Jamia cancels admission of Safoora Zargar

Safoora Zargar

By Muslim Mirror Staff

The admission of prominent activist and Jamia’s PhD scholar Safoora Zargar has been cancelled by the Jamia Millia Islamia. The Dean’s Office issued a notice on August 26 informing her that her admission has been cancelled.

Safoora herself has shared this information on Twitter.

“The usually snail-paced Jamia admin moving at light speed to cancel my admission, foregoing all due process.
Let it be known, it breaks my heart but not my spirit,” Safoora said in the tweet.

This news was viral social media for several days, on August 29 it has been confirmed.

Earlier, Safoora was arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell under UAPA in the case of Delhi riots. Her name in the chargesheet produced by the police. She was granted bail due to her pregnancy.

Activists have opposed this decision of Jamia Millia Islamia, they say that Jamia Authority is treating them step-motherly.


  1. The topic of research is meaningless as the Muslim Ghettoisation is well documented and established. Their seclusion spawns from their identity building and too much cluster consciousness. Everything emanates from their intolerance of the other religion. Seclusion is not forced upon them. It is the preferred way of their life in search of safety so that riots can be properly managed without fear. Unless they forgo the identity-building exercise they shall always feel lost in the egalitarian society that is progressive as well.


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