Performance is a continuous process and we must maintain its continuity : Dr. P G Rao, VC, USTM



By MM News,

Meghalaya (USTM) : Centre for Audit & Performance Evaluation at University of Science & Technology Meghalaya has taken up an unique gesture for encouraging and engaging faculties more sincerely in the field of research activities and holistic development of the academics . The purpose is to bring in transparency, accountability in the research activities that have been taken up by the scholars at the university and also to create a sense of responsibility amongst the research scholars and aspirants so that they do contribute for the benefit of our society and nation as a whole.

In an overwhelming celebration and evaluation of performance of the promising faculties, Dr. P G Rao, Vice Chancellor, USTM has categorically that evaluation and performance is a continuous process and therefore he urged that all the faculties must make a continuous effort to improve and augment their excellence in the academics & research activities. He had also reminded that the great expectation that is getting increased in the people’s mind need to be fulfilled in the long run. Sh. M. Hoque, Chancellor USTM has stated that such appraisals of the faculty members of USTM would set an example to other institutions who will follow this footsteps and will take it as a role model to encourage and enhance the quality of teaching at the universities.

He has also announced the names of the achievers in the categories of best individual performance, departmental performance and highest attendance. 20 best teachers were awarded with cash prize and few names are like Anshuman Dutta from the department of Business Administration, Dr. Anup Bordoloi from the department of Computer & Electronics, Dr. Bakhtiar Hussain from the department of Zoology, Dr. Abdur Rashid Ffrm Commerce & Economics Dr. Subhasish Roy from the department of Chemistry and many others. Three departments namely Zoology, Chemistry & Sociology bagged the best and active department status on the basis of different parameters like growth in enrollment of students, seminar/Workshops Organised, success in Competitive Examinations, individual & field visits, project and research activities etc.

Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury, C V Ramam Chair Professor of Applied Sciences,  USTM has set two targets before the faculties and they are each faculty should have at least one research publication every year and at least two developmental projects for their own department they must undertake every year. Prof. N K Choudhury, Principal Advisor, ERD Foundation has congratulated this noble effort and pressed the faculty members to take this annual appraisal initiative in a positive manner so that they feel keen to improve and move forward.




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