Morocco sends humanitarian aid to Palestine

Morocco's King Mohammed VI views aid shipment being sent to Palestinians.

Rabat : With scores killed during protests in Palestine following the shifting of the US Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May, Morocco has sent humanitarian aid and medical team to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Equipment for a field hospital planned by Morocco in the Gaza Strip was also sent, according to information shared here by the Moroccan Embassy on Thursday.


Morocco’s King Mohammed VI chaired the loading of the humanitarian aid onto the plane at Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca.

The aid consists of 113 tonne of foodstuff and 5,000 blankets.

“A medical team will work in the medical-surgical field hospital, and is composed of 97 staff, including 13 doctors and 21 nurses in various specialties,” Xinhua news agency reported.

The North African country also sent with the medical team some 25 tonne of medical aid.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry said that the setting up of the hospital is meant to provide the necessary medical care to the Palestinian civilians wounded during recent clashes in the Gaza Strip.

This initiative, which comes during the holy month of Ramadan, is in line with the king’s commitment to the Palestinian cause and shows effective solidarity with the Palestinian people, the ministry said.



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