Modi highlights ‘importance of stress-free examinations’ in new book


New Delhi : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has focused his attention on the “importance of stress-free examinations” and has called on the young students to “pursue knowledge over marks”. In a new book, “Exam Warriors”, he authored, Modi has set out to provide “a handy guide” for students in India and across the world.

“This book seeks to add to the debate and discourse around the importance of stress-free examinations and the need to pursue knowledge over marks. It aims to be a catalyst that will trigger discussions whose ultimate beneficiaries will be our Exam Warriors. The more we talk about these issues, share our views and experiences and learn from others, the greater will be the chances of ensuring that our children have the fun-filled childhood that they deserve.


“It is our collective duty to ensure that their childhood is not overshadowed by the burden of exams and the constant anxiety of ‘what do I do next,” Modi mentions in the author’s note.

The Prime Minister also mentions that the idea of the book came from the various “Mann Ki Baat” episodes that he did on the subject of school exams. He recalls that many students had written to him, saying that those episodes “helped them immensely in their preparation” and reduced their pre-exam stress.

In the book, Modi presents 25 mantras for young students to fight the exam stress. “I have also written about other aspects, such as why one must always pursue one’s passion, try to discover oneself, and why youngsters must play, travel extensively and devote some time in the service of the society,” he adds.

He has also thanked the parents and guardians for “the crucial role they play” and has sought their “continued support in encouraging our exam warriors”.

Modi ends his Author’s note by welcoming feedback and “more ideas on the questions” that he raises in the book.

The 189-page book carries rich illustrations and is printed on fine paper. The book, published by Penguin India and BlueKraft Digital Foundation, is priced at Rs 100 only. Notably, books of similar length and genre from the same publishing house are priced anywhere between Rs 250 to Rs 400.



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