Kathua rape: Jammu Muslims demand justice


Jammu : Members of the Muslim community held peaceful protests here on Friday seeking punishment to those involved in the Kathua rape and murder in Jammu and Kashmir.

The protest was held under the banner of Shia-Sunni Muslim Itihaad. People from different localities of Jammu assembled at Talab Khatikha area after the Friday prayers.


The protesters raised slogans against Kathua and Jammu Bar Associations and demanded removal of Cabinet Ministers Choudhary Lal Singh and Chander Prakash Ganga for taking part in a show of force organised by those ranged against the rape victim.

The protesters said protection of the accused in the heinous crime was an outrage.



  1. What sort of human beings and policemen are these who torture, starve a 8 year girl and repeatedly rape her for 4 days and feel no remorse at all ?

    Which religion teaches so much hate against any human being and innocent children?

    Then there is a party and lawmakers and so-called lawyers who dont want the culprits arrested and given death sentence after this heinous crime which would shame the dogs!

    PM speaks hesitantly only when forced to, he thinks this is not worth condemning…. but worth commending for future, but he finds time to speak about trade in all conventions for corrupt businesses and banks.

  2. We should do the same for the crime, criminals, and the offenders elsewhere in India under BJP leadership particularly in UP, under Yogi, direct handpicked by Modi and his co-celibates in RSS. Be fair everywhere.


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