New political outfits of Muslims: ‘Divided We Stand’


welfare-party1By Muslim Mirror Staff Writer,

New Delhi: The new generation political parties launched by Muslims have failed to evolve common strategy in the General Election. Though some efforts were made to bring them together on a common platform and there were signs of rapprochement between Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and Welfare Party of India (WPI) but  nothing came through. The leaders of both parties had earlier expressed hopes that they would consider seat adjustments. But SDPI is now contesting in 30 seats in states like Kerala, West Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. When the party released its  election manifesto in New Delhi the Party President Mr. A Sayeed said that the party was seriously considering electoral cooperation with WPI .Mr. S Q R Ilyaas the General Secretary of WPI concurred with the suggestions, He also said that his party would field candidates in 20 seats in Maharashtra, West Bengal Andhra Pradesh etc and would cooperate with SDPI wherever possible.


But at the end of the day DSPI and WPI are at loggerheads in many states. In West Bengal both the parties have their own candidates in Malda South Janghipur and Murshidabad .Observers say they could have made considerable inroads into Muslim and Dalit votes had they fought jointly.In2012 both the parties have threatened the prospects of the Congress (I) candidate Abhijit Mukherjee by collecting around 70000 votes . He defeated CPI (M) candidate by less than 3000 votes.

In Kerala surprisingly WPI has refused to support SDPI even in constituencies where the party has no candidate .They have declared open support to  Revolutionary Marxist Party(RMP) an extremist breakaway group from CPI (M) in Vatakara constituency where a prominent SDPI leader is in the fray.RMP represents the anti-Muslim faction among the leftists in Kozhikode Dist . They supported a Dalit leader in Attingal in South Kerala.

In Ponnani Malappuram Dist, a Muslim League stronghold, they have no candidate but worked for a weak non- entity while a youngish SDPI candidate is creating some headache to IUML leadership.

It is believed that the national leadership of WPI was under tremendous pressure from Kerala not to have any truck with SDPI .Kerala units of both Jamaat-e-Islami and WPI are known to be rivals of SDPI.

Intriguingly Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat, one of the common platforms of Muslims, has extended support to none of these parties . Jamaat-e-Islami is the leading organization in MMM and its President Dr Zafarul Islam Khan is a top WPI leader.  But Mushawarat has asked Muslims to support Congress, AAP JDU BSP and such secular parties.

In this election all parties have given the go by to the Muslim concerns about UAPA, racial profiling and rampant discrimination lest they should give fuel to the communal steam roller driven by Modi .So in this election also, Muslims will go under represented in the Parliament and the moral responsibility for the letdown will go to the leadership of the newly formed political  outfits of  Muslims, at a time when Muslims need  their  own political identity for the survival.


  1. a heart breaking event. why such calamities fall upon muslims to disintegrate? are their leaders not aware of the dreadful atmosphere ? I think there are agents of MODI in their ranks whi tarpdoed this submarine of integration. can t the elders recognise these black sheep ?very unfortunate.

    • If common people are shunning these parties they will die by themselves. Don’t worry and educate people about their motives as much as possible.


    These small so to say Muslim parties are enemy of Muslim community and are great help for BJP, they may be agent of Sangh Pariwar.
    Right thinking Indians please do not vote in the name of religion always support a strong secular candidate from any party.
    Vote as per advice of ‘NOMOre Wasted Votes’ Campaign.

  3. Rember bjp started with one seat in 80’s now they have gown so much Similarly we have to make a start which the sdpi is doing and is good for the community, those who are writing against it are agents of congress who are selling community by taking money

  4. It’s not new of Jamat e islami, before we started the party we held talks with them to do start the party together.They shunned us saying politics is haram etc. After we started SDPI they floated their party, every single time we make an effort to do something together they go against it. MMM knows that SDPI is growing as a party and wpi is loosing it, but still it recommended other party’s coz wpi is not strong.

    Just to clarify SDPI only contested those seats which does not have Modi factor. In karnataka we let go of many seats so that BJP does not win.

    • Both has the same principle as Democracy is a modern Shirk at the core and at the origin. At least they now realized that we cannot form Islamic rule in India where we are the minorities and dependent on other non-believing people(of course with the help of Allah) to protect ourselves.
      If you declare that you are here to form Islamic Rule then we will be in trouble and even the people who turn to Islam also would turn against us.

  5. SDPI is a communal party at its core, I have been contacted by their (they have different names in different stated but all has same motto PFI, MNP etc) member.
    They create exaggerated fear in Muslims and ask them to take revenge. Later they said they would do it within the laws and in democratic ways now they formed their political party. These are the people(esp. SDPI, PFI, MNP etc) who should be shunned by people if we want to live peacefully in India and if we want other non-believers to embrace Islam by seeing our model life as per Quran and sunnah.

