by raising unnecessary issue​.

  8. I am appalled by your letter to DP regarding Delhi riots. Saddened to see you standing with people who burnt delhi and people like Harsh Mander. Better write a letter to Mumbai Police for miscarriage of justice in two most talked out cases. You exposed your true colour.

  9. Conscious of these characters wake up only when supposedly, minor community is involved. No words for nth number of murders of BJP workers, mostly hindus in West Bengal and role of Police, Palghat lynching of Sadhus by the minority crowd having police as accomplice, recent murder/ suicide case of SSR and role of the police in destroying evidences as pointed out by the Courts also and many more glaring examples. Has these ex- officers of liberated souls criticised anything or written similar letters? No. They have an agenda and should be simply ignored.

  10. Abe Raja u would not even know what are the roles and responsibilities of the duties he is undertaking or have undertaken in his life. It would take many births to have a life of his stature. I can sense a retard in your tone. By a proud Indian and Hindu.

  11. Post Independence and Partition the Muslims in India, felt confused, insecure and lived in a mental Ghetto. Justice Aachar Commission echoes it.They had this huge complex as 80% of them had voted for the League in 1945 and 46 Elections. This complex and lack of education and opportunities and siege mentality,make the community prone to rumours and prepare for pre emptive violence.

  12. What a surprise comment by a farmer cop. How he knows about the details of Delhi violence. Only court will pronounced the justice after trial in court. I regret the comment.

  13. Whoever told the ex-cop that these were anti-muslim riots. It was riots that were very well planned and well-orchestrated by the Muslim community using their women and children as shields and putting all the citizens of Delhi to immense discomfort.

  14. Why Julio not opened his mouth against Bombay Police when they was opposing Susan case.
    Why Julio not opened his mouth against BMC & Bombay Police for dimolishing Kangana house.
    This is Julio mentality.

  15. Lagta hai ki inhe bhi congress ya communists se mp banaane ka ashvasan mil chuka hai. Inse poochhana chahiye ki police commissioner rahte hue inhone bhi jab tabhi kiya tha to ab change of thought kaise ho raha hai

  16. This is clear that it’s a paid propaganda. Anti muslim riots, when non muslims lost their lives in bigger number because they were not prepared and didn’t plan like muslims did

  17. Mr.Julio being Christian does not give you permit to make anti Hindu comments.
    What your police experience says.
    Whether any riots initiated by Hindus?

  18. This Muslim mirror is 100% funded by ISI because calling Delhi riots as anti – Muslim is far from facts because those riots were carried out by against non muslims. This type of non factual reporting can be done from Pakistan or traitors in India.

  19. These anti Muslim atrocities carried against innocent defenceless Muslims like lynching, raping and destruction of property and business of poor muslim families of Delhi by shameless fascist Hindutva organisations under a pogrom is known to whole world while law-enforcement agencies were watching and participating in these atrocities

  20. Patriots regardless of religion, faith, caste or creed get recognised on the basis of one’s actions. Even if the police does a biased investigation, there are courts right up to the Supreme Court not just to challenge but expose them. Why prejudge? Would Ribeiro have listened to some one when he was handling Punjab militancy?

  21. You carry out riots in the name of islam in hindu nation againts Hindus. You think doing any shit in the name of Islam you get the license tk Kill and rape hindus here and then walk freely?
    I give a f to what that gentleman said.. He should concentrate more on his medicine nit on what’s happening around in Bharat.
    secondly it was a anti hindu riots so you mouslims have to pay for what hou people did.
    Their is no escape 😅🤣😂

  22. Kamaal hai! Ribeiro jo punjab ka uss samein DGP tha jab jhan aatankbad chal raha tha.uss samein inn logon ne unn naujwanon ko jin ka aatankbad se koi matlab nahin tha,par kiya kiya julam kiye…. aur kitnon ko bina kissi record ke maar diya…. ab woh hee keh raha hai ke delhi mein justice ka miscarriage ho gya…. yeh Ribeiro 1984 ke dangon mein kahan tha? Uss samein Delhi mein kaunsa carriage hua tha….?

  23. Mr Julio Rebeiro has rightly shown the true constitutional path to Delhi commissioner of police. He is custodian of law and order.It is true that nowadays officers are afraid of criminal and politicians Nexus combined with corruption.we can not devide citizen on religious ground.All citizen are equal and should be treated equally.

  24. Where was rule of law when this butcher had decimated sikh youth in Punjab. Now he is giving sermons He is enemy of Humanity.

  25. Sir! The legacy left behind by you for the police force still remains void of a true incumbent, as now in the present times though in past some exceptionals alike Arvind Inamdar, Satish Sahani, and then not to be oblivious of Sarah Mathur. Dr Reuben Ray

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