Karnatka : Cops brutally assault PFI activists who were demanding release of their local leaders


By Muslim Mirror Network

Dakshina Kannada (Karnataka) After more than 12 hours of protest outside the Uppinangady Police Station, members of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and locals were lathicharged by the Dakshina Kannada District Police.

Several PFI members were injured,  some reported to be very serious.

Three policemen including one sub inspector was also injured.

The cops resorted to lathicharge the crowd who had gheraoed the Uppinangady police station, demanding the release of three PFI members who had been detained by the police.

Police had summoned three leaders of PFI ,Uppinangady area President Abdul Hameed Majestic and members Zakaria and Mustafa for questioning in connection with a recent case of assault to murder which happened on 6th December.

The mob had been protesting at the police station since 10AM and refused to disperse despite efforts by the local police.

At about 9:30PM, the police had to resort to lathi charge to disperse the mob. At least 10 protesters were seriously injured in the  police assault. A sub inspector of police was also injured.

Section 144 has been imposed in Uppinangady Town. Hameed Majestic was let off with few conditions whereas Zakaria and Mustafa have been sent to Judicial custody.


  1. Shame on these shameless TRAITORS Govts for making atrocities at maximum upon innocent citizens of India.
    This is all because Truly Indians are not unitedly striving hard get rid of theses rulers of RSS-RASHTRA Sarwanashi Sangh and BJP people who everyday violating the Constitutional commitments they fraudulently have taken to grab and abuse powers.

  2. You say remove ‘RSS – RASHTRA’, then what?
    Bring ‘Quran Brainwashed Jihadi Talibanis Muslims’.

    Just hear PFI or SDPI or AIMIM Leader’s speeches on YouTube. You will yourself say better whip their asses now rather than yours being burnt later on. Even your Qaid e Azam Jinnah didn’t dare to speak like.

    Look around in neighborhood, boder sharing non-Muslim Countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China what Treatment they they offer to Freedom Loving Muslims demanding their ‘Pakistan’. None of these countries gave a ‘Pakistan’ to it’s Muslims and Muslims Dare not block a street to move their ass up.

    These countries laugh at India on how Indian are unable to deal with Muslims who should have actually gone to Pakistan in 1947.

    India is a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, don’t like it then take pigry sized family to any of 56 Muslim Country including Pakistan if they wish to take you.

    • RSS and PFI are anti-nationals , dividing common people of India , for intensifying the neoliberal economic reform policy, for extreme exploitation by foreign and Indian corporate lobby . Sangh parivar and muslim league never participated in freedom struggle or struggle for democracy . They were traitors then. All communal , casteist, linguistic narrow politics were British agents. RSS, Modi Govt and BJP are just servants of corporate looters and dividing and oppressing common Indians, by misusing religion, caste etc . They are converting India into a neocolony under MNCs, IMF, World Bank , WTO and US camp .
      A new patriotic movement like kisan andolan is necessary to liberate India from the clutches on foreign and local looters and their pimps like sangh parivar and all other anti- people hate- politics, which are all actually dividing peoples and destroying united India .

  3. Now its time for Indian Muslim Mulnivasi and all other Minorities and true secular lovers to support national level organizations such as BAMCEF .. this is the fate of Indian Muslim Mulnivasis as long as we stick to Muslim/Secular related organizations.


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