  6. We the muslims are part of other non muslim brothers living together in our great country India.Our indian society has got a seculsr fabric.As a part of our duty we have to serve our country and our society.The real service to our nation is to bring mutual affection and love for each other,mutual respect,sacrifice and have mutual respect.As we find the political field has become a commercial bussiness,self interest dominate every where.Criminals are becoming law makers,media is sold out.No values prevails.our politicians have taken for granted that the public money and the natural resources of the country is their private property,To say country is moving towards disaster.Who can save our country from and guide on the correct direction.I can say with confidence that only God fearing people can lead this country towards peace,justice and prosperity.This has to be done along with our non muslim brothers to establish a welfare state based on secularism.Let us not think of establishing Islamic rule and we should not think also,but we can together fight for security,justice and peace to all citizens,We and the other deprived section of our society should get political power to get security,justice and peace,for this a value based political party of right thinking hindus,muslims, sikhs,christians, etc etc is to be establish and work together to Save our country our India.This is what WELFARE PARTY IS TRYING TO DO IN THIS COUNTRY

  7. <>

    This part of the article is misleading. Welfare Party had it’s own candidate in Attingal constituency in Kerala. Priya Sunil is Welfare Party leader and party candidate.

    Welfare Party in Kerala is ready to co-operate with anyone who feels the present political system requires a change. But, SDPI’s image in Kerala is that of a highly violent and communal political party. SDPI do have their own mistakes in creating this image and it cannot be solely attributed to Media. Unless they themselves correct it, It would be impossible for Welfare Party to co-operate with them.

    • Brother Abdulla, your allegation against SDPI is the result of false propaganda, even by the state leadership of JIH among their circle. Look at the leadership of SDPI and their candidates list. If it is a communal party, as you wish, how MK Manoj Kumar, Thulasidaran Pallikkal, Samkutty Jacob and many other Hindu dalits and Dalit Christians will join and work for the party?
      Everybody in Kerala knows what the impact of SDPI and WPI in the state is, and how much vote can be bagged by each party. So, let us not boast about the ‘impossibility’ of cooperation.
      One can even argue that the twice banned JIH and its political party can be more communal, right? Please do not lay down and spit on your own face.

  8. One commenter, Mr. Abdul Kader Chennai is misleading the readers. It is not a strange thing to contact any one while forming a political party, and at member’s level, they might do it with any Indian they feel like. SDPI does not have different names in different states. It is a political party initiated by Popular Front of India (PFI) as a result of recommendations of the National Political Conference held in Calicut during Feb 2009. PFI came to existence in 2006 as a common platform of MNP of Tamilnadu, NDF of Kerala and KFD of Karnataka. Later, in 2009, these organisations along with other five similar organisations working in different states under different names merged into PFI and thereafter, no other names exist.
    PFI or SDPI did not create any fear among the Indian community nor asked anyone to take revenge. Instead, from day one, the organisation, whether in its new national platform or state based forms, spread awareness among the Indian Muslim community against the threats of fascism and the need to check this threat through all lawful means. There is no later shift in the policy. From day one, the organisation has tried to convince the community that there are no short cut methods to check fascism.
    Elsewhere, in some other comment, Mr. Abdul Kader mentions that the organisation considered democracy as shirk. From where did you get this information? why spreading lies? Frankly, such comments shed doubts on your motive. Even before forming the political party, the organisation has been actively involved in political participation and it has largely supported the IUML in Kerala and other secular parties in other states. In the last loksabha election, when there was an attempt (lead by CPM) to curb the Muslim political power in Kerala, PFI worked in the field campaigning for UDF candidates, especially candidates of IUML and Indian National Congress.
    During the beginning of formation process, SDPI leaders have contacted all Muslim political and social organisations explaining their intention to form the party and asking support and cooperation, especially with organisations like Jamat-e-Islami. The national leadership of JIH was convinced, but as mentioned in the report, the Kerala state unit was hostile. They even hastened to declare their own political party in Kochi, Kerala, before the launch of SDPI. However, it did not happen. The expected unified contest in this Loksabha election was also torpedoed by the Kerala state leaders, and frankly, by a few in the state leadership. However, SDPI declared that they will not contest in any constituency where there is a chance for fascism to win. That’s why they cut short the contesting seats from 42 to 30.
    Political unification of Muslims is a serious agenda of PFI and SDPI. But this will not materialize with only their will. Others have to cooperate. When the MMM advised Muslims to vote for various so-called secular parties (Muslims community has been doing the same without any special consultancy advice), why they neglected SDPI? Strangely, MMM has recommendation at all in crucial constituencies like Musafar Nagar. So, one might ask, what is their motive? For whom they are working?
    In my view, as the unity of new generation parties did not happen this time also because of the hostile attitude of some of their leaders, let this election result be an eye opener to these leaders; and it should force them to take steps to contest unitedly for our democratic rights. Let us be positive.
    Last word, if Mr. Abdul Kader Chennai wants to see how other community members will embrace Islam and how such new reverts can be protected in the case of threats, ask PFI members. If you have time, pay a visit to Arivakom at Theni.

  9. This is not big surprise for Muslim candidates can not able to win,because of Election commission organizing seat against of Muslim community.


